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Tuesday - May 17, 2022


Give yourself permission to indulge in a little bit of retail therapy this morning, dear Pisces, as the Sagittarius moon connects with Venus and Chiron, encouraging you to reap the rewards of your hard work. Just make sure to set a reasonable budget for yourself, as it would be easy to go overboard with your spending at the moment. Watch out for rocky vibes later this evening when Luna enters a harsh square with Mars and Neptune, who are both camped out under your sign. You could begin to feel weighed down by your professional life, making it a good time to decompress with some serious self-care.


Pisces, you're equally as assertive as you are passionate, but there's a catch. With Mars conjunct Neptune in your sign, you're not only prone to deception and general escapism but also more likely to succumb to a love interest's projections today. Granted, there is something incredibly seductive and sensual about this celestial synergy, but as always, there's a shadow side to these two heavenly bodies being in contact. The moon (ruler of your romantic fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure) will also be in Sagittarius, bringing emphasis to your bossy tenth house of authority. Take the lead, and don't underestimate the influence of your power.

Dating: Money issues are going to dominate your thinking for much of the day. Try not to let them get you down. It may be a good time to reconsider how you allow cash to flow through your life.


Time to enjoy the spotlight, Pisces! The intensity of the eclipse portals comes to a close now that the moon is traveling through Sagittarius. Broadminded and enthusiastic, the lunar energy is ready to expand upon all aspects of your career path, such as your reputation and accomplishments. Given the expansive quality of the lunation, you may feel like you are shining on the center stage for an impressive stroke of luck or recent achievements. Instead of shying away from the limelight, you should embrace it with full-throttle positivity and confidence.

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