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It's All In The Cards - Tarot Explained. What do the tarot cards tell us?

The origin of the Tarot cards is not really certain. One theory is that the gypsies brought them to Europe in the 15th Century. Yet, the first mention of the Tarot is recorded to be in the court of King Charles IV of France in 1492, so the history of the Tarot cards is very uncertain.

We don't really know who created the Tarot cards but we do know that Tarot have changed and evolved over the centuries until they are in the form they are today.

How Does the Tarot Work?

When used to its fullest potential, the ancient art of tarot reading fulfills more than just the function of fortune-telling or prophesizing.

Tarot readers and experts alike believe that the tarot is a tool that can be used to enhance our awareness and understanding of self and the world around us.

With a tarot reading we are able to review the paths we have so far walked, examine our current circumstances and choices, and see how these current choices are influencing the likely outcomes in our future. Thus through honest appraisal and a willingness to face what is occurring inside us, the tarot becomes a guiding light that can empower us to make better choices.

The Tarot and its Imagery

What distinguishes the tarot from other forms of divination is the rich imagery and symbolism that is contained in each card. The totality of human experience has been portrayed in all seventy eight cards of the traditional tarot deck, from joy to sorrow, loss, grief, abundance, fertility, new awakenings, journeys and death. Female and male archetypes, youth and maturity are represented, as are the loving sides of human nature, and the more shadow aspects.

It’s thought that the images and symbols contained in the tarot deck trigger in us conscious and subconscious responses and enable us to tap into intuitive wisdom that transcends logical thought or language. So answers to questions and solutions to problems, through simply absorbing the energies of each card, can emerge.

The Law of Attraction and the Tarot

It is no longer a secret that our thoughts have the ability to create and influence our realities and that thoughts are energy that carry a particular vibration. To put it simply, unhappy, negative thoughts are considered to have a low, dense vibration, while uplifting and happy thoughts are believed to have a finer and lighter frequency.

The Law of Attraction, as summed up by Esther and Jerry Hicks, well-known authors and speakers on the subject, states that when you are offering a particular vibrational frequency, (i.e. through your thoughts and feeling states) that frequency can be and will be matched. In other words like attracts like.

Through the Law of Attraction a person will draw cards from a tarot deck that match their current state of mind, feelings, and circumstances. Therefore a direct mirror is provided for them to examine their inner and outer worlds.

How the Tarot Can Help?

By being open to the energies of the cards in the tarot deck, learning to interpret the symbols, or consulting someone who can guide you, the tarot can provide:

Trusting one’s own intuition and feelings when interpreting tarot cards is the key to an accurate and fulfilling tarot experience. Consulting an expert in the field can be very helpful in revealing the secrets of the tarot, but another’s guidance should never obscure what you yourself know to be the truth within.

Tarot Card Meaning Library

The Major Arcana - The 22 picture cards of the tarot.

The Major Arcana The 22 picture cards of the tarot.

The Major Arcana are quite an important part of the Tarot card deck and signify our destiny. These cards are important because they signify an important aspect in our life, a message that we need to hear (and may not be).

- Some Major Arcana Cards -

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The Minor Arcana - The suit cards of the tarot.

The Minor Arcana The suit cards of the tarot.

The Minor Arcana which consists of the four suits and these are:

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Eight of Swords

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Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords advises you to follow the truth of your feelings. Be honest with yourself: are you really happy in this job? this relationship? amongst these friends? etc. Are you following your dreams or have you wandered off track somehow? Perhaps the dangled carrot of money or security tempted you to take a detour and now you feel lost and confused. No matter what stage you're at, commit to using all your energy, bravery and willpower now to bring you back on course. Have faith that you can find that track again, be prepared to work hard to get back on it and know that you will be grateful to yourself for having chosen it. ...

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Two of Cups
Two of Cups

Tarot Card Meanings - The real meaning of Tarot Cards.

Tarot Card Meanings The real meaning of Tarot Cards.

What lies in tomorrow never cease to fascinate people's mind. It could be out of fear or sheer curiosity but through the use of Tarot cards, they say that the reader may unfold the future before your very eyes...

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Free Tarot Readings - 100% free Tarot Reading Online

Free Tarot Readings 100% free Tarot Reading Online.

Tarot cards work as a prediction tool to aid us to recognize past, present and future actions, transformations, influences and outcomes in our own lives and other people's lives as well...

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