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For The Month Of July 2021


A Lifestyle Upgrade

Aquarius, daily routines and everyday relationships are priorities this month. The sun in your lifestyle sector until July 22 encourages you to take an impartial look at your schedule and habits and see how you might improve on them. 

With chatty Mercury moving into this sector on the eleventh, you might want to enhance your time-management and productivity skills by adopting systems or reading books by others who are very productive.

The new moon in Cancer on July 9 is perfect for setting your intentions around work and wellness matters. What do you hope to accomplish? Write down your goals and this will help ground them and make them a reality. In addition, knowing what you want means you’re already halfway to getting it. You only need to put in the effort.

There might be some tension to deal with early in July as fiery Mars opposes sobering Saturn and both angle toward revolutionary Uranus. You want to move forward, but attachments to people and places may be holding you back. This can be a time of letting go of the past and embracing a new future. Perhaps you’ve already begun this process and now you need to finish it. This month can bring another significant turning point for you.

As the sun moves into Leo and your relationship zone on the twenty-second, your interactions can take on greater importance. The coming four weeks bring an opportunity to address any unspoken issues in a key bond and bring them out into the open. You might be eager to connect with others on various projects, business ideas, friendships, and romance.

Even so, feelings could spill over at the time of the full moon on July 23. An issue could come to a head and provide an opportunity to clear the air. Or you might realize how much someone means to you and feel fairly emotional about this.

Love & Romance

Your freedom is threatened when powerful Mars in fellow fire sign Leo squares change-loving Uranus, your ruler, in stubborn earth sign Taurus on July 3. There is a lot to unpack here, and most of it isn’t great. Make the best of a romantic situation even though it feels like invisible forces are conspiring against you.You’re introverted and reserved when communicative Mercury leaves flirty air sign Gemini and enters sensitive water sign Cancer on the eleventh, and for the next several days you appear to be playing hard to get. There’s something intriguing about your coyness, but don’t push people away too far or they might not come back.There’s a full moon in your eccentric sign on July 23, so your love life become unpredictable and full of experimentation. You don’t have a lot of expectations now, which leaves your options wide open. If you’re in a committed relationship, you’ll want a lot of space to pursue your own eccentric interests.Jupiter is retrograde and traveling with intuitive Pisces until the twenty-eighth, at which point this expansive planet backs up into your visionary sign. Although this isn’t the best time to act on your out-there ideas, picturing the future is inspiring. Learning a lesson now will be instrumental in eventually making solid forward progress.

Career & Work

It’s time to step up, Aquarius! This means not settling for anything less than what you deserve when it comes to your career and salary. July 1 brings the last quarter moon in Aries and a Mars-Saturn opposition urging you to ask for a raise at work. The caveat is that you might not receive it until the twenty-first, when Venus enters Virgo, or the next week, when Mars enters Virgo, which isn’t what your empty bank account had in mind.

The Cancer new moon on July 9 is pushing you to assert yourself to upper management regarding such matters, but you might not want to create any drama or worsen the situation. 

Think before you make a scene. Emotions will be high throughout the month, especially when the sun enters passionate Leo on the twenty-second and urges you to reevaluate your contracts to make sure you’re receiving all that was promised to you. 

The first Aquarius full moon of the summer on July 23 (the second one, a blue moon, occurs on August 22), gives you the time to reflect on your needs. This can motivate you to ask for your contract to be revised when Jupiter retrograde moves back into Aquarius on the twenty-eighth.

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