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For The Month Of March 2021


Work and Play

Are you ready to learn something new, Libra? Assertive Mars moves into lively Gemini on March 3, so your curiosity could ramp up. You might find classes that are relevant to your current needs and be eager to enroll. You might also be drawn to join various groups and uncover new ways to make the progress you desire. New information can be your fix and you could get hooked.

Meanwhile, the sun continues its journey through Pisces and your sector of work and wellness, along with sweet Venus and dreamy Neptune. The coming three weeks are great for taking stock of your schedule and considering whether you need to make any changes. This is a good time to think about your priorities and organize your routines around them.

There’s a new moon in the same zone on the thirteenth, so seize the opportunity to make a fresh start. Whether you’re beginning a new job or business or hoping to get moving on a fitness strategy, this is the time to go ahead.

On March 15, talkative Mercury also move into Pisces, encouraging you to get organized. If you need to declutter your working space, make a start now. You can have more creativity and greater peace of mind if you do.

Relationships become more of a focus when the sun moves into Aries on the twentieth, followed by sultry Venus the next day. This romantic pairing could encourage you to smooth over any difficulties while also clearing the air.

You might be in a proactive mood when it comes to socializing online or off, and you’ll be eager to network and make some valuable connections.

The full moon in your sign on March 28 could find you pulled in different directions. What your partner or another wants may not be what you want. Trust your instincts here. If you feel you should stand your ground, do so.


Love & Romance

March 3 welcomes a happy sextile between your home planet Venus and eccentric Uranus. Romantic surprises pop up everywhere now, just when you least expect them. If you’re single, take a chance and do something you never thought you’d do. Love is worth the risk. Committed Libras, do something spontaneous with your partner. The unknown holds special sensual appeal now.

A Venus-Pluto sextile on the eighteenth brings out your competitive edge and urges you to succeed in love. Deep down you know you’re worthy of being with someone “on your level,” so why do you tend to settle? Once you know your value, you’ll begin seeking what you truly deserve.

Passion increases when loving Venus enters fiery Aries on March 21. You feel bold and daring and willing to do anything for love, which is a big turn-on for a current partner! If you’re single, taking the initiative with someone new might not come naturally, but right now it has its rewards. There’s a way to be direct and still keep it classy!

The full moon on the twenty-eighth is in your peaceful sign, helping you bring a romantic issue full circle. Relationships don’t always have the outcome you hope for, but this lunation reminds you that whatever will be will be. Don’t fight it.

Career & Work

When your ruler Venus moves into Aries on March 21, a rush of ambitious energy will wash over you, making you feel like you can take on the world. You’ll be interested in everything you encounter today, Libra, so don’t be surprised if you’re more absorbed in your work than usual.

Definitely use this to your benefit and get as much done while you can. This isn’t the time to worry about anything that happened yesterday. Focus on what’s right in front of you right now and try your best to stick to the item at hand.

There’s a full moon in your sign on the twenty-eighth, which can help the rest of the world match your habitual concern with justice and fairness. This refreshing compassion from the people you work with will be especially nice for you, and you should be able to relate to all of your colleagues more easily.

People will most likely be bouncing ideas off one another with better than normal agreement, so don’t be surprised if collaboration is favored on this day as well. Working with others always comes naturally to you, but today it’s going to come naturally to everyone else, creating beautiful harmony in the workplace.

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