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Sunday - September 27, 2020


Follow the example of a friend who's started tightening their financial belt. Even if your current money situation is just fine, it wouldn't do you any harm to cut the unnecessary spending for a while. Stick to the essentials and save any extra. After a while, you might have enough to really treat yourself. What's better than a few shiny knickknacks here and there? The vacation of a lifetime. Experiences are better than stuff!

Love Horoscope

Flirt: You feel pretty crazed right now, and are almost certainly rushing ahead faster than you really want to move. It's a good time to find a resting point, if only to let yourself think things through.

Singles: Those who are discussing the weather or sports just aren't going to impress you now. You've got your mind on bigger things, maybe politics or philosophy. Look for someone to engage on your level.

Couples: Celebrate the unpredictability of love and life with your partner. An unexpected event doesn't have to throw a wrench in your plans. Think of it as a delightful detour courtesy of the universe.

Finance Horoscope

Alliances are more important than ever. Being tolerant of others should be coming easier to you, but it's just as hard as it's always been. What's different is the level of acceptance you show. You may have a hard time putting up with them, but you're finally learning to make lemonade.

Business Horoscope

Communicating means not just talking but also listening. You don't have to believe the differing views, but the least you can do is hear them out. Tact is everything!

Teen Horoscope

It's a good day to think about the short term, but leave any long-term planning off for another time. You need more information that isn't coming for a while longer yet, and the next week needs attention now.

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