Weekly Horoscope for Leo (Free Weekly Horoscopes)


Week 51 of 2022

Week Starting On: December 19 to December 25


This week, things could be quite sweet for you.

The week begins on Monday, December 19, with Venus in Capricorn and your house of work making a quincunx to Mars in Gemini and your house of technology. You might be called into the office because someone can’t figure out how to use the new platform or their computer has locked them out. Or it’s possible you’re filling in for someone because they got stuck in another city while traveling. Today, even if it isn’t on the schedule, you could be going in to work.

On Wednesday, December 21, the sun in Sagittarius and your house of romance squares Jupiter in Pisces. Leo, you and your partner might attend a party where you get to actually be a couple rather than parents or workers or any of the other labels that you wear. You could dress up and go to a concert to hear some magnificent music.

Love & Romance

Your social life will be on fire during this first part of the week as Jupiter activates the sector of your chart that rules communication and learning. This is a good time to find love through intellect rather than raw attraction. If you’ve got your eye on someone, consider inviting them over to watch a documentary or send them an article you find particularly illuminating and interesting. Over the weekend, the new moon will inspire us all to connect on a deeper level. For you, this is the perfect time to bring your crush into your life in a more intimate way by inviting them over to see your home. 

If you're not fixated on someone particular at the moment, use these vibes to focus on yourself and practice self-care with dreamy baths and cozy PJs. If you decide to hang out with others, be sure to make a wish to the universe before you find yourself in a crowd, especially concerning matters of the heart. The other side will be in the mood to spoil you at the moment, so there's no shame in asking for what you want! 

Career & Work

What will help you create a unique career path and status, Leo? Be confident that everything you do now is valuable when Venus in Capricorn squares Chiron retrograde in Aries on Monday, December 19. The square might be a tad painful, but it can also be a fantastic time to reaffirm how much you are doing already and how far you have come in your professional journey. 

Since Venus also trines the North Node in Taurus during the square, this implies that your current work routine and habits are leading you to your professional destiny. When Jupiter re-enters Aries the following day for the first time since the retrograde, this is the perfect time to take significant strides with personal goals and opportunities to expand your professional journey. But you will first need to work through any insecurity or self-doubt from the retrograde period. 

Between the sun moving into Capricorn and the new moon in Capricorn toward the end of the week, this will be the perfect opportunity to focus on working toward long-term goals every day. You could even begin working on new moon manifestations or intentions immediately since Capricorn season is all about working hard.

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