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Thursday - July 29, 2021


As a Pisces, you look to the spiritually-charged, growth-giving planet Jupiter for cosmic guidance. Jupiter has been happily inhabiting your sign the last few months, helping you step out fearlessly into new forms of self-expression and independence. Wednesday’s skies shift that narrative, as Jupiter retrogrades back into solution-seeking Aquarius. This shift points your focus on shedding outgrown behaviors for the remainder of the year.


You're attracting suitors left and right, and you don't even realize it, Pisces. After all, it's not every day the planet of love and beauty transits through your committed seventh house of significant others. And though you're bound to make an impression on potential suitors and the people around you, today's moon conjunct Chiron in Aries—via your second house of stability, self-worth, and sense of security—could challenge your confidence levels… but not in the way you think. Granted, everyone has their own insecurities, but has this been getting in the way of your love life? It's time to check in with yourself.

Dating: Yakkity yak. Everyone's talking, but nobody's making sense. Maybe it's time to stand up on a table and shout? (Metaphorically, of course.) Some sort of intellectual grandstanding might be just what you need to get people's attention.


Since mid-May, your co-ruler, Jupiter, graced the very early degrees of your zodiac sign, Pisces. This brought you a renewed sense of hope and the inkling that you were about to begin a whole new chapter in your life. Our Great Benefic will return to your zodiac sign in 2022. But before then, beginning today, he will moonwalk into your solar twelfth house. This placement of Jupiter will help you to daydream further, fantasizing about your most significant professional plans you’d like to reach in the decade ahead. You will also likely begin the steps to develop some significant projects behind the scenes at this time.

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