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Wednesday - September 30, 2020


The thing that will give you the greatest sense of accomplishment today won't involve winning a competition or attaining a goal. It will involve you adhering to a new set of restrictions you've given yourself. By building your self discipline, you're building your confidence. Every time you say no to a bad habit or yes to something that is healthy but not a lot of fun, you are doing yourself a great favor. Keep up with all of your good work!

Love Horoscope

Flirt: At some point today, you feel a bit restless and have an almost overwhelming urge to move on. Under most circumstances, you should follow up on it and see where you finally end up.

Singles: Someone great asks for your number. You're trying to play it cool and calculate all the odds in your head, but you actually want to jump up and down and squeal for joy. After they leave, go ahead and squeal away.

Couples: Your commitment to quality and dedication to success are spilling over into every facet of your life now, and your partner's a lucky person indeed. Making them happy is priority one.

Finance Horoscope

You get an interesting financial proposition from someone a long distance away. That gives you plenty of time to mull over every last detail of the plan. You win the prize for staying grounded.

Business Horoscope

Nuance is everything. A tinge of doubt is beginning to surface. If you're confused, ask questions. But if you have a hunch, the truth will only come out if you attempt to get at it.

Teen Horoscope

There are too many issues in your life for you to confront them all at once -- so tackle a few and see what happens next. It's a good time for you to deal with the big stuff first, so think huge!

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