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Tuesday - October 04, 2022


You ebb and flow between introvert and extrovert, darling Fish, and as the moon enters Aquarius and your solar twelfth house, the hermit that lives within will begin to stir. Use this energy as an excuse to unplug for the day, and be sure to indulge in all of your guilty pleasure this morning when Luna connects with Jupiter. You'll have an opportunity to release any romantic or emotional baggage that's been weighing you down this afternoon, though continued self-care and a love of self will play a huge role in your ability to move on for good. 


If you’ve felt woozy and lost in a fog for weeks, that is fading in the rearview mirror, Pisces. Mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger planet is now direct in your solar seventh house of relationships. If you’ve dealt with miscommunication, frustration, or confusion around partnerships, you’re now advancing to figure that out now. You may now better be able to see eye-to-eye in matters of commitment, promises, and union. If single, use this energy to have meaningful discussions about your expectations in relationships with others. Know that the recent weeks weren’t meant to be a curse, but a blessing in disguise.

Dating: Focus on your own needs, and the deeper the better! Your good energy should let you deal with love interests while you're figuring out what it is that you want to be doing yourself.


Let your inner weirdo out, Pisces! It is time to show your work world your true self once the moon enters atypical Aquarius. Quirky Luna is ready to illuminate your oddball tendencies, humanitarianism, and innovative abilities through your line of work. But you have to believe in yourself to feel confident in debuting these hidden talents. You should feel confident in being accepted for all that you are as a professional since you offer unique gifts to your line of work. Think of inventive ways to comfortably reveal the “real” you at work. 

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