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Wednesday - March 03, 2021


Your mind is likely to feel a bit stormy under Tuesday’s skies, Aquarius. The equilibrium-seeking Libra moon gets ensnared by a difficult aspect with wound-healing Pluto this afternoon, prompting you to explore some important but treacherous areas of your psyche. Thankfully, Luna leaps into pointed Scorpio this evening, helping clear your mind and refocus your energy on career matters.


Today's moon is illuminating your exotic ninth house of adventure, experience, and unknown territory—shifting your focus towards excitement, enthusiasm, and thrill for all things carpe diem. And whether you're single or taken, this lunar transit is enough to validate your sudden case of wanderlust, or perhaps the spontaneous attraction you're feeling for your new squeeze. Want to know the truth, Aquarius? Chances are this potential prospect is hardly your type, but that's precisely what makes it so intriguing. This is especially true with the goddess of love dazzling your second house of values, let alone through a sign that's symbolic of universal love. Indulge in the divinity.

Dating: Expect serious excitement at whatever celebration you find yourself at today -- you might be at the center of something big. It's a great night to take things to a new level with your date.


Water-bearer, this is an auspicious time for you in terms of your abundance and money. The key is for you to own who you are in order to reap the cosmic benefits. Start sharing your unique and different ideas, even if you think they will ruffle feathers at work. It’s the innovative ideas that push forward humanity. And as the most forward-thinking sign of the zodiac, it’s your natural talent. Your ideas are valuable!

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