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Sunday - January 17, 2021


The universe is about to unload some serious good luck on you, but you won't know you have it until it hits. Instead of running right out and buying a thousand lottery tickets, just wait. Before the end of the day you could be given a golden opportunity, an unexpected gift, or a chance to do something you've always wanted to do. Your good fortune can get a real boost with a flattering comment, so don't be shy about working your charm.


Flirt: Breathe a few times, shake off the weirdness and stress of the last month or so, and just shimmy out into the world for some hot fun. You deserve it, and your energy is pumping, so live it up.

Singles: Those clouds in your head may be pretty, but there are also some rather sweet real-life possibilities now if you don't miss them! Focus on reality as much as you can, though your optimism may color things.

Couples: Avoid spacing out when it comes to your partner right now. Sure, they're used to your occasional absentmindedness, but that makes your heightened awareness and concentration on them even better.


You're tempted to jump into a project without enough facts to make a rational decision. This isn't the type of situation where being bold and impulsive is healthy for your wallet. Relax, take a breath and do your research first.


Use the coming days to begin something that’s important to you. If you have a marketing or online project ready to launch, this can be one of the better times to do so.


Express yourself from the heart today. You have plenty to say, so you should be able to say it in a way that almost everyone but your most rigid friends and family members can understand.

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