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How Horoscopes Work?

Over time people began to name stars and constellations and it was at this point that the practice we know as "reading horoscopes" was born. Reading a horoscope, in its most basic form, is based on an individual's time of birth (day, month, year, etc.). The moment of a person's birth always falls under one of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

These signs are:

Each of these signs is named after a constellation in the sky and each has both positive and negative characteristics in history. These signs (and horoscopes in general) were not only used to predict people's future, but also world events.

Daily Horoscopes

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☼ Aries 21 March ~ 19 April

Can you feel it? Something new is starting in your life! Be confident in this feeling. Let it build up into full-fledged excitement. You deserve to let go of all your concerns and ...

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☼ Taurus 20 April ~ 20 May

You are ready for action, especially in terms of exploring the world. If you've been contemplating a travel adventure, today is the day to start planning it and commit to going. M ...

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☼ Gemini 21 May ~ 20 June

Despite the fact that you've been enjoying marching to the beat of your own drummer lately, today the urge to hop on the bandwagon could be too hard to resist. Going along with th ...

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☼ Cancer 21 June ~ 22 July

In negotiating something with a friend, even something simple, you need to carefully consider the balance of power in the relationship. Their ego could be going through a very sen ...

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☼ Leo 23 July ~ 22 August

Why are you putting things off? The time for procrastination is over, and the time to get going has almost passed! If you don't move forward, an important person might start to do ...

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☼ Virgo 23 August ~ 22 September

Right now, you have a big dose of energy that doesn't come around very often, so make the most of it by stirring up some good times. It takes courage to break out of your shell, a ...

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☼ Libra 23 September ~ 22 October

Just follow your mood today. Wherever it leads you will be the right place for you to be. If you're feeling down, you're feeling down for a reason, so don't try to force yourself ...

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☼ Scorpio 23 October ~ 21 November

Don't hesitate to get angry at someone who is holding you back. If they're wrong, they need to hear about it or they'll just keep on doing the wrong things over and over again. In ...

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☼ Sagittarius 22 November ~ 21 December

You would be wise to reevaluate your lifestyle right now. Are you living above your means? It might be time for some different thinking in terms of how you spend your money. This ...

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☼ Capricorn 22 December ~ 19 January

You could get a huge boost for your dreams and ambitions, bringing lucky coincidences and opportunities to your door. If you’ve been hoping for a stroke of good fortune to he ...

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☼ Aquarius 20 January ~ 18 February

Acting your age won't feel like much fun today. The children in your life are having fun, so why can't you? Get rid of the grown-up restrictions you've put on yourself and loosen ...

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☼ Pisces 19 February ~ 20 March

You're encouraged to live up to your full potential. If there are goals you have so far been unable to reach, you might consider hiring a life coach or other teacher who can help ...

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