Libra Monthly Horoscope (Free Monthly Horoscopes)


For The Month Of October 2022


In Your Element

This month until October 23 is dedicated to you, Libra. The sun is in your sign along with lovely Venus, your personal planet. This can find you at your most attractive and in the best of moods. Dare to be a little bit selfish and focus on what you want. You’re so good about giving to others, and now it’s time to give back to yourself.

This month also sees three planets turning direct. Brainy Mercury pushes ahead on the second, followed by intense Pluto on the eighth and stern Saturn on the twenty-second. If you’ve been fretting and fuming about the many delays you’ve experienced, things can now begin to ease.

Warrior Mars will be retrograde in your sector of far horizons from October 30 to January 12, 2023, which could delay any travel plans.

You’ll feel an emotional blast coming from the Aries full moon on the ninth, which could bring an unsettling element to key relationships. There might be irritation or arguments with close ones, and it could be the little things that spiral into drama. But you’ll also have a chance to clear the air.

On October 23, money matters move higher up your list of priorities as sweet Venus and the sun move into powerful Scorpio. The coming weeks can be your opportunity to recycle certain items and sell or give away anything that is clogging up vital space. Too much clutter could be preventing you from having access to the wealth you deserve. Open more space and more money can flow your way.

The solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth could be a turning point that coincides with a decision or event that completely changes your financial picture. If you want to start implementing healthier financial habits, this is the time to do so.

Finally, jovial Jupiter reenters Pisces on October 27 and remains here until December 20, which could give you renewed energy and some opportunities to move out of your comfort zone.

Love & Romance

Your romantic ruler Venus is floating comfortably in your sign when it opposes aggressive Jupiter in restless Aries on October 1, and you might be thrown off by something totally unexpected. And while you can’t control what other people do, Libra, you can at least make sure you react appropriately. It might be time to end a toxic relationship with someone who obviously doesn’t want you to be happy.On the second, you get a break when communication manager Mercury goes direct while in precise Virgo, especially if you’ve been getting mixed messages from someone lately. This informative energy makes sure that you’re both ready and willing to get right to the point, and that technical glitches and errors won’t get in the way of effective communication.Mental Mercury enters your peaceful sign on October 10, at which point you won’t really want to talk about anything that leads to an argument. If a current or potential partner brings up a controversial topic like politics or religion, you can’t change the subject fast enough.You can look forward to the exciting new moon and solar eclipse in sexy Scorpio on the twenty-fifth, because it gives you permission to delve into your dark side. If you have some fantasies you want to explore that your partner isn’t into, work on convincing them. Of course, no always means no, but you can be pretty persuasive. If they agree to indulge you, make sure you pick out a safe word.

Career & Work

Welcome to a wonderful month, Libra! There is plenty to be happy about on the professional level right now. You have several wins and incredible opportunities on the way right out of the gate with an action-packed full moon in your opposing sign of Aries on October 9. It’s a great way to start the month, but try not to make too many impulsive financial decisions around this time.

Keep yourself in check even if it means setting up a strict budget before Mars turns retrograde in Gemini on the thirtieth. There’s a cornucopia of abundance being sent your way in all areas of your career. This could be the perfect day to update and send your resume to prospective employers or start that project you had put on hold.

There could be some upset or miscommunication in your personal or professional relationships, but with patience and your naturally sharp wits you’ll be able to smooth things over in no time.

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