The Number Meanings (Numerology)

Numerology - The Meaning of Numbers

It's all in the numbers. What are the number meanings? Numbers mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Numerology is the study of numbers as a way of understanding ourselves.

Do you notice yourself surrounded by certain numbers in your life? Do you feel more drawn to some people and some places and not others? Do a little calculation and you will see that there is probably a theme there, where numbers rule.

The most important numbers are those that are in your birth-date and your name. These are what numerology is most interested in to work you out and determine what type of person you are and what your strengths and challenges will be.

Areas Of Numerology

What we can show you?

There are various ways you can learn about yourself, from your birth-date information to the numbers in your name:

Numerology Calculators

Find your number now! Use our Numerology Calculators to find the perfect numerology of a name or your birthdate and get detailed chart and explanation about the number you hold.

Life Path Numerology Calculator

More Numerology Calculators

Life Path Numbers


Number 1 people are the leaders, the ones who are in charge. You have a strong determination and a purpose in life which you move...

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Number 2 people are well-balanced, sociable, cheerful, and have a sensitivity and and inner genteelness. Your home, loved ones and family are very important to...

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Number 3 people are are the adaptable, versatile and charming ones. You are very restless and need to be moving forward and changing direction every...

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Number 4 people are very hardworking, sensible, practical and need to feel stable to succeed in life. Once you have decided on a path in...

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Number 5 people are very creative and artistic. You have a great deal of energy and thirst for life and all you can experience. You...

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Number 6 is the number of harmony and balance (as it is closely linked with Libra). Number 6 people are great at balancing all areas...

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Number 7 people are the spiritual and intuitive ones. You are more often than not gifted with a psychic ability, which you should develop. ...

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Number 8 people need to succeed in all pursuits. You especially need financial security in order to feel happy with your life. You are ambitious,...

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Number 9 people are very creative and have a high awareness of your own spirituality. You tend to gravitate towards careers where you can help...

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The Number 11 is the first Master Number, which means it is a number of strength and power. This number should never be reduced to...

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The Number 22 is another Master Number which is seen as the number of perfection. This number should never be reduced to a single...

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What Is Numerology About?

The sum of the numbers in your date of birth correlates with the sum of the letters in your name, it can provide a vibration ratio. It is believed that these numbers can tell us a lot about ourselves and what can and cannot happen to us. Many astrologers and mathematicians have reportedly used numerology to find out what's inside each of us, such as what talents we may have, what kind of person we might fall in love with, what motivates us individually, and even the best time to make certain life decisions. People have used numerology to decide, for example, when to change jobs, what kind of investment to make, or even when it's time to leave.

History of Numerology

Anyone who has attended a public high school should know the name of Pythagoras. He was a Greek mathematician who lived between 559 and 470 BC. And he not only formulated many theories that fall into our basic understanding of geometry, but he is also considered the founding father of numerology. Although some circles believe that numerology predates him (ancient Hebrew Kabbalah), many believe that he at least introduced it to the public. After the time of Christ, it was inactive for a long time. Then in the early 1900s, a man named L. Dow Balliet published a series of books from 1911 to 1917 that described the teachings of numerology. Then, in the 1930s, Florence Campbell preached the gospel of numerology to all who would hear and listen. Over the past 90 years, numerology has gained tremendous momentum and has become one of the most popular forms of astrology.

How Numerology Works

When constructing the so-called "numerological diagrams" 11 numbers are used. These are the numbers 1 through 9, 11, and 22. While it is true that the largest number will be when you add the numbers from your date of birth or the numbers associated with your name, these numbers are reduced simply by adding the numbers. Until the sum is one of the base numbers ... All you have to do is add these numbers (several times if necessary) until you get one of the unique digits or one of the numbers 11 or 22. The numbers 11 and 22 are called "main" numbers and are the only ones. An exception to the single digit reduction rule. Each number represents a specific characteristic, as well as different expressions. Master numbers are amplified versions of the digit they replace (usually 2 or 4). The main numbers are believed to represent a person with a high threshold of knowledge and interpretation. It is believed that large numbers of people can act in much more stressful situations than normal people.

Numerology is a very fun and very complex form of astrology. There are many different things involved with it such as Life Path Number and many other factors that goes into a persons reading. We hope this basic breakdown of what Numerology is will help you better understand it and perhaps even get you interested in it.

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