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Tuesday - January 19, 2021


The folks you've been associating with for months now will be only too happy to back you up, no matter what you need or when you need it. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to agree to let them help you. Your part is to swallow your pride. You can do it. And think of how good they'll feel about themselves after they realize you've actually let someone help you for a change.


Flirt: You need your freedom in the worst way. That could mean it's time to quit your job, walk out of that apartment, or break up with Mr. or Ms. Not-Quite-Right. Whatever it is, do it soon.

Singles: Sometimes people look at you like they think you're crazy, and sometimes they're right. But now they're looking at you like you're some kind of Einstein. They're right, though you're a lot hotter!

Couples: Your relationship isn't going to flourish all by itself. Right now it might take some extra discipline to focus on your feelings and promote the growth of your bond, but it's absolutely worth it.


Nip personal issues in the bud, just as you would financial issues. Why act above it all when it's clear you care very much? The price tag for being aloof is simply way too high.


Your colleagues may waste their time accomplishing nothing all day, and it shouldn't affect you, but it does. Something subliminal is seeping into your way of doing things. Make an effort to block it out.


You can tell that it's a big day, though you can't see exactly how or why. Don't worry about that too much -- it's really all you need to know. One of these days, you're going to look back on today with awe.

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