Weekly Horoscope for Aries (Free Weekly Horoscopes)


Week 43 of 2022

Week Starting On: October 24 to October 30


This week, you’re ready to pivot on a few important points.

The week begins on Sunday, October 23, with Venus and the sun in Scorpio and your house of intimacy making a quincunx to Jupiter in your own sign of Aries. Right now, you want to experiment. Aries, if your partner is willing, you could do this in the bedroom. This combination of aspects can create grandiose expectations. You could feel intense joy as romance blossoms.

On Tuesday, October 25, Mercury in Libra and your house of relationships makes a quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. The romantic energy continues as the thoughts from earlier in the week give you many new ideas. You might also find new ideas by reading a novel or watching a movie that explores romance in a way you hadn’t considered before. Aries, you could find this fantasy so engrossing that it’s difficult to tear yourself away to face the reality of making dinner, doing the dishes or other mundane tasks.

Love & Romance

The week ahead brings a lot of intensity and opportunities to connect intimately with your partner due to the solar eclipse. If you’ve been longing to share secrets and let your feelings be known, October’s 25 solar eclipse is the time to do so. Now is your opportunity to elevate the relationship and take things to the next level! 

The caveat is that your partner may not be as ready as you to deepen the relationship. But instead of having a temper tantrum because they do not reciprocate your feelings, try to have a conversation to understand where they are coming from. Odds are that they feel the same way you do — they just aren’t great at expressing their emotions. Give them a moment to figure things out before you pressure them. They just need some time because they aren’t as impulsive as you are.

Career & Work

Time to go in deeper than ever before, Aries! Who and what do you want to assume responsibility for? Saturn is finally stationing direct in Aquarius on Sunday, October 23. For the last few months, you may have shifted your priorities by attending networking opportunities, revising your professional social media platforms, focusing on other connections, and aligning yourself with new aspirations to fulfill in your career path. Moving forward, use Saturn to assume responsibility for the duties that will bring you unique success! 

On the same day, the sun and Venus will also enter Scorpio. Scorpio season is a fantastic time to better understand your joint assets, shared resources, property, investments, and debts. Since Venus is now in Scorpio, you may have to work through the professional and financial entanglements that could hold you back from impressive transformation. 

A few days later, you will see a new cycle unfolding in surprising and chaotic ways during the new moon partial solar eclipse in Scorpio! It might be best to hold off from setting intentions or doing a ritual, given that eclipses are unpredictable. But at least you can investigate your options when Mercury enters Scorpio at the end of the week!

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