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Friday - September 15, 2023


The Libra moon squares off with Venus this morning, dearest Bull, making it important that you watch your thoughts and words. Avoid the temptation to doomscroll your social media feeds this afternoon when Neptune becomes active overhead, especially if you have responsibilities that still need handling. A breath of cosmic fresh air will find you as evening rolls in and Luna migrates into Scorpio, encouraging you to open your heart to love. Unfortunately, a harsh energy from Pluto could bring drama to your professional sphere, but try not to get wrapped up in issues that don't belong to you. 


You have magnificent patience, Taurus. This is one of your greatest traits and a key to your infinite wisdom and success in relationships. However, because of the back-and-forth confusion created by the chaos of Mercury retrograde, you were practically pulling out your hair as everything was falling to pieces. Luckily, mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger planet, will cross the line where he first turned backward, which means he is officially back to peak speed! This is known as leaving his post-shadow phase behind him. Note that if there was any havoc in your personal or romantic life in recent weeks, the time of drama may now be behind you.

Dating: You get a bit of bad news that could send you into a serious grump, but don't let it. You're not seeing a pattern here, no matter how much it might look like one, so hit the ground running.


How do you feel about your professional commitments, Taurus? This might be a somewhat loaded question since the moon will be fall and in your opposite sign, Scorpio. Although the moon is considered to be ill-placed, you can still use the lunar energy to uncover the complexities of your professional arrangements. While this can be an illuminating transit since some secrets may come to light, it can also be intense. Know when to pull back from your research if your professional obligations, contracts, and relationships become too emotionally overwhelming to handle.  

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