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Friday - May 17, 2024


The Virgo moon puts you in a romantic yet contemplative headspace, dearest Pisces, helping you set realistic expectations within your relationships. Use this energy to consider where imbalances may lie, finding the courage to address these issues gracefully. Unfortunately, stubborn characteristics could prevail later today when Luna and Mars form an unbalanced connection, creating tension amongst those who resist change. Rather than forcing your will or ideas on others, consider pulling back until common ground can be established. Just be mindful of where your mind takes you when Mercury and Pluto form a harsh square, which could trigger negative thoughts.


Today and tomorrow’s rancid cosmic weather will bring rocky news your way, Pisces. Mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger, locks horns in a square with Pluto, who orbits in your solar twelfth house of secrets and hidden enemies. This ensures that drama may be lurking everywhere you go—and it would be best not to be tempted into any nefarious desires or actions. If you provoke anyone, they may become a hidden enemy who haunts your shadows. Remain in your highest integrity at this time. You'll be glad that you did.

Dating: Money problems strike, but not in the usual way. Perhaps someone owes you money, or maybe you've been paying more than your share of the bills. You should be able to fix it now.


How do you feel about your immediate professional community, Pisces? Reflect on your relationships with your coworkers during the Taurus stellium. As several planets come together in Taurus, you might be more hyper-aware of your work community and coworker dynamics. Hopefully, this cosmic energy has brought you and your coworkers closer together. If not, you could still use this cosmic energy to figure out how you can work better with coworkers who might be annoying to deal with. Think about what you can do or adjust to improve your working relationships. 

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