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Thursday - January 28, 2021


The modest kitten deep down inside of you has been slowly turning into a very proud lion over the past few months, and you're becoming more and more aware of your power. Today, you'll have a wonderful opportunity to flex your muscles and surprise one or two people who think they already know all about you and what you'll do next. The element of surprise is a powerful force, and it will help you make an indelible impression on some intimidating people.


Flirt: You're way out on the cutting edge today -- in terms of fashion, music, art or politics. People may have a hard time keeping up with you -- but not because they don't care. Lead the way to greatness.

Singles: Before you start something new, make sure you've tied up all the loose ends from your past. You don't need to sever all ties. Just make sure you don't have anything left unfinished.

Couples: Getting started is no problem today. You and your partner start a dozen conversations, household projects, and plans. Finding the wherewithal to finish them, however, is another matter entirely.


Oddly, relationship issues are affecting your finances in more than the obvious ways. Sure, spending on someone you love is in the equation, but it's deeper than that. Your view of yourself as a provider is being slowly erased. Look carefully at this while you can.


Recent successes are weighing a little too heavily on you. Try not to coast on them. You need to fire up that creative engine again and see what comes out. Future success depends on innovation.


You have something to tell your parents (or siblings or maybe a good friend), and you're incredibly direct. It's one of those days when you don't have to worry so much about stepping on toes.

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