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Friday - January 20, 2023


The universe will ask you to adjust your habits in the coming weeks, dear Virgo, as the sun enters Aquarius and your solar sixth house. This luminary placement is an unpredictable one, and changes to your lifestyle or work situation may require you to alter your routines. An abundance of support from beyond the veil will find you this evening when the Capricorn moon aligns with Uranus, strengthening your bond with the other side. Work with these auspicious vibes by practicing meditation or candle magick, as the universe will be eager to guide and assist your journey moving forward.   


The wheel of life turns ever on, Virgo. Today, you will welcome Aquarius season as the sun turns a corner and prances happily into the zodiac sign symbolized by the Waterbearer. In the month ahead, the pace of life will quicken, as people are more inspired to unite with others in communities. This is an excellent period to join a group that you have a common interest around. Enlist a matchmaker to search their pool of prospective suitors if you’re single and ready to mingle! You’ll be ecstatic that you’re putting yourself out there.

Dating: You're still feeling intellectually playful, and you should find a few new options for getting things done to your satisfaction. Talk a friend or two into joining you in the new scheme.


You are about to be a busy bee, Virgo! The sun will enter Aquarius today, which will kick off a work-focused astrological period. Throughout Aquarius season, you might become over-invested in your job. Every opportunity will seem tantalizing since you will want to jump on every task, responsibility, and more to stand out. You can even use Aquarius season to focus on sustaining a unique schedule or routine that compliments your unconventional habits to sustain your productivity. Get comfortable with doing things your way at work throughout this astrological period.

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