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Saturday - January 21, 2023


Consider updating your electronics when the Capricorn moon cozies up to Pluto, dear Pisces, while also purging them of unwanted files and unused apps. You'll feel like embracing solitude this afternoon, as the Aquarius new moon manifests in the sector of your chart that governs introspection and privacy. These vibes are perfect for acknowledging and breaking free from patterns that are holding you back, so be sure to set intentions on how you'd like to grow throughout the next six months. A friend may give you valuable advice later this evening when Mercury aligns with the nodes of fate, so be sure to keep your ears open. 


You’ll feel as if you hear whispers in the night and behind every corner starting today, Pisces. The new moon in Aquarius arrives today and is especially potent in the week ahead. This lunation will highlight your solar twelfth house of privacy, secrets, hidden enemies, and the unconscious. You could find that your intuition is telling you something significant about your love life — so listen up! However, this could also be triggering intense anxiety and frustration that you need to face. If you or a partner have hidden something from one another, prepare for the news to leak.

Dating: You're in a great position to help others today, and most likely plenty of them are in need of your help! Use your intuition to figure out who's hurting the most and then get them what they need.


Embrace the first new moon of 2023, Pisces! Shadow-work will be your top priority to become a better professional under the new moon in Aquarius. You will need to work on becoming more self-assured over the next six months by diving into your inhibitions and even those who make you doubtful of yourself. Throughout this time, challenge yourself to work through your issues to see the beauty in your hidden talents that could help you progress in your career path. Once the hard part is behind you, you may feel more confident in your authenticity, quirks, and eccentricity. 

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