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Thursday - October 01, 2020


There is no such thing as "too late." If you see things aren't going the way you want them to, put a stop to the progress. Even if you're not behind the wheel, you have every right to voice your opinion and suggest an alternate route. Starting today, you need to give yourself a lot more credit when it comes to business and financial matters. Although you certainly could use a stronger dose of willpower, you are on the right track. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: You and your people are kind of grating on each other today, though it's not exactly a sign of anything serious. It's just one of those days when everyone thinks that they're in the right.

Singles: You need to be ready to give in today. You don't have to literally surrender. It's just that interactions should go more smoothly and reveal more if you're more compliant.

Couples: If you're looking for answers when it comes to your relationship, think about finding a romance guru, someone who's on another level, in an enlightened place, when it comes to love.

Finance Horoscope

You can tell yourself things couldn't get worse than this, or you can look at your situation in a completely different light: Things couldn't be more exciting or your prospects more challenging, and you couldn't have less time to be lazy. You get the idea.

Business Horoscope

Something has to give. If you've been focusing too much on romance or fun, things could be reaching a critical state. Make hard work your first priority, at least while on the job.

Teen Horoscope

Open up to other people's stresses today -- there's a lot going on that you might not know about yet! It's one of those days when you can make a huge difference just by letting folks know you're okay with them.

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