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Thursday - March 07, 2024


The Aquarius moon and Jupiter align this afternoon, dear Leo, putting you in the mood to connect in meaningful ways. However, you should avoid lowering guards or pushing boundaries too quickly, especially when establishing trust in new relationships. Frustrations will brew if you feel shut out, and you may be called to make important judgments about your ability to grow with someone. The stars rally to lift your spirits when the Nodes of Fate stir tonight, helping you see beauty in the journey ahead. Passions flow later tonight when Luna and Mars unite, heating up matters of the heart.


Get ready for fast-paced, adrenaline-filled energy over the many days ahead, Leo. You like to live loudly, boldly, and energetically. You thrive when you’re living life to the fullest. As the mighty sun, your planetary ruler, links in a gorgeous sextile with electric Uranus, the planet of spontaneity and surprise, you’ll be eager to step out and about and let the excitement of the universe lead you on a whole new adventure. Don’t stay inside—put yourself out there! Plan something special that is daring, unique, or eccentric, and you’ll certainly find yourself making vivid memories that last a lifetime.

Dating: You can easily read people's reactions, so interact with those who are into it. Figure out some way to get creative and messy. You have lots of energy to expend today, so you'd better get busy!


No matter what, you will advance in your career path, Leo. You should trust your feelings when the moon in Aquarius will square Jupiter in Taurus. Some of your professional commitments, contracts, or partnerships might come to mind during this square. Instead of hiding how you feel, it could be worthwhile to explore why your intuition is pinging about certain working relationships or commitments. If you trust your inner voice, this could help you adjust accordingly so that your arrangements help you become more successful and well-known in your career path.

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