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Monday - October 19, 2020


The universe knows that you deserve a relationship based on mutual respect and cooperation, and you do, too. It's time to be more demanding about what you need and stop putting the desires of others above your own. This selfless phase of yours has gone on too long. You have needs too, and they have to be met. If you think that you are creating a sense of harmony between you and your friends by giving in to their whims, you're wrong.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: You're really clicking with someone new today -- maybe on several different levels. It's a good time to explore options and see what (or who) seems the most appealing to you. You may be surprised.

Singles: You're not making the biggest splash right now, but do you really want that kind of attention? In the long run, your true heart and solid personality are far more attractive to the right people.

Couples: Build some stress relief into your day, for your sake and for your relationship's. A good workout, a walk, problem solving with a friend, or meditating are all ways to empower yourself and reenergize your heart.

Finance Horoscope

If family and friends are getting in the way of your career, then you've got to treat them like oil and water. Don't let them mix. Consider making money your biggest responsibility today.

Business Horoscope

No one can see themselves clearly. Ask your friends and colleagues for an assessment of the impression you give. Then work up your courage and ask your boss.

Teen Horoscope

Your interest in art jumps today, thanks to a wave of good energy passing through the right side of your brain. You should at least take a look at some online stuff -- or try making some of your own!

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