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Thursday - May 13, 2021


Monday’s skies help you reconnect with the things in life that bring you joy, Aquarius. The moon glides into playful Gemini and merges with sweet Venus, creating a light and romantic atmosphere to indulge in. This is an ideal energy for either a date night, a creative project, or just unwinding. Mercury’s supportive connection with your ruler, Saturn, allows for clear communication about future commitments.


The moon joins Mercury and Venus via your pleasure-seeking fifth house of romance, infatuation, passion, and self-expression, illuminating everything—from your heart's musings to your desires for affection. Single? Today's trine between curious Mercury in your flirtatious fifth house of love, and taskmaster Saturn in your sign, will empower you with the discipline, dedication, and perseverance to move forward. Aquarius, if you're entertaining the thought of openly communicating with your lover, and perhaps being honest about your romantic feelings, don't hesitate to do so. Granted, Mars will be at odds with the wounded healer, Chiron, but there's no need to second-guess your desires. The only way out is through.

Dating: Your amazing energy is directed outward today, and you should be able to mix it up with the right people in some awesome new ways. Just keep your eyes focused on the future if you can!


Water-bearer, this is your time to show the world what you are truly capable of! As the most unique sign of the zodiac, you may have not told others your “out there” ideas. Now, you are feeling motivated to share and express yourself with others. The innovative Aquarius moon is forming an exact connection with expansive Jupiter in your ninth house of higher vision and wisdom. Others are looking for your expertise at this time, and you can feel confident in what you have to offer.

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