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For The Month Of July 2021



Are you ready to live life with more vitality and zest, Pisces? If so, this month’s lively influences could see you embracing new opportunities for romance, creativity, work, and play. 

July begins with the sun in nurturing Cancer and your leisure zone, and chatty Mercury moves into this sector on July 11. This is very much a time to promote your skills and abilities because someone may be very appreciative of what you do.

Romance looks promising, and if you and your partner are in need of a break and a chance to catch up with each other, this is the time to go for it. A few dates or perhaps a weekend getaway can work wonders. 

The new moon in Cancer on the ninth can act as a catalyst for a new beginning. Are you eager to commit further to a budding romance? This is the time to go ahead. If you have a creative project in mind, begin it now and it could go from strength to strength.

If your relationships need a boost, lovely Venus moves into Virgo on July 21, and her presence here can smooth over any difficulties and encourage more conversation and interaction. The desire to reach out and be closer to others can enhance your social life as well as your current partnership.

With dynamic Mars in Leo until the twenty-ninth, you could feel quite animated this month. And when the sun enters this sign on July 22, you receive another burst of energy that can help you get your priorities in order and plan accordingly. If you feel pressured by your current lifestyle, this is the time to make changes so that life becomes more agreeable.

In fact, the full moon on the twenty-third could bring such issues to your attention, particularly those areas where you feel overwhelmed. Act now and let go of whatever no longer works and you’ll soon feel much happier.

Finally, abundant Jupiter moves back into Aquarius and your spiritual sector on July 28, enhancing your faith in yourself and life.

Love & Romance

There can be a lot of confusing energy coming off the square between informational Mercury in airy Gemini and your ruler Neptune in your dreamy sign on July 6. If you’ve already been having trouble figuring out where you stand with a current partner or crush, this aspect certainly won’t help. Go by the facts rather than your idealistic interpretation of reality.Wisdom-seeking asteroid Pallas is in your introverted sign as it goes retrograde on the fourteenth, so you learn the most lessons when you use your intuition. But lessons aren’t easily learned now because you might struggle to trust those instincts. Why do you have so much self-doubt when it comes to love, Pisces? The sun begins its journey through fiery Leo, the sign it’s most comfortable in, on July 22, opening you up to more romantic spontaneity. If you’ve been too shy to shoot your shot, do it now. Rejection can be embarrassing, but getting a yes is more exhilarating that a potentially bruised ego.Jupiter retrograde is joined with your sign until the twenty-eighth, when it backs up into airy Aquarius. You feel a pull now to be a little more carefree and less clingy in a current relationship. If you’re looking for love, lessons are hard to learn now. You might have to go through a few awkward or painful moments before things finally sink in.

Career & Work

Let the creative juices flow all month, Pisces! The new moon on July 9 is an inspiring time for you to reinvent your creative and artistic pursuits at work. This could lead to a very lucrative payback that was set in motion during the quarter moon in Aries on July 1.

The only foreseeable issue is that your colleagues could be a bit jealous of your success. This could lead to some passive-aggressive behavior on their part when Venus enters Virgo on the twenty-first and the sun moves into Leo the next day. 

The only way to counter all the negativity they’re throwing your way is to focus on those projects you’re emotionally invested in. By focusing on what brings you joy you’ll be able to finish the work quickly and move on to the next project during the Aquarius full moon on July 23. Hopefully, that means you won’t have to interact with the colleagues who are throwing shade. 

You can reap the benefits of your hard work and effort when Jupiter moves back into Aquarius on the twenty-eighth. Take the time to celebrate your success at that time. 

When Mars enters Virgo on July 29, you could have one more tough interaction with some co-workers you’re not terribly fond of, but this is only temporary. You can move on and soar through August without them.

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