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Week 39 of 2020

Week Starting On: September 21 to September 27

Week of Sep 21, 2020: You’ll be feeling especially comfortable in your skin and fired up when it comes to pursuing your long-term dreams while the confident sun moves through your sign from September 22 to October 22. This is your season, Libra, so you have every right to take the bull by the horns and shine whenever possible. Meet with that higher-up or pitch that seemingly longshot client. You’ve got this! 

And after September 27, messenger Mercury will move through your second house of income until its retrograde there beginning on October 13. Make the most of this moment by getting clear on long-term financial goals and ensuring all ducks are in a row in terms of everyday investments and income. Then, feel free to share your boldest pitches with colleagues and higher-ups. A winning combo of hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm is sure to sell anything you have your heart set on. 

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