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Thursday - October 01, 2020


Your luck is changing today, which could be good or bad. If you've recently been blessed with a large cash windfall, the well of good fortune could start to dry up for you (but don't worry, it's temporary). But if you've felt like nothing has been going your way for quite a while, get ready for a change in direction! From unexpected money to getting that phone call you've been hoping for, things are definitely starting to look up!

Love Horoscope

Flirt: Be careful today -- people are all trying to get their way, so you need to avoid getting in their way! If you're at work, things could be extra crazy, so try to lie low for the time being.

Singles: If your current plans go awry, whether they're social, romantic, or something else entirely, will you cry or try to figure out how to move on and get back to the good times?

Couples: Got something you've been waiting to spring on your partner? The stars say there's no time like the present to unveil your terrific idea, share your heartfelt feelings, or make a proposal, large or small.

Finance Horoscope

Don't sit still. You can be starting new projects even if you have no hope of seeing them through to fruition. Think of staying motivated as just one of your many challenges.

Business Horoscope

Those undercurrents are leading you toward a riptide. If a partner is trying to act like they have authority over you, the time to act is now. Unless, of course, you don't mind them steering your boat.

Teen Horoscope

You're getting quite a bit of attention today, but you may be kind of embarrassed about it -- in part because you know someone else who deserves it just as much as you! Try to get them in on it.

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