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How Horoscopes Work?

Over time people began to name stars and constellations and it was at this point that the practice we know as "reading horoscopes" was born. Reading a horoscope, in its most basic form, is based on an individual's time of birth (day, month, year, etc.). The moment of a person's birth always falls under one of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

These signs are:

Each of these signs is named after a constellation in the sky and each has both positive and negative characteristics in history. These signs (and horoscopes in general) were not only used to predict people's future, but also world events.

Daily Horoscopes

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☼ Aries 21 March ~ 19 April

Major cosmic shifts take place under Wednesday’s skies, Aries. After several months of leaning into a refreshed understanding of solitude and spirituality, you’re ready to re- ...

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☼ Taurus 20 April ~ 20 May

You’ve only just begun to explore and expand upon your newly emerging goals, Taurus. The universe suggests that there’s more work to be done before you can continue to proceed ...

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☼ Gemini 21 May ~ 20 June

Mental tensions may feel overwhelming under Thursday’s cosmic landscape, Gemini. Feisty Mars locks into an unsettling opposition with growth-giving Jupiter, which is liable to i ...

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☼ Cancer 21 June ~ 22 July

Your horizons have only just begun to expand in ways you never thought possible, Cancer. Yet, the universe thinks you have more inner work to do before you can go into full bloom. ...

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☼ Leo 23 July ~ 22 August

It’s easy to feel like you’re on fire today, Leo. Tensions are likely to clash on the me vs. we front, as self-assertive Mars butts heads with growth-demanding Jupiter. This h ...

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☼ Virgo 23 August ~ 22 September

The way you experience love is radically changing, Virgo. Growth-giving Jupiter’s presence in peace-keeping Pisces has been showing you how to open up to new ways of partnership ...

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☼ Libra 23 September ~ 22 October

Your approach towards your work/life balance has been encountering some major shifts, Libra. You’ve been investing so much energy into embracing new growth on the job front. Jup ...

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☼ Scorpio 23 October ~ 21 November

As a Scorpio, you’re guided by the fearless planet, Mars. Thursday’s skies find Mars enmeshed in a variety of important changes—starting with a heated opposition to dream-bi ...

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☼ Sagittarius 22 November ~ 21 December

It’s easy to lose your cool today, Sagittarius. Irritable Mars locks into a tense opposition with your ruling planet, visionary Jupiter. This aspect can bring frustration to tra ...

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☼ Capricorn 22 December ~ 19 January

The universe has been pushing you to grow outside of your comfort zone, Capricorn. In recent months, Jupiter’s expansive presence in Pisces has taught you to express yourself an ...

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☼ Aquarius 20 January ~ 18 February

You’ve been center stage in the cosmic spotlight for some time, Aquarius. Wednesday’s skies turn the tides and push you into a new phase of expansion, as Jupiter retrogrades o ...

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☼ Pisces 19 February ~ 20 March

As a Pisces, you look to the spiritually-charged, growth-giving planet Jupiter for cosmic guidance. Jupiter has been happily inhabiting your sign the last few months, helping you ...

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