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Friday - October 02, 2020


It's a good thing that you have so much flexible energy around you right now because there could be some last-minute changes that demand your cooperation. You know how to be open to change better than most people do, so you might want to keep an eye out for someone who can't make the adjustment as easily as you can. They may need a hand, and you'll get a huge rush out of helping them get their bearings. Their gratitude could pay off for you in surprising ways.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: You and your rich fantasy life are getting along famously right now, and while you do surface now and then to reconnect with real life, you should still explore your wildest imaginings.

Singles: The level of difficulty associated with romance is all a matter of perspective now. It's only as tough as you let it be. Just relax and enjoy life rather than endlessly critique yourself.

Couples: If your relationship has seemed like hard work lately, it should soon be much easier. Your emotional energy is flowing smoothly and your partner should be a breeze to get along with.

Finance Horoscope

Everything is an opportunity if you let it be. Picking a new path might just be the best thing you ever had to do. In fact, whichever direction you choose to go in, it can only be an improvement over where you are now.

Business Horoscope

Coming up with good solutions doesn't always mean getting ahead. Your movement could be lateral and still mean progress. Be patient. Find a different approach to an old problem.

Teen Horoscope

If you've got a job, watch out for your coworkers -- their incompetence could make you look bad! Try to go it alone or just deal with friends you know you can trust and everything should be fine.

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