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Monday - October 19, 2020


Working in tandem with a new associate or friend could yield some entertaining rewards, so don't be shy about starting a new group project today! Roll up your sleeves and get ready to get going as soon as you hear about something that sounds interesting. You and this other person could make a very good combination because you balance each other out and challenge each other not to think in the same old ways you're used to thinking.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: You should meet someone new today, or possibly see someone you know well in a new light. That person has plenty to say, so listen up and make sure you're open to about anything.

Singles: The person who makes you laugh until your stomach hurts might just be the person for you. A sense of humor is one of the most valuable gifts a person can bring to a relationship. Give 'em a chance.

Couples: Everyone needs time alone, even your partner. Don't be stressed if they want some time solo. If you act upset, you'll appear needy. It's not personal.

Finance Horoscope

What would you do if you were pulled over for speeding? Would you act arrogant and above the law? If you think that just might double your fines, then use the same logic to figure out the right response to the situation you're in today.

Business Horoscope

"Wishy-washy" doesn't belong on your resume. It only makes co-workers treat you like a doormat. Make up your mind and stick to whatever it is you committed to next week even if you are unsure.

Teen Horoscope

You're busy cramming your brain with new information, and while your social energy is crackling, if your people aren't into whatever you're doing, you're just as happy to let them wander.

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