Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope (Free Monthly Horoscopes)


For The Month Of May 2022


Ready for Action

You’ll be busy this month, Sagittarius, but you’ll be ready to go on a few adventures too. The sun in Taurus until May 20 encourages you to take stock of your routines and, if necessary, rearrange them to make life easier. If you want to feel happier and healthier, initiating new habits could galvanize you into action and see you really going places.

But there is a whole other focus showing up that is very exciting. Delectable Venus moves into Aries and your leisure zone on the second, stirring up the potential for wild romance.

Next, jovial Jupiter moves into Aries on May 10 and remains here until October 27, inspiring you to try new things, especially those that require boldness and confidence.

Finally, feisty Mars enters Aries on the twenty-fourth, adding to a desire for adventure and risk. You’ll need an outlet for your dynamic energy, and competitive sports or other activities like rock climbing and trekking could help you channel it.

Chatty Mercury will be retrograde from May 10 to June 3. It spends part of that time in your sector of relating, which could coincide with mixed messages and misunderstandings. It also gives you a chance to talk over a lingering issue and resolve it for good.

Change could come your way in the form of a lunar eclipse in Scorpio on the fifteenth. This turbocharged full moon could coincide with a chance to find closure on an issue or let go of emotional baggage. Either way, you’ll feel better for doing so.

Relationships of all kinds come into greater focus as the sun moves into Gemini on May 20 and remains here for four weeks. This is the time to team up with others and give those important bonds some extra attention.

Finally, the new moon in Gemini on the thirtieth is the perfect time to kick-start a budding romance, commit to a business partnership or collaboration, or get moving on a project with your partner.

Love & Romance

Kindness could be the key to finding love early this month as your broad-minded home planet Jupiter continues its enlightening journey through caring Pisces. You have a great chance of meeting potential partners while doing volunteer work, attending charity events, or just helping someone who really needs it. Helping others with your current partner creates growth and positivity.However, things begin to change when unrestrained Jupiter leaves gentle Pisces and enters assertive Aries on May 10. You know what you want during this daring transit and you aren’t afraid to go after it. But is taking a more “me-centric” approach really the best way to maintain a current relationship or enter a new one? Keep the enthusiasm but ditch the selfishness.The partnership between small but not insignificant nurturing asteroid Ceres and compassionate Cancer begins on the fifteenth, which relates directly to how you care for others. If a date or partner has to cancel plans, even at the last minute, you’re able to put yourself in their shoes and show some sympathy rather than get angry about it. Good for you, Sag.The sun shifts from slow-paced Taurus to quick-minded Gemini on May 20, so you’ll have lots of great date ideas for you and bae or someone you’re crushing on. But don’t be surprised if you scrap your plans and just spend the rest of the night spontaneously talking about anything and everything during this delightfully communicative solar transit.

Career & Work

In May, your focus isn’t so much on work as it is on personal matters and love. Family issues could take your energy away from your career because your brood needs you more than ever at the beginning of this month. 

When Venus and Jupiter enter Aries on May 2 and May 10, respectively, coupled with Mercury’s retrograde in the relationship sector of your chart, it could cause a lot of havoc in the romance department, and this could certainly shake things up at work. 

The key to keeping up with your job is to make sure all your contracts and agreements are in order. There could be a lot of backtracking by the people you’re trying to negotiate with, Sagittarius. 

Matters should calm down and issues get resolved during the new moon on the thirtieth. You might even walk away with an even more profitable agreement or new alliance as a result of all the chaos that unfolds when the sun moves into Gemini on May 20. You could have even more power to swim forward with ease, something you’ll feel when Venus moves into Taurus to lighten up your days on the twenty-eighth.

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