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Sunday - October 02, 2022


Try not to fret if you've backslid within your personal goals recently, dear Aquarius, as the tides will begin to turn in your favor once more as Mercury ends its retrograde journey this morning. This planetary shift will allow you to recommit to any goals you've set around personal transformation, giving you an opportunity to release any mental or behavioral patterns that haven't been serving your agenda. Meanwhile, the moon takes its first steps through Capricorn, putting you in a guarded and solitary mood throughout the next two days, as the stars ask you to take stock of your heart and mind.   


Table any big discussions you’d had planned for today for another time, Aquarius. In fact, you should wait until nearly the end of this week. This is because, in the days that surround mental Mercury’s shift in direction, smokescreens are cast up into the air in every single direction. As logical, intellectual, and aware you so often can be, with our cosmic messenger frozen in the sky, even you aren’t going to be thinking—or seeing—correctly. Let the strange vibes pass, and just as the sun breaks past storm clouds, so, too, will your ability to communicate and connect.

Dating: You're so full of great energy that even your pranks are making people think. It's a great time to see whether people are ready to make those changes you've been fighting for all year long.


Mercury retrograde may have caused some issues throughout the last few weeks, Aquarius. You may have seen some control issues come up, professional entanglements, issues with shared assets, and debts that could impact your professional journey. Although jarring, these issues come to a close as Mercury stations direct in Virgo today. As you move forward, use direct Mercury to plan accordingly. Figure out the pertinent details of your investments or resources to alleviate any debt. You could even use direct Mercury to work through your entanglements to streamline your professional bonds as well!

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