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Thursday - July 29, 2021


You’ve only just begun to explore and expand upon your newly emerging goals, Taurus. The universe suggests that there’s more work to be done before you can continue to proceed. Expansive Jupiter retrogrades out of imaginative Pisces and slips back into logic-first Aquarius today. This transition offers growth in the field of your career and reputation, now through the remainder of the year.


You're coming to terms with what's been triggering you for quite some time now, Taurus. But despite whether you're currently single or already attached, today's astrology is encouraging you to release past fears and burdens—despite whether or not you feel confident enough doing so. And though Uranus is revolutionizing your relationships and value systems as we speak, you can't possibly embark on a new journey of love without letting go of some baggage beforehand. Hovering over your mystifying twelfth house of closure, dreams, unconscious patterns, and everything behind the scenes, Luna will join the wounded healer, Chiron. This is your challenge.

Dating: It's easy to nitpick today, especially when you're counting on people to help you get things done. Be thankful and don't flaunt your position; otherwise, arrogance will send the good ones running.


Mighty Jupiter is set on taking you to new heights, Taurus! In recent months, he orbited within your solar eleventh house, but finally, today, he returns on a retrograde phase to your solar tenth house of achievement. Now until the end of the year, major new professional victories could be within reach. Applause, awards, promotions, victories, or fame could also be close at hand. With your ambitions so auspiciously lit, you must work hard to show the world that you have no equal. Past struggles, tenacity, and perseverance have taken you here. Keep rising. You were born to shine. 

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