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How Horoscopes Work? Over time people began to name stars and constellations and it was at this point that the practice we know as "reading horoscopes" was born. Reading a horoscope, in its most basic form, is based on an individual's time of birth (day, month, year, etc.). The moment of a person's birth always falls under one of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

These signs are:

Each of these signs is named after a constellation in the sky and each has both positive and negative characteristics in history. These signs (and horoscopes in general) were not only used to predict people's future, but also world events.

Daily Horoscopes

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☼ Aries 21 March ~ 19 April

Things will snap into place in unexpected ways this morning, dear Aries, thanks to a sweet exchange between the Virgo moon and Uranus. Use this energy to establish new routines th ...

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☼ Taurus 20 April ~ 20 May

Make the most of your Sunday with a shameless pursuit of fun, dear Bull, as the Virgo moon aligns with Uranus. This cosmic climate is perfect for impromptu hangs or creative sessi ...

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☼ Gemini 21 May ~ 20 June

A quiet knowing washes over you when the Virgo moon aligns with Uranus this morning, dear Gemini, helping you make peace with complicated emotions or childhood disappointments. Yo ...

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☼ Cancer 21 June ~ 22 July

Unexpected news may land on your ears when the Virgo moon aligns with Uranus, dear Cancer, bringing a social and unpredictable energy your way. Lean into these vibes by reaching o ...

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☼ Leo 23 July ~ 22 August

Financial breakthroughs could find you this morning, dear Leo, thanks to a sweet exchange between the Virgo moon and revolutionary Uranus. Take note of any new ideas or strategies ...

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☼ Virgo 23 August ~ 22 September

The universe comes alive as the moon continues its journey through your sign, dearest Virgo, sharing a sweet exchange with Uranus to bring spiritually charged beauty your way. All ...

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☼ Libra 23 September ~ 22 October

You'll have a chance to break through emotional walls and establish true intimacy, dearest Libra, thanks to a supportive connection between the Virgo moon and Uranus. Share your o ...

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☼ Scorpio 23 October ~ 21 November

Consider breaking free from your traditional Sunday routines, dearest Scorpio, as the Virgo moon aligns with Uranus. These vibes are all about celebrating your relationships and s ...

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☼ Sagittarius 22 November ~ 21 December

You'll crave new routines as the Virgo moon aligns with Uranus this morning, dear Archer, inspiring you to look toward the workweek ahead. Use this energy to revolutionize how you ...

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☼ Capricorn 22 December ~ 19 January

Allow your most carefree self to shine through this morning, dear Capricorn, as the Virgo moon shares a sweet connection with Uranus. Divine inspiration will find you during this ...

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☼ Aquarius 20 January ~ 18 February

Watershed moments could revolutionize your most intimate relationships this morning, dear Aquarius, as the Virgo moon aligns with Uranus. Use this energy to encourage emotional ex ...

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☼ Pisces 19 February ~ 20 March

Raise the vibration within your relationships when the Virgo moon aligns with Uranus this morning, dear Pisces, moving away from traditional conversations to encourage laughter an ...

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