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Monday - May 16, 2022


You could awaken to a full inbox today, dear Aquarius, as the Sagittarius moon connects with expansive Jupiter, bringing a rush of activity to your social life. These vibes are also perfect for gaining some traction within your social media following, so be sure to post something meaningful before work in order to expand your audience. Unfortunately, the vibe could get a bit wonky by mid-morning due to a harsh opposition between Luna and Mercury. Try not to second-guess yourself right now, and be sure to take a break from your electronic devices for a few hours.


The show must go on, Aquarius. This would probably make more sense when you're not coming down from a total lunar eclipse, but you got this. Single? Upon the moon's shift into worldly Sagittarius and your eleventh house of associations, community affairs, and individual freedom, Luna will make a direct opposition to Mercury retrograde in Gemini via your romantic fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure. Blast from the past? Check your direct messages and social media notifications. A past love interest, high school crush — or worse, a toxic situationship could suddenly come back around for a second look. The real question is: closure or redo?

Dating: You may think you're looking at a great deal, but you should still shop around before settling on a decision. Plenty of information has yet to be uncovered. Start researching. It will help guide you.


How do you feel about your career, Aquarius? You could be struggling with your sense of authority, especially the power you have to transform your career path during the full moon total lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Luna is bringing up your control issues regarding your career. You could be experiencing problems when working with authoritative figures who question your power and how your career is shaped. As the energy builds, use this lunar event’s momentum to make unexpected yet fated changes in your career. You have the power to do what you please!  

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