Pisces Monthly Horoscope (Free Monthly Horoscopes)


For The Month Of October 2022


Dynamic Change

As October gets underway, Pisces, the sun and diplomatic Venus in Libra highlight your sector of change and transformation. The coming weeks until October 23 are excellent for overhauling your life. Is there anything you need to get rid of? What’s the worst thing that’s hanging over you? Deal with it now and set yourself free. Letting go of whatever no longer serves you can liberate you from stress and anxiety.

This month could see you making progress. Dealmaker Mercury forges ahead on the second, followed by radical Pluto on the eighth and taskmaster Saturn on the twenty-second. If you’ve experienced more delays than you’d like, these three planets turning direct will make a difference. Once they change direction and get back on track, it will be full steam ahead.

Watch your money at the time of the full moon in Aries on October 9. You’ll need to exercise some impulse control if you want to avoid overspending. This might be one of those days when money runs through your fingers like water. If you see something you want, you won’t really care whether you can afford it or not. Try to invest rather than spend so that at least you’ll get something for your money.

Are you ready for new adventures in faraway places? With lovely Venus and the sun moving into Scorpio on the twenty-third, life might be less fraught and more expansive. These two planets are excellent for exploring new opportunities and making the most of any encounters.

And with a solar eclipse occurring in Scorpio on October 25, something special might be heading your way. You could receive an offer that’s too good to pass up, or a trip, new experience or golden opportunity could lead to bigger and better things and an exciting future.

Finally, feisty Mars turns retrograde in your domestic sector on the thirtieth, which could put the brakes on any real estate or family plans for a time.

Love & Romance

Tech guru Mercury has been messing with your dating apps and texts while it’s been retrograde, so when it goes direct in your partnership zone on October 2, it’s like a light bulb turning on. You’re the first to admit that you can get pretty emotional about love, but this logical transit helps you reach decisions by taking a more helpful, rational perspective to reach those “aha” moments.Luckily, overthinking isn’t a problem during the full moon in fiery Aries on the ninth. You’re open to new romantic adventures, Pisces, but you’ll be less inhibited if you stop worrying so much about what other people think or say about your love life. In fact, you might be surprised to find out that no one is really thinking about it (or judging it) at all.Commitment-focused asteroid Juno comes out of a difficult retrograde period on October 23, and while it’s traveling with your sensitive sign, you long for deep, spiritual connections. If you’re single or your current partner isn’t meeting your needs, turn to alternative healing sources. Something like astrology, Tarot or crystals can reveal what’s missing in your love life.As lucky Jupiter reenters your creative sign on the twenty-seventh, you get a second chance at conflict resolution. Find a quiet space to do some serious thinking. No one else can figure things out for you, and this time around might be your last chance to get it right.

Career & Work

You might feel some nostalgia now, Pisces, and rightly so. The month of October opens symbolically with a cleansing full moon in the sign of Aries on the ninth. Allow those fires to purify your soul so you can let go and surrender to something quite brilliant.

You’ve felt a change or shift in your life, and you might even consider changing your career path altogether. The challenge right now is to release something. Regeneration and redefining how you use your personal power are the themes of the time for the sign of the Fish.

You’ll gain even more psychic insight as Scorpio season begins on October 23, bringing you a spiritually guided mission. A solar eclipse two days later adds to the context of certain personal and financial decisions as a whole. Remember to put yourself first even if others try to tug at your heartstrings. Expect something magical to happen when the solar eclipse puts you completely in alignment with these energies.

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