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Ask The Magic 8-ball To Answer Your Questions. Want to know your future? Wondering if you're going to get that job or ask about the love of your life? Regardless of what your question is you can always ask the magic eight ball online with any question and it will respond with a yes-no type answers. So what are you waiting for have fun and ask a question to get a magic 8 ball fortune teller response!

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Origins Of The Magic Ball

The Magic 8-Ball is an enjoyable toy to own around the house, particularly when you have a number of friends around for a get-together and wish to have fun. However, what do you actually know regarding this toy? Albert Carter invented the Magic-8-Ball. Cincinnati is where Albert Carter grew up, in a period when spiritualism stood at its peak plus inside a home where his mother happened to be a clairvoyant.

Motivated by his mother’s abilities, he developed a fortune-telling device of his own, known as the Syco-Seer. In 1946, Carter established a business collaboration with Abe Bookman to mass-produce this device. Carter died earlier than getting his invention patented. However, Bookman continuous to improve the device and ultimately succeeded to patent it to what is currently recognized as the Magic-8-Ball.

Syco-Seer, Foundation Of Magic-8-Ball

The Syco-Seer is not a ball at all, it was a canister but on the other hand, it still functioned over a very similar principle integrated into the Magic 8-Ball. Instead of one die, the Syco-Seer contained two, floating in the same gloomy fluid utilized in the later Magic eight Ball.

In 1950, Brunswick Billiards employed Alabe Crafts to create some of its fortune telling balls be similar to pool balls as part of a marketing campaign. Alabe act in response by enclosing its fortuneteller containers into an extra-large 8-ball sphere and hence, the Magic Ball was born.

How Does The Magic 8-Ball Work?

The 20-sided die placed inside the Magic Ball is made of a white plastic material using up-stretched writing submerge in a mystifying blue liquid. The letters is raised up so that the letters will be noticeable as they press upon the clear frame. Don’t over-shake the Ball as this might produce air bubbles that will obstruct with the letters’ capability to seal against the clear frame, causing them unreadable.

What Are The Answers On The Magic 8-Ball?

The 20 possible answers inside a standard Magic Ball are:

  • It is certain.
  • It is decidedly so.
  • Without a doubt.
  • Yes - definitely.
  • You may rely on it.
  • As I see it, yes.
  • Most likely.
  • Outlook good.
  • Yes.
  • Signs point to yes.
  • Reply hazy, try again.
  • Ask again later.
  • Better not tell you now.
  • Cannot predict now.
  • Concentrate and ask again.
  • Don't count on it.
  • My reply is no.
  • My sources say no.
  • Outlook not so good.
  • Very doubtful.

Ten of the possible magic eight ball answers are positive, the rest are no. (), while five are uncommunicative () and five are pessimistic ().

You can use the Magic Ball for all kinds of instances such as gatherings or parties, simply to make the moment more appealing and fun!

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