Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope (Free Monthly Horoscopes)


For The Month Of October 2022


Sociable and Eventful

Sagittarius, the first three weeks of this month encourage you to socialize and link up with others who share your interests. Are you ready to join a group that cares about the activities you enjoy? Becoming a member could inspire you to indulge your passion further. Plus, you could make a lot of new friends.

If you’ve experienced delays and misunderstandings over recent weeks, these can soon ease as Mercury turns direct on October 2. Transformative Pluto pushes forward on October 8 and prudent Saturn on October 22. Soon, you’ll be speeding ahead.

The full moon in Aries on the ninth could cause some irritation and make it easy to fly off the handle at the slightest thing. If you feel in a touchy mood, some vigorous exercise might help you feel calmer. You’ll be able to navigate through the day more easily.

Things quiet down when charming Venus and the radiant sun move into Scorpio and your spiritual zone on October 23. This is your invitation from the cosmos to unwind and recharge. It isn’t the best time to start anything new, but you should tie up loose ends and finish anything that is hanging over you. Watch your dreams too, because they could be very informative.

The solar eclipse in Scorpio on the twenty-fifth could have quite an influence on you, one that encourages you to make the most of your innate talents. You might have skills that are obvious to everyone else and yet you remain unaware of them. Discovering and using them could prove to be a game changer.

Jovial Jupiter, your personal planet, reenters Pisces and your home zone on October 27 and remains here until December 20, which can bring energy and optimism into your home and family situation.

Finally, fiery Mars turns retrograde in your sector of relating, which could slow down the pace at which a relationship develops and bring delays and possible misunderstandings too.

Love & Romance

The opposition between Venus in balanced Libra and your ruler Jupiter in bold Aries on October 1 brings some unexpected but important things to light. If you’ve been ignoring some obvious red flags lately, this aspect exposes them for what they are and challenges you to do something about them. Staying silent isn’t a good option now.

Chatty Mercury enters graceful, peacekeeping Libra (highlighting your networking zone) on the tenth, which can help bring out your social game and encourage you to get to know a lot of different types of people. If you don’t hit it off with someone romantically (or you’re already in a relationship), maybe this person will become an important business contact or is a perfect match for your BFF.

On October 12, there’s an overwhelming Mercury-Jupiter opposition that keeps you very busy, but taking on too much would be a mistake. If you’re single, you’ll be tempted to say yes to everyone who asks you out, but there aren’t enough days in the week to go on all those dates and get everything else accomplished too. If you’re part of a couple who has too many DIY projects or family events on your schedule, put something off until next month if possible. Being overly accommodating can be exhausting.Searching Jupiter reenters gentle Pisces on the twenty-seventh, sending you on a quest for emotional security. If you’re not getting it from a current relationship, you have some soul-searching to do.

Career & Work

The month starts with a bang for the sign of the Centaur! A bright full moon in fellow fire sign Aries on October 9 gives an extra charge to your batteries. This is a wonderful energy for really kicking it up a notch and not holding back.

You’ve always been an extremist, Sagittarius, and this is the perfect month to let yourself experiment with many different possibilities. At times you might be jumping into unknown territory, but it’s all the better if you’re directly involved in your pursuits. However, you might want to slow it down a bit. Think of this as a time to gather more strength as you put together certain mental puzzle pieces.

The solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth helps steady the energy by balancing your work connections. Somebody wants to help you through this! Accept their offer, and remember that you can always pay it forward in the future. You’re building relationships for a reason right now. The South Node of Fate is still transiting through your generous sign, so connections from your past could show up unexpectedly through much of the month.

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