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Thursday - May 16, 2024


The quarter moon rises in your sign this morning, dearest Leo, which could reveal new restrictions or jealousy amongst colleagues. Don't let naysayers or what others think hold you back when Jupiter stirs, encouraging you to take up space. Your eye for smart strategy sharpens once Mercury migrates into Taurus, helping you make smart moves on your quest for success throughout the coming weeks. This planetary placement also brings authority and refinement to your voice, so be sure to speak up when necessary. The energy shifts midafternoon when Luna enters Virgo and aspects Mercury, giving you a chance to draw lines and ground.


Our cosmic messenger planet, mental Mercury, is packing his bags and heading into new corners of the sky, Leo. He is now transiting your solar tenth house of achievement, and you most certainly will start to feel his energies while spinning here. This will turn your attention now and in the weeks ahead to your legacies in love—and with so much attention upon your career, you may notice that your focus is being pulled away from matters of the heart. This could start to make your relationship or dating life feel a bit stale, so make sure you’re always cultivating romance.

Dating: Get out there and mix it up with people. They really want to see what you have. If you have a date tonight, it should go really well, and if you don't, you're in a good position to get one!


You will be the talk of the town, Leo! Once Mercury enters Taurus today, you will be all anyone can talk about. You may thrive in this kind of spotlight since you like to attract attention wherever you go. Since you will be all the rage, your colleagues may speak about your professionalism, connections, accomplishments, and more. Anything can and will come up in conversation. As a result, there might be times when you are not so fond of the narrative. But you can regain control of the narrative, so make that work for you and your career path. 

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