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Saturday - January 16, 2021


You are ready for action, especially in terms of exploring the world. If you've been contemplating a travel adventure, today is the day to start planning it and commit to going. Making travel plans is a great way to make the most of your wanderlust and organizational skills. If you are going to take this trip with other people, make sure you go over all the details like where you're staying and what you'll be doing.


Flirt: You're finding it easier and easier to read people -- even those you don't know all that well. You should get a clear message today from someone who doesn't even know they're broadcasting.

Singles: Why go back to your everyday routine when you've just had such luscious moments of pure pleasure? Extend the party for just a little while longer. You have more people to charm.

Couples: Yes, clearly you know what's best for you and your partner, but bullying them won't make them fall in love with your plan (or fall more in love with you). How about cleverly letting them think it's their great idea?


Small signs of affection mean more to you than all the money in Fort Knox. The terms of endearment you'll hear will almost make you melt. Let yourself be charmed, just not out of your cash.


If you take financial risks at work all day long, the last thing you want to do is gamble at night. Be extra careful meeting someone new. They can be just as charming as you can be.


You may be on the road (as it were) to learning more about something unique. Not running into anything? It could be time to bum a ride somewhere. If you do, make sure your co-pilot is totally fascinating.

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