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Sunday - July 25, 2021


Important insights are emerging into your focus today, Leo. Even if it's easier to look the other way, try to keep your eyes fixed on the reality at hand. Messenger Mercury butts heads with truth-seeking Pluto, helping you clear any mental or emotional debris around family-based matters. Elsewhere, Luna’s opposition with irritable Mars increases relationship touchiness. Aim to sweat it out and be physical!


It's not always about you, Leo. Then again, with the help of Saturn sitting directly across from you, you're starting to see this firsthand. Keep in mind, the moon will be shaking up your committed seventh house of compromise, significant others, and one-on-one connections, so themes surrounding a situationship and/or your lover's emotional needs are bound to come up for review during this time. Is there something you need to get off your chest? Today's opposition between Mercury and Pluto could bring something significant to light, even if that means it's coming from you. If you watch closely, you'll notice how it's all starting to unfold. 

Dating: You're better off with other people all around you, so see if you can scare up a posse. There should be an easy flow of energy no matter who's involved.


Don’t charge headfirst into conflict today, Leo. With fiery Mars still in your zodiac sign, you’re likely charged up and feeling especially aggressive! With the rocky full moon still echoing over this week, tensions could be heightened. The negativity could be reaching a fever pitch today as Mercury, now orbiting within your solar twelfth house of secrets, clashes in a violent opposition with malevolent Pluto in your solar sixth house of employment. Someone could be secretly working against you on the job, perhaps even a coworker you had trusted. Avoid conflicts like the plague, as it could cause tempers to flare and ultimately damage your professional image.

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