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Friday - January 20, 2023


Prepare yourself for an influx of attention and adoration throughout the coming weeks, dear Aquarius, as the sun creeps into your sign early this morning. The universe will have your back in the midst of your solar return, so be sure to call on your higher power whenever you could use some support. Moments of enlightenment can help you break unhealthy patterns and heal from the past later this evening, thanks to a sweet exchange between the Capricorn moon and revolutionary Uranus. Good vibes will continue to flow as the day comes to a close, bringing a dreamy energy to your surroundings. 


Get ready to erupt like a supernova, Aquarius. Birthday season has arrived! As the sun sizzles into your zodiac sign, you’re going to be invigorated with dynamite and pure, potent energy. This period of the year is the most important one to start new initiatives and align with others. Map out how you’d like to build your personal and romantic life and put yourself out there! As the sun soars past your birthday, this is called your solar return and is the most significant moment to lay seeds, launch plans, and put yourself first. Go for it!

Dating: You're still feeling a buzz of excitement over recent events, and you should be able to cement some big change so it's locked in for the foreseeable future. Look ahead to the next big movement!


This is your time to shine, Aquarius! Now that the sun is in your sign, you will be unstoppable. Your season is the perfect time to own who you are as a professional without fear of judgment or criticism. Being authentic is your top priority during this astrological period. Letting your freak flag fly will allow you to feel professionally unrestricted, which might be just what you need to stand out in any professional setting. Even if you feel a little nervous to be 100% you, just know that you will attract the right opportunities and professionals. 

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