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Friday - September 15, 2023


Try not to let romantic issues hinder your joy today, dear Aquarius, as the Leo moon squares off with Jupiter. Heightened sensitivities and inflated egos could lead to conflict under this cosmic climate, especially within matters of the heart. Luckily, you'll have a chance for reconciliation and harmony as evening rolls in and Luna aligns with Venus retrograde. Good vibes continue to flow when Chiron is activated later tonight, putting you in a thoughtful and loving mood that's perfect for flirting or practicing self-care. However, tension could brew when the sun and Uranus align, so be sure to keep tabs on your mood. 


When it comes to astrology, the planets and luminaries are the most "famous" celestial objects to watch in regard to trends here on Earth, Aquarius. However, the asteroids also bring impactful information for us to watch. Juno, named after the wife of the ancient god Jupiter, is an asteroid tied to loyalty and devotion. The zodiac sign that she spins within colors her flair and energy. Now, as she soars into Leo, she will embody the powers of the Lion and encourage dynamic relationships that support our pride, passion, and power. Channel this energy, regardless if single or attached.

Dating: Try not to get dragged into anything superficial. You have big ideas to think about, and you should take all the time you need with them. Distractions are welcome on other days, of course.


What do you want to prioritize, Aquarius? Try as you may; there might be an unexpected twist throughout your workday when the sun in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus today. You are a loyal, dedicated coworker and person. However, you may need to pivot from work matters to personal issues in your home or with your family during this square. It might come in the form of unexpected news or even someone showing up at your workplace unannounced. Whatever the case, try your best to maintain your control by making the most of your situation.

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