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Thursday - March 07, 2024


You'll feel serious about long-term goals as the moon continues its journey through Aquarius, dear Taurus, supercharging the sector of your chart that governs success. Just try not to succumb to pressure by setting unrealistic timelines or expectations for yourself, especially when Jupiter becomes agitated this afternoon. You'll crave silence this evening when the Nodes of Fate stir, and time spent alone can help you find breakthroughs in personal strategies. Your motivation to succeed increases when Luna crosses over Mars tonight, and you might find yourself burning the midnight oil as you chip away at important dreams.


Prepare for an exhilarating period over the many days ahead, Taurus! As the sun swims through your solar eleventh house of communities, friendships, and online dating, you’ll notice a whirlwind of activity popping up. This occurs because our great luminary will turn his eyes toward Uranus, the planet of surprise, which is housed in your first house of identity. Don’t sit at home and hide yourself away—put yourself into unknown territory or socialize to meet new people. You’ll be feeling the need to shake it up and try new things. Couples can use this energy for a spontaneous romantic trip.

Dating: You've had some nutty ideas lately, but why not go for it? Now is when your weirdness can really shine and make a great impression. Plenty of interesting and important people are watching.


You know who you are, Taurus! As of right now, you may feel like your career path and accomplishments are in the spotlight. However, some of the attention might not be as positive as you may have wanted since the moon in Aquarius will square Jupiter in your sign. The square will encourage you to focus on your success. As long as you are confident in your career path and professional opportunities, that should be all that matters. Try your best to ignore any attention that is less than positive!

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