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Thursday - July 29, 2021


The universe has been pushing you to grow outside of your comfort zone, Capricorn. In recent months, Jupiter’s expansive presence in Pisces has taught you to express yourself and explore new educational opportunities. Wednesday’s skies find Jupiter retrograding back into solution-seeking Aquarius, where growth is sent towards expanding your finances and increasing your self-confidence for the remainder of the year.  


If things feel heavy, it's only because you haven't expressed how you truly feel, Capricorn. After all, today's moon in hot-headed Aries will collide with the wounded healer, Chiron, via your emotionally driven fourth house of home, family, and innermost feelings. This could be the energy that's off-putting to you. Luna will be in harmony with the sun and Mercury via your erotic eighth house of intimacy, shared resources, joint collaborations, and soulmate connections. On a brighter note, this creates a harmonious synergy between your emotional world and your actions—but only if you're willing to put in the work.

Dating: You're in a tense battle of wills, and anyone could win. Stand your ground but be careful to avoid sounding shrill -- nothing will kill your appeal quicker. It's a tough day, but you'll get through it.


Jupiter, our Great Benefic planet, is trading zodiac signs today, Capricorn. This is especially rare, as he often continues to orbit in one sector continuously until he finishes his entire transit. In recent months, he briefly visited your solar third house of communications, igniting your mind. With him returning via a retrograde to your solar second house of money, you will now enjoy his blessings here until the end of the year. Whenever Jupiter dances within this sphere, he shakes the money tree and brings showers of gold. Expect more financial abundance to come to you, whether it is in the form of a raise, a new job, or lucrative clients.

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