Weekly Horoscope for Virgo (Free Weekly Horoscopes)


Week 19 of 2022

Week Starting On: May 09 to May 15


This week, it’s time for some self-care. 

The week begins on Sunday, May 8, with the first quarter moon in Leo lighting up your house of rest and recuperation. Sometimes you have to insist on time to take care of yourself. Virgo, you’re very helpful, and people around you are quick to ask for your help. Today, take a little time for yourself. Consider staying in bed a little longer and doing The New York Times crossword puzzle at a leisurely pace. Watch old movies, the ones where you can recite the dialogue by heart. Take time for yourself today.

On Tuesday, May 10, Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini and your house of career. It’s quite possible that your company is launching something new today like a marketing plan, software upgrade or new set of guidelines. Virgo, you might be shaking your head because you know that Mercury is retrograde, and all of this will have to be changed later. Try not to get frustrated with the extra work you have to do today (especially knowing it will probably have to be redone in a few weeks when Mercury starts moving forward again).

Love & Romance

After a few weeks of a waffling heart, you may decide to give your part-time lover another chance during Mercury retrograde, which commences on May 10. The relationship will start at a fast pace (which at times will overwhelm you). By the beginning of next month, you’ll see their true colors clearly. Their less than noble intentions may end the romance before it gets to a more serious level (which will be fine by you). Thank you, next! But, until then, you should enjoy the flirtation. You don’t have to commit right away and obsess over every detail of the relationship. You can just have fun for the week. 

Go out and explore the town you live in with someone exciting and new. I have a feeling it will prove to be just what the doctor ordered, as it will allow you to have a moment of fun in an intense month. The silver lining, if you were in a relationship, is that you were finally allowing your voice to be heard. Your partner is beginning to ask your opinion about matters, and you were more than happy to share your inner sentiments. You’re not overthinking and analyzing how to express yourself, but rather letting yourself be you.

Career & Work

Get ready to embrace new twists and turns in your professional transformation, Virgo.

Under the first quarter moon in Leo on Sunday, May 8, consider what talents and passions you can finally show off. This lunation may feel immense like it is now or never until you show the world what you are made of. Utilize this confident energy to debut some secret skills throughout your workweek. A few days later, Jupiter enters Aries, and Mercury retrograde begins! Bold and bright, Jupiter in Aries is ready to attract new financial opportunities. Throughout this Jupiterian transit, you may have opportunities to invest, merge, or sell. Your assets and finances could grow, but so could your opportunity to acquire debt, so be careful! Before jumping into any financial operations that could transform your assets, you should pump the brakes since Mercury retrograde in Gemini will also be in effect. Mercury retrograde will toss you some curveballs with your career, especially if you find yourself between paths, projects, or contemplating a divergence of opportunities. If anything, buckle down during Mercury retrograde. Consider your choices, but be mindful of making any significant decisions that could commit you to one professional path over the other.

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