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Wednesday - November 25, 2020


Do you have blinders on when it comes to a certain person? Making them who you want them to be in your head is a good way to retain positive feelings about them, but are you fooling yourself? Try to be more open-minded about who they really are and you'll see the entire person, not just the idealized being you've created. This will be a good experience, not a disappointing one. Seeing all sides of a person may be a rude awakening from a dream state, but you have to wake up sometime.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: You have to slow down -- there's way too much going on right now! It's a good day to say no to some activity you've been on the fence about for a while. People should understand.

Singles: Before you say no to that suitor who seems beneath you, consider what's going on down deep inside them. There may be quite a bit to love! You could miss a real gem in the rough.

Couples: You can be remarkably productive right now, and it can leave you feeling fantastic. Plan to cap the day with some serious R and R with your fabulous someone.

Finance Horoscope

Money has you burned out. Every discussion doesn't have to be about what has true value in life. Just shooting the breeze can be worth more than gold. Your first task of the day is finding someone who has a talent for simply hanging out.

Business Horoscope

Circumstances point to a good day. You'll have no trouble digging in and getting to work. Don't make split-second decisions.

Teen Horoscope

Your schedule is way too busy right now, and you can't imagine how it got that way. Now is a good time for you to chill out and try to push some things off for another day (or flush them entirely).

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