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Thursday - May 16, 2024


Your critical eye intensifies under the Leo quarter moon, dearest Pisces, but try not to put expectations of perfection on yourself or others. Avoid getting lost in minor details when Jupiter activates mid-morning, considering instead how you can make peace with what you cannot control. Your mind sharpens once Mercury enters Taurus, motivating you to take on more information throughout the coming weeks. This planetary placement also elevates your social skills, so be sure to schedule more time with friends. Love surrounds you midafternoon when Luna migrates into Virgo and aspects Mercury, putting you in the mood to flirt.


Mental Mercury is now igniting your mind even more than usual, Pisces, in the weeks ahead. As he ventures into your solar third house of communications and travel, you'll be drumming up exhilarating ideas and thoughts that you can't wait to share with your significant other, sweetheart, or the world. Speaking your mind and finding a practical approach to solutions will also go quite well now. Another fabulous way to tap into our cosmic messenger is to plan a trip to nearby destinations or even a staycation in your city. You'll adore the change of pace and surprises along the way!

Dating: It's a good day for forgiveness. You need to make the offer before things get any weirder. Your ability to let things go depends on all sorts of extraneous circumstances, but today should be good for that.


Get to it, Pisces! You will have so much to say, write, and research once Mercury enters Taurus today. The Mercurial energy may inspire you to be more thoughtful and inquisitive, while the Taurus energy focuses on grounding you. As a result, this could help you think through difficult problems at work, issues in your writing, and lapses in your communication. You may notice a slow yet sure improvement in your communication skills during this Mercurial transit. By the end of it, you might be an improved public speaker and writer in your work life!

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