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Minor Arcana

The Other Cards

What are the 56 Minor Arcana cards?

Other than the 22 Major Arcana cards, there are also the Minor Arcana cards, which consist of the four suits. Every suit corresponds to one of the elements:

There are fourteen (14) cards in each suit, beginning with the King, Queen, Knight and Page, then all the cards from ten (10) to one (1).

What is the Minor Arcana?

What do these cards mean?

Despite the fact that every single cards of the minor arcana have an impact on us, this does not suggest we cannot control and express the force they provide. We however have the ability to respond at every aspect of our life.

We are able to use these message that the Minor Arcana cards deliver us, to revise what we want to happen. If we do dislike the reading or message that these cards have for us, we're now pre-armed with understanding and might have the chance to change our future. it is all about destiny and free will.

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These are the list of 4 suits of cards for you to easily find their meanings.

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