Libra Monthly Horoscope (Free Monthly Horoscopes)


For The Month Of May 2022



Libra, the sun in Taurus and your sector of change and transformation brings a chance to find closure on issues that have been bugging you for a while. You might be eager to increase your wealth or grow new business opportunities. You’ll be aware of the areas where change is possible, and acting on these can accelerate the pace.

Relationships sparkle with promise as lovely Venus enters Aries on May 2, followed by sassy Jupiter on May 10, and feisty Mars on May 24. This can be a dream come true if you’ve been hoping for renewed passion in a key bond or the chance to enjoy a wonderful and fast-paced romance.

Clever Mercury turns retrograde on the tenth and remains so until June 3, which could affect travel and other important arrangements. Prepare well in advance, and keep those important documents in a safe place.

This is a very busy month in terms of astrology because there is also a lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 15 that could influence financial decisions. You might need to choose a course of action that can assist you in positively transforming money matters.

The sun’s move into Gemini and your sector of travel and opportunity on the twentieth might inspire you to go in search of new adventures. It remains here for a stay of four weeks and can leave you feeling lighter, brighter, and eager to explore.

Sweet Venus, your guide planet, moves into Taurus and your sector of power and mystery on May 28. You’ll be drawn to situations and people with influence, but you’ll also relish closer and deeply intimate encounters.

Finally, the new moon in Gemini on the thirtieth is perfect for a new beginning. Whatever you want to start, do it now because the moon tide can help build momentum.

Love & Romance

You’re hopeful about love yet still a bit guarded under the influence of your sweet leader Venus in shy Pisces on May 1. Soak up all of this gentle transit’s compassionate vibes before you start to experience the loud aggressiveness of Venus in Aries beginning on the second.Another Mercury retrograde cycle starts in flighty Gemini on May 10, so messages could go missing and texts could easily be misunderstood. If you’re talking with someone on a regular basis, especially a current partner or someone you really like, find a sure way to follow up instead of assuming they’re ignoring you on purpose.The full moon and lunar eclipse in jealous Scorpio on the fifteenth make you suspicious and could get in the way of a developing relationship. It’s normal to be curious about what an ex is up to, but obsessing about it won’t win you any points with someone new. Use the intense regenerative power of this special lunation to get over it and move on.The sun moves on from earthy Taurus and joins Mercury retrograde in complex air sign Gemini on May 20, which can cause two sides of your personality to emerge. Moody much?! A current or potential new partner might be completely puzzled by your responses as your thinking shifts from moment to moment. Changing your mind every two minutes isn’t quirky, Libra. It’s confusing.

Career & Work

All of the Aries energy at the beginning of May could inspire you to take great creative leaps, Libra. The key is to use your talents in the service of your professional aspirations. 

Doing this will help you expand your horizons during the lunar eclipse on May 15. The cosmos is pushing you to use your creativity to expand your wallet. Starting an online retail site to sell your art could prove beneficial and make you a lot of money. You might want to keep it going as a side hustle or even your main gig. 

However, don’t boast about it too much, because your colleagues at your regular job might be jealous of your success when Venus enters Taurus on the twenty-eighth. Just ignore their comments or eye rolls when you’re talking about your art. To be honest, you don’t need their approval. The only approval you need is your own. You’ve got it all, and now the whole world will know of your artistic talents. 

The new moon on May 30 can open your eyes to the talk going on behind your back at work. But it can also serve to clear up any drama or lies being spread about you at the workplace.

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