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Read free Pisces weekly horoscope for the Week 30 of 2021. Week Starting On: July 26 to August 01.


Week 30 of 2021

Week Starting On: July 26 to August 01


Pisces, romantic intentions can be revealed. This week, you're the object of someone's admiration.

The week begins on Sunday, July 25, with Mercury in Cancer, in your house of pleasure, making an opposition to intense Pluto in Capricorn in your house of friendships. Today a friend could become much, much more. This could start innocently with a hug and progress rapidly out of the friend zone. If you're looking for love, this is an excellent day to post your online profile.

On Tuesday, July 27, Mercury enters the sign of Leo and begins traveling through your house of work. It will now form an inconjunct with Jupiter in your own sign of Pisces. You procrastinate for one of two reasons. Either the work is too difficult or it's just too boring. Today, you may be surrounded by boring. Pisces, this is a good day to find ways to delegate, streamline, or eliminate work that is no longer of interest to you.

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Love & Romance

This week, you have an opportunity to realize that love is also built on friendship. On July 25, Mercury in your passionate fifth house will oppose Pluto in your platonic eleventh house, which could leave you feeling inspired by a romance that’s based on laughter and shared interests. However, if you’re developing feelings or someone who may just be a “friend,” it may be time to consider how you should protect your feelings and exert your boundaries.

By July 27, the cosmos is encouraging you to take some of the focus you may have on your relationship and place it on yourself. As Mercury activates your sixth house of health and well-being, it’s time to nurture yourself with the attention you require in order to succeed. You can’t pour from an empty cup. And as Jupiter retrogrades back into your twelfth house of solitude on July 28, you may even spend the rest of the year learning how to love your own company and become more independent.

However, by July 29, you may find that your perspective of your relationships is getting in the way of your heart’s innermost needs. Venus in your partnership sector will square the North Node in your compassionate fourth house, encouraging you to embrace your emotional needs.

Career & Work

This week, it’s important that you stay vigilant against negative criticism from people who should really be supporting you. On July 25, Mercury in your fifth house of self-expression will oppose Pluto in your community sector. As you become more open with your creative endeavors, there could be envious folk who don’t want to see you succeed. Instead of making yourself smaller to curb their bad vibes, remember that their jealousy is their problem, not yours.

You can take your creative energy and find a way to implement it throughout your daily life once Mercury enters your sixth house of routine on July 27. This will inspire you to actually do the work and not just talk about it. Finding a way to stay productive and keep up with smaller tasks will leave you feeling so satisfied with yourself. Don’t let imposter syndrome talk you out of your potential.

On July 29, Mars in your productive sixth house will oppose Jupiter in your spiritual twelfth house, which could encourage you to take on a lot more work. However, it’s important to remember what you’re asking of yourself. Your plate can only handle so much! It’s not a moral failing to prioritize rest. Rest should be done with intent.

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