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Wednesday - July 28, 2021


You’ve been center stage in the cosmic spotlight for some time, Aquarius. Wednesday’s skies turn the tides and push you into a new phase of expansion, as Jupiter retrogrades out of Pisces and dips back into your sign. Jupiter’s enlarging presence in your sign works to help you shore up your confidence and embrace new forms of identity, independence, and self-expression through the end of the year.


There's nothing wrong with being willing to compromise for the one you love—unless you sell yourself short while doing so, Aquarius. This is especially significant to consider during this time, as the moon will touch down on your stability-seeking second house of values. The moon will collide with Neptune, and sextile smoldering Pluto via your twelfth house of secrets, hidden agendas, and unconscious patterns in the process. Have you been sacrificing your personal needs and/or values in order to pleasure a significant other? It's important to use discernment without being biased. Don't second guess your worth or your strength.

Dating: Someone close to you needs to talk, and it's pretty important to them. Hear them out, and make sure they know how you feel, but don't get all process-oriented and clingy. That will just drive them away.


Our fastest moving planet in the sky, Mercury, trades zodiac signs yet again today, Aquarius. As he ignites your solar seventh house of business partnerships, you’ll see a flurry of activity with your professional associates, collaborators, clients, and teammates. With our cosmic messenger aiding you here, you’ll more easily come to agreements in any long-term planning or negotiations. Communication should be harmonious between you and your visions will likely be aligned. If you are in the process of pitching your ideas to anyone, use your passion to inspire them and fill their heads with your grandest thoughts. You’ll have a profound effect on everyone at this time.

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