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Want to know what your sign says about you ahead of the day in terms of your romance and love?

♡ Aries 21 March ~ 19 April

Dating: You need to be sure that you're dealing with the right people, and in the right way too! It's a good time for you to listen to the folks you care about most and hear what ...

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♡ Taurus 20 April ~ 20 May

Dating: You get a bit of bad news that could send you into a serious grump, but don't let it. You're not seeing a pattern here, no matter how much it might look like one, so hit t ...

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♡ Gemini 21 May ~ 20 June

Dating: You may not get very far with anything practical today, so focus on the creative instead. Play with kids, get crafty, or dust off that guitar and find a new way to express ...

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♡ Cancer 21 June ~ 22 July

Dating: If you go out tonight, you still need to deal with a jerky person. It may even all be in your mind as you replay recent events, but one way or another, you should come out ...

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♡ Leo 23 July ~ 22 August

Dating: People are getting in line to join the big freak-out today, but you don't have to take part. It's one of those weird times when everyone's emotions seem to be out of sync ...

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♡ Virgo 23 August ~ 22 September

Dating: While some say you should never give up, you know better. Now and then you're just better off saying no and walking away, and you can tell that today is bringing a situati ...

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♡ Libra 23 September ~ 22 October

Dating: It's a good time to take stock of what you have. Inventory your house or just figure out if you have any gaps in your material possessions. You can deal with dating issues ...

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♡ Scorpio 23 October ~ 21 November

Dating: You're in a great mood and should be able to get a smile out of almost anyone. Sneak up on someone who's grouchy and get them to play along. It's much easier than you thin ...

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♡ Sagittarius 22 November ~ 21 December

Dating: You'd rather kick back on your own and let your mind sort things out than get out there and party. There will be time for that later. Sneak away for an hour or so and get ...

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♡ Capricorn 22 December ~ 19 January

Dating: While you might have different opportunities to slack off and have fun, you're a lot better off sticking with the program, whatever it is. Once this day is over, you can t ...

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♡ Aquarius 20 January ~ 18 February

Dating: Try not to get dragged into anything superficial. You have big ideas to think about, and you should take all the time you need with them. Distractions are welcome on other ...

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♡ Pisces 19 February ~ 20 March

Dating: You need to slow down and take a good look at that hottie or anyone else who's trying to get close. You never know which one is right and which one just wants to take you ...

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