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Wednesday - September 30, 2020


You've been working your fanny off to try to meet a goal, and it might feel like no one has noticed your struggle at all. But before you hop on the self-pity express, stop and think about it. The reason that no one is reaching out to give you a helping hand is probably because they have faith that you can handle it on your own! Don't assume that people are abandoning you or overlooking your efforts. Keep your head down and don't worry about who is or isn't paying attention.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: Try not to project too far into the future -- your feelings right now are going through changes that could come around as soon as tomorrow, and you may want something entirely different then!

Singles: You have to work on this belief that needing someone is a sign of weakness. If everyone were self-sufficient, this world would a much lonelier place. Reach out to someone special.

Couples: Help is needed! It's on its way—if you can get it together enough to ask your partner for it. The stars urge you to do so. Your partner can provide some balance and a badly needed reality check.

Finance Horoscope

A business deal tomorrow requires your attention today. Are you Wimpy's doppelganger or his opposite? That depends on how quickly you devour the details.

Business Horoscope

Being unaware of how you appear to others is a handicap. Take a good look in the mirror. In this case, you're reflected in the reactions of your co-workers, so take note.

Teen Horoscope

Life is pretty crazy right now, but you just need a little time to yourself to figure it all out. Time is on your side, but you should still get a few more people to support you.

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