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Saturday - January 21, 2023


The spirits will be by your side this morning, dear Taurus, as the Capricorn moon aligns with Pluto in the spiritual sector of your chart.  Use the energy to honor your ancestors and higher power, asking for guidance and assistance where you need it most. Good vibes will flow this afternoon as the Aquarius new moon graces our skies, marking the perfect occasion to set intentions around your professional ambitions. A quiet optimism will wash over you as evening manifests and Luna aligns with Jupiter, so be sure to access your gratitude while opening your heart to love and hope. 


A new moon’s energy will start to arrive beginning today, Taurus. This is because new moons erupt like the dawning of a new day and always bring something fresh for you to face. For you, this lunation highlights your solar tenth house of achievement, which does mean you could end up being focused more on your ambitions and long-term plans rather than connecting with your romantic partner. While you could be swamped with work, be sure to schedule some time to relax and unplug, whether that’s with your one-and-only or socializing amongst friends.

Dating: Someone is surprisingly similar to you in their beliefs or attitudes today, and you should be able to get along much better as a result. Get a little more info out of them early today.


Get ready for the first new moon, Taurus. Today’s new moon in Aquarius will open up a new six-month cycle that will positively influence your career path, reputation, and accomplishments. During this new moon, you could set intentions or resolutions to dedicate yourself to unique opportunities that can help you stand out as a professional. It might be time to put yourself out there to show off your success and to become better known for your achievements. Your professional drive will be noteworthy, so use it to your advantage to have an authentic career path.

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