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Read free Leo weekly horoscope for the Week 19 of 2021. Week Starting On: May 10 to May 16.


Week 19 of 2021

Week Starting On: May 10 to May 16


Leo, you are quite busy, and this week, everyone is asking for your attention.

The week begins on Monday, May 10, with Mercury in Gemini making a conjunction to the North Node in your house of friendships and associations. Today, a friend or acquaintance can open up a whole new world for you. Perhaps you bring them an idea, and they wholeheartedly support your moving forward in this direction. You are capable of doing what needs to be done. Leo, let go of doubt. Or if that's not possible, just move forward anyway.

The new moon in Taurus in your house of career is on Tuesday, May 11. Over the next two weeks, you have a new career opportunity. This could be within your company or an outside job offer. At the same time, Mars in Cancer, in your house of hidden talents, makes a sextile to Uranus at the top of your chart. A new colleague or supervisor could open a door for you toward a promotion. Or you may set your sights on something bigger, such as expanding your own online business.

Love & Romance

Friendships could turn into something more now that Venus has entered your platonic eleventh house as of May 8. This will inspire you to spend time with your social circle, to take up invitations to interact with other like-minded people. This is the perfect time to be introduced to a friend of a friend who might just be a perfect match for you.

As the new moon blasts through your tenth house of reputation on May 11, it will leave everyone talking about you. You may feel encouraged to update your social media and your dating profiles so they reflect how awesome you are. Your public persona is coming into play, affecting and impacting the vibe potential lovers are getting from you.

By May 12, Mercury in your aspirational eleventh house will trine Saturn in your partnership sector, inspiring you to throw your energy into a cause that matters to you. Participating in community efforts with a lover could bring you so much closer as you make the world a better place together. And on May 13, Jupiter will bless your eighth house of intimacy, encouraging you to embrace the deep emotions that come with building trust with someone you love. Let this expand your ability to make room for someone in your heart; someone who deserves to be there.

Career & Work

You’re in a powerful position to network now that Venus has officially entered your eleventh house of community as of May 8. This will encourage you to introduce yourself to all sorts of people within your field and build a social circle that will provide you with all sorts of opportunities. In fact, when Mercury joins forces with the North Node in your charismatic eleventh house on May 10, you may find yourself taking on a leadership role or making a speech that inspires everyone on your team.

The new moon on May 11 will blast through your tenth house of career, tapping into your passion for winning the game and getting ahead. Now’s not the time to think small. Believe in your loftiest plans, because you have all the authority and the enthusiasm to get your name out there and prove yourself.

By May 12, there will be plenty of energy to help you navigate any potential misunderstandings amongst your social circle at work. As Mercury in your community-oriented eleventh house forms a trine with Saturn in your partnership sector, it will establish a grounded and serious line of communication with your colleagues, allowing you to build rapport and a trust that lasts.

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