Libra Monthly Horoscope (Free Monthly Horoscopes)


For The Month Of December 2022


Finding Your Tribe

Libra, you’ll be in the mood to network and connect this month, and doing so will bring numerous rewards. Because this is the holiday season, you have more reasons than usual to reach out and reunite with old friends and family members. You’ll also be eager to make new connections with those who can help you with your plans and goals. Joining online groups that cater to your interests could be very informative. You are eager to learn, and this is the time to go ahead.

Take extra care around the time of the full moon that occurs across your communication axis on December 7. This lunar phase aligns with dynamic Mars in its retrograde phase, which suggests that an event could trigger some powerful feelings. Be careful what you say, because others might take you at your word. It would be wise to avoid making any impulsive decisions too.

On the twentieth, your relationships get a boost as bountiful Jupiter moves back into Aries after its retrograde phase. The coming weeks and months are perfect for collaborating on key projects, moving in new circles, and exploring the possibilities of creating a team or partnership to help with your work or business needs. Your love life and social life will also benefit greatly.

Home and family affairs will also be high on your list of priorities as key planets gradually shift into Capricorn. Talkative Mercury moves in on December 6, followed by Venus on December 9 and the radiant sun on December 21.

You could be doing a lot more entertaining, but you’ll be organized enough to make it seem like a breeze. Do allow others to lend a hand, though, so you can enjoy yourself too.

Finally, the super new moon in Capricorn on the twenty-third could inspire you to set your intentions for the year ahead. If you can’t take action immediately, writing down your goals is an excellent way to get things moving.

Love & Romance

Your beautiful leader Venus joins with Sagittarius and sextiles determined Saturn on December 1, so your month is off to a promising start. If you’re ready to make a commitment to someone new or deepen an existing one, your success is all but guaranteed today.

On the third, the vibe is a little different, because the uneasy Venus-Neptune square puts doubt and suspicion into your love life. Is someone being straight with you, or are they just saying what you want to hear? The truth isn’t clear during this hazy aspect, so hold off on making decisions until you get confirmation one way or the other.

Lovely Venus leaves exciting Sagittarius for security-seeking Capricorn on December 9, and the fact that this exchange of energy takes place in your house of family and domestic life is significant. Your sense of duty and responsibility toward those you love (or want in your life) is strong now. Show how dependable you are through actions, not words.

On the eighteenth, asteroid Ceres partners with your airy sign and sends you on a quest for a better work/life balance. Is a demanding lover taking up too much of your time? Is work? And, Libra, are you taking enough time for yourself?

Career & Work

It’s time that you let your views be known, Libra. If you assert yourself this month, you’ll find that your boss and colleagues are listening. The only word of advice is to not be too aggressive about how you ask for things, because your tone could be misunderstood. Before sending off an inspired email, double-check it to make sure you’re clear. You could come across as overly demanding and dramatic when in fact you aren’t trying to be either.

The full moon in Gemini on December 7 is one moment when you could accidentally put your foot in your mouth and say what you’re thinking rather than what is professional at your office holiday party.

Luckily, Venus enters Capricorn on the ninth, which can help you finesse conversations, texts, and emails in which you’ve said things you regret. A word of advice: don’t party too hard at the office holiday gathering. Even if it’s via video conference and you’re in the comfort of your own home, make sure you’re professional at all times. This will only serve to help you during the Capricorn new moon on December 23, when your boss proposes an opportunity they think you’ll be good for because of your responsible nature.

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