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Friday - October 22, 2021


Devote some time to untangling your current career crisis, Leo. The moon’s presence in easygoing Taurus encourages you to get practical about the affairs of your real-world and reputation. Her variety of smooth aspects makes it easy to apply yourself with creative energy. You’re in need of a distraction from all of the intensity that keeps cropping up, so let yourself sink your teeth into meaningful projects.


Get your ducks in a row, so you can play harder than you work, Leo. Audacious Mars continues to square off with transformative Pluto, challenging everything from your immediate exchanges to your day-to-day routine. Moreover, before the moon concludes its journey through sensually driven Taurus and your bossy tenth house of authority, it will also link up with transformative Pluto. Single, crushing, or already in a committed partnership, you're likely sorting out your priorities during this time, so be sure to communicate this with your cutie. Luna's sextile to boundless Neptune via your intimate eighth house of soulmate connections reminds you to hold space for a significant other's needs.

Dating: It's a great time to express your deepest feelings, especially if you're looking for a little romance. And why not? It's looking for you. Make a date, even if you've been seeing your partner for years.


Before your weekend begins, you may feel a bit preoccupied with your position in your career path. The moon is in fixed sign Taurus, which emphasizes your career. The lunar energy is busy thinking about how public your career or professional achievements are. You may be a bit emotional if you feel like you are too in or out of the spotlight. You may want the right amount of attention for your professional endeavors, preferably from certain people whose opinion matters. While others' validation may matter, you should also focus on validating yourself for your accomplishments.

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