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Thursday - May 16, 2024


The Leo quarter moon brings an intense energy to the table, dearest Capricorn, making it easier to fall into power struggles or competitive clashes. Luckily, Jupiter steps in to elevate your aura, especially when you drown out the haters with positive connections or creative outlets. Brace yourself for a creative streak once Mercury enters Taurus and your solar fifth house, ushering in plenty of curiosity and inspiration throughout the coming weeks. Use this planetary placement to fine-tune your natural talents by practicing, experimenting, and seeking new techniques. Your intuition perks up later today when the moon enters Virgo, unleashing the mystic within.


Even more cosmic fairy dust is raining down on you like jewels from the sky, Capricorn. Mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger planet of the mind and communication, is entering your solar fifth house of romance, true love, dating, and children. In the coming weeks, he will amplify his energy here for you. Because of this, you’ll have a great time meeting new love interests and having meaningful heart-to-hearts. If coupled up, use this energy to discuss how you can have more fun with your mutual hobbies. Above all, this can be a fun and exciting energy for you!

Dating: Try breaking away from work or school for a little while. You're pretty focused today, even for you, and it might be harder than usual to keep your mind on the lighter, more leisurely details.


Pitch yourself, Capricorn. Now is the time to put your talents and ideas out into the world when Mercury enters Taurus. Mercurial energy will encourage you to be more thoughtful about your creative ventures. You may have amazing ideas that could go over well at work or in a side hustle. There might be an incredible passion project that you are dying to focus on. Whatever it might be, use Mercury in Taurus to create a plan of action to pursue your creative ventures. You will never know what could flourish if you do not try!

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