Weekly Horoscope for Leo (Free Weekly Horoscopes)


Week 26 of 2022

Week Starting On: June 27 to July 03


This week, you’re getting things done. 

The week begins on Monday, June 27, with Mars in Aries making a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius and your house of work/life balance. You’re pulled in many directions today, and it’s probable you need to make some adjustments. This often happens when you try to do too much to make everyone happy. Leo, consider the bigger picture before moving forward.

On Tuesday, June 28, the sun in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries and your house of education. It is also a new moon. An old classmate might reach out to you today. They might have found you on social media, or they’ve sent you an invitation to a high school or college reunion. You might have had a crush on this person in school. This is a good day to reconnect with people from your past.

Love & Romance

You'll feel wild, free, and creative on the twenty-eighth, allowing you to have fun with your friends and embrace adventure until later in the evening when the new moon occurs the same day. You'll be asked to shift gears in order to handle your responsibilities, just in time for the work week to begin. You won't have much time for romance during the first half of the work week, and by mid-week, you'll be overdue for rest and a quiet evening at home. 

Luckily, the cosmos does have some fun in store for you on the twenty-eighth when the Cancer new moon urges you to celebrate life and embrace optimism. People will be in the mood to say "yes" on this day. So, if there's someone specific you have your eye on, ask them out for coffee or cocktails. The weekend will be especially healing for your heart as you are beginning to tap into your peace and empathy. If there are any emotional wounds that need mending, or forgiveness that needs granting, now would be the time to strive for such outcomes.

Career & Work

Leo, your professional commitments and relationships will take precedence throughout this workweek.

How do you act on your professional arrangements? When Mars in Aries sextiles Saturn retrograde in Aquarius on Monday, June 27, you may want to reconsider the trajectory of your commitments and partnerships to ensure that you are heading in the desired direction. Assuming more responsibility for the development of such aspects can better your career. Taking on a nurturing role may be a slow but sure process as the new moon in Cancer will begin a more emotionally moving cycle the following day. Bringing out your inner caretaker can help you better develop your obligations and relationships. How you go about this will become clearer as Neptune also stations retrograde in Pisces during the lunation. From now until early December, Neptune retrograde will show you how to assume more power and control while letting go of any self-limiting beliefs that may hold you back from an impressive professional transformation. There might be an opportunity to better adjust your commitments early on when Mercury in Gemini trines Saturn retrograde in Aquarius at the end of the week. The trine is communicative and mentally agile, encouraging you to negotiate!

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