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Read free Libra weekly horoscope for the Week 42 of 2021. Week Starting On: October 18 to October 24.


Week 42 of 2021

Week Starting On: October 18 to October 24


This week, new beginnings are possible. Libra, this could be the start of something big.

The week begins on Sunday, October 17, with the sun in Libra (happy birthday!), in your house of confidence, making a square to Pluto in Capricorn in your house of home and family. You may feel a new sense of strength as you're ready to stand up to at least one person in the family. Libra, you're feeling quite determined to live the life you want and are unwilling to let others stand in your way now. You're coming into your power.

On Tuesday, October 19, Mercury goes direct in your own sign of Libra. Suddenly people agree with you. Those who were standing in your way now part as the Red Sea did for Moses. Everyone seems to be applauding your choices. Now, Libra, you can move forward.

Love & Romance

All the miscommunication with your partner is enough to make you want to run off and hide under a rock. Take the weekend off and fully disconnect to unwind from recent romantic stresses. It’ll do you good to have an emotional reset the moment Mercury ends its retrograde journey on your sign on October 18, the same day that Mars in Libra connects with Jupiter in Aquarius. This will give you a chance to relax and get your groove back in your relationship. 

As one who loves to partner up with another, you don’t want to break up or change the routine of the partnership. But you do want the relationship to get better and for you both to harmonize your energies lovingly. As long as you can find balance between passion and sentimental romance, then the relationship is golden. 

Don’t put pressure on yourself to make any major decisions right now. The only thing that you need to do is not stress about your romantic situation. Take things calmly. Having some time off from your loved one will do you both good. By the time you reunite, you will be lost in each other's arms and wanting to spend more time together. Ain’t love grand?

Career & Work

Are you ready to break this spell of tension, Libra? Well, this is the week to do it!

On Monday, October 18, both Mercury and Jupiter will station direct. Mercury is now direct in your sign, which alleviates any tension about your identity or how others perceive you. You can expect a newfound sense of confidence that comes with peace of mind at work. Rest assured that you are being perceived exactly how you want to be in the workplace! Since Jupiter is also direct, you may experience a boost in creativity. Your artistic vision at work has the opportunity to take off now! You may find that it is easier to be confident in the potential success of any passion projects or professional measures. 

Then on Wednesday, October 20, there will be a full moon in your opposite sign, Aries. The full moon will draw any partnerships or contracts to a head. This may be the time where all contractual requirements are met at work or when you and a business partner come to the end of a professional relationship. It may also represent a time of independence ending as you may now be exploring partnerships to expand your career.

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