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Thursday - May 16, 2024


Emotions could feel raw under the Leo quarter moon, dearest Aquarius, making it important to be gracious within yourself and your loved ones. Your nurturing instincts take over once Jupiter stirs, but be mindful to tend to your own needs in addition to those around you. The energy shifts once Mercury migrates into Taurus, putting you in the mood for more time at home amongst your nearest and dearest throughout the coming weeks. This planetary placement could also trigger nostalgia and the need to unpack childhood experiences. Consider investing in your space with a bit of cleaning later today when the moon enters Virgo and aspects Mercury.


Our cosmic messenger, mental Mercury, is moving right along, Aquarius. He is turning a corner and entering into your solar fourth house of home, family, and domesticity, which will likely have you deeply focused on these matters. For couples with kids and who live together, this is a great time to have meaningful conversations. If you've been dating your sweetheart for a while but haven't introduced them to your family, this would also be a great period to do so, as they'll have engaging dialogues that create a formation of trust. This would make you feel proud of the fact that everyone is aligned and on the same page.  

Dating: Your big brain is even more powerful than usual today, so make someone smile, or just take the time to figure out that problem you thought was impossible a few days ago.


It might be time to think about your work history, Aquarius. Your professional past will come to mind once Mercury enters Taurus today. Ideally, you may want to detach and forget that some things ever happened. But the Mercurial energy will encourage you to reflect on these instances instead. You might be more mindful of past negative experiences in old jobs or with old connections. You could also reconnect with a former idea, passion, or desire you could pursue once again. Take time to reflect on your work history and learn from it.

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