Compatibility of Numbers & Their Romantic Styles (Numerology)

Who is Compatible With You?

Who is Compatible With You?

Who gets you the best?

You seem to get along with some people better than other and then even with the people that you do get along with, you tend to get along better with them more at certain times than at other times. Is this a coincidence? No, it isn't. It all depends on your numbers, their numbers and even the numbers of the day, month and year that you are interacting.

We are not our numbers, but they are always there, influencing our lives all the time. You will probably notice if you try to add up the numbers of your partners, that most of them have similar numbers in their names (which directly relates to the fact that they are similar in personality). If this is a pattern for you, you should have a look at it and see what you can do about it, if it is a destructive one for you.

Numerology is a tool we should use to help work out our patterns and how to better understand ourselves and others and to enrich our lives with this understanding.

Compatibility Numbers

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Number One is very sexy, passionate and exciting. You can be very demanding of your lovers and expect a lot from them. You need a...

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Number Two is very tender-hearted, kind and romantic. You want a lover who will appreciate all of your romantic gestures, your affection and attention. Relationships...

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Number Three is naturally very charming. You have such a great sense of humor and are very sociable. You have amazing energy reserves and seem...

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Number Four is very predictable, solid and faithful. You are the one who will think very carefully about a relationship before you even get involved...

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Number Five is versatile, adaptable and very changeable. You are constantly changing every day - one day you are talkative and outgoing, the...

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Number Six is very romantic and attractive. You look after yourself as you want to look your best and choose partners who also look good...

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Number Seven is very idealistic. You tend to be attracted to people who inspire your imagination and who are larger than life. You like to...

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Number Eight is very actually very charming and charismatic. You can use this great personal magnetism you have to get anyone you want. You charm...

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Number Nine is very warm and loving. You are a people-pleaser who wants to make everyone like you. You have a huge capacity to give...

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Number Eleven is all about intuition. Number Eleven is the first Master Number and possesses more power than the other numbers. ...

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Number Twenty-Two is all about ambition and turning dreams into realty. Number Twenty-Two is the second Master Number and possesses more power than the other...

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