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Monday - October 03, 2022


Your social scene, both online and in the material realms, will be buzzing with excitement today, dear Pisces, as the Capricorn moon blows a kiss to unpredictable Uranus. Brace yourself for hot gossip and shocking news, as these vibes are sure to bring forth a few bombshells. However, you may begin to feel a bit burnt out when Luna connects with Mars this afternoon, making it a good time to temporarily retreat into your shell. A harmonious and healing energy will allow you to recharge this evening, helping you find a healthy balance between self-care and connecting with the people you love.   


Anxiety and karma have been on your mind since 2020, Pisces. Things may have just generally felt more constricted and challenging, especially around mental health and motivation. This is because mighty Saturn, the Great Taskmaster planet, has been spinning in your solar twelfth house of privacy, seclusion, and the unconscious. However, he is presently asleep in a retrograde phase, which has likely given you a slight reprieve regarding craving solitude, rest, and privacy. Use this period to connect with others and turn within about the karma that you and your relationships carry.

Dating: Your dreams are a little crazy today, but that's cool with you. In fact, it might make life a little sweeter in a weird way. Things should get even more interesting later, so keep riding the wave!


Focus on building enabling professional connections in your greater community, Pisces. Although the moon is detriment in Capricorn, you can use this earthy intuitive lunation to network. You may not feel as emotionally connected or invested in your friendships as usual since the lunar energy could encourage you to focus on logical, professional connections instead. Since the moon trines Mercury in Virgo, it might be a fantastic day to focus on building long-term working relationships that could be incredibly fulfilling. Whoever you choose to work with could greatly influence your career path!

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