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Thursday - March 07, 2024


Monitor your words as the Aquarius moon and Jupiter square off, dearest Pisces, especially when venting frustrations. This cosmic climate will put you in touch with deep emotions, though miscommunications could lead to fallouts if you speak too freely. You should also be mindful of who you share secrets with, trusting only your most loyal confidants. A quiet stillness washes over you this evening when the Nodes of Fate stir, making it a good time to align with your surroundings or spend time in nature. The wheels in your mind turn when Luna crosses over Mars tonight, and you may find it necessary to stay busy.


You’re a “go with the flow” zodiac sign, Pisces. This allows you to experience so much more in life than many others! In fact, you thrive on new adventures and exploring horizons you’ve never swum through before. Luckily, the cosmic weather of the many days ahead will invigorate you with passion and excitement! As the mighty sun continues to energize your solar first house of identity—your zodiac sign—you'll notice that surprises await around every corner. This is because the sun smiles upon electric Uranus, which will encourage you to have a blast! Put yourself out there!

Dating: Don't hesitate to put all that great research and work to use. It's time for a big change. You've been building up insights and opinions for a while, and now is the time to formulate a new you.


What do you want to say, Pisces? You might have to think before you speak when the moon in Aquarius squares Jupiter in Taurus. The square implies that your thoughts and feelings might be tough to put into words at work today. Instead of just saying nothing or speaking impulsively, you should take your time to figure out what you want to contribute to your workplace discussions. When you take your time, you may find that you are received better by your coworkers. Plus, you might even receive positive feedback about your tone, turf, and timing!

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