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Saturday - January 16, 2021


You could get a huge boost for your dreams and ambitions, bringing lucky coincidences and opportunities to your door. If you’ve been hoping for a stroke of good fortune to help you advance in life, you will likely get it. This is also a good time to enhance your relationship with yourself. This might mean taking time out for reflection and meditation so you can get a better sense of what really motivates you.


Flirt: You're pretty serious right now, which is perfect for dealing with your life in the most practical way possible. Even weird emotional or spiritual matters might find straightforward answers.

Singles: If you're willing to do some grunt work, the stars give you a promising fresh start when it comes to romance. Your tasks include taking stock of your behaviors and what's worked as well as what hasn't.

Couples: A plan you're hatching for the two of you might need some adjusting now, perhaps to take into account some less than perfect circumstances. It's frustrating, sure, but you of all people can handle it.


The big dream stage is over. It's time to start some serious planning, that is if you're actually serious. Make a list and get all the way down to the details before you decide to move forward.


Even discipline and structure won't get your work done on time, or so it feels. The one thing that will definitely work is perseverance, though, so don't leave your desk except for necessities.


If your best friend or one of your parents freaks way out on you today, it's just part of the way the energy is flowing -- don't take it too seriously. Of course, you still have to manage their moods a bit.

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