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Sunday - September 27, 2020


It's okay if you're feeling a little more sensitive than usual. Don't be self-conscious about it. It's to be expected, what with everything that's been going on, so don't beat yourself up if you snap at someone's innocent comment. It's important to be aware of your feelings and just let yourself feel them. Pushing them aside or pretending that everything is fine when it isn't might make other people more comfortable, but it won't help you.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: Almost everything is up in the air right now, and you can see that changes are coming down left and right. It's a good time to sit still and watch it all go down, though you may need to react now and then.

Singles: Aren't you chatty! A little less conversation and a little more action might be in order, especially if you're about to spill some not entirely harmless gossip or say something you don't quite mean.

Couples: Is it time to head back to the drawing board? Far from it. The plan you and your beloved have worked out is almost ready. Just finesse some of the elements and you'll be set for success.

Finance Horoscope

If you had a dollar for every time you got sucked into the dramas of friends and family, you'd be rich. As it is, you need all your energy to keep yourself afloat. Just mind your own business.

Business Horoscope

Why can't you get ahead? Look at the issues in front of you a bit more deeply. You barely scratch the surface sometimes. Give more of yourself if you want a large reward. Otherwise, be satisfied with what you're getting.

Teen Horoscope

You're pretty creative even on your blah days, and right now, you feel so full of odd ideas and fun ways to do your business that you'd never dream of just doing it all in the same old way.

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