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Wednesday - July 28, 2021


Virgo folk are ruled by the sharp-minded planet, Mercury. Tuesday’s skies find Mercury on the move, as it prowls into self-centered Leo, where it’ll remain until August 11. This transition increases your need for solitude and peace of mind, which is what you should seek to cultivate in the coming weeks. You may find it harder to express yourself with clarity, as this phase works to immerse you in a deep emotional self-awareness.


Have faith in the love you crave, but don't sell yourself short either, Virgo. In addition to the moon lingering over your committed seventh house of significant others and one-on-one connections, it will join forces with dreamy Neptune in the process. Have you been over-sacrificing yourself for someone else? You're naturally compassionate and empathic towards others but, by that same token, it's easy to mistake your kindness for weakness. Luna will be in harmony with smoldering Pluto via your romantic fifth house of love, affection, and pleasure. This, in turn, encourages you to pursue your special someone with passion. Follow your heart.

Dating: You're probably pretty well organized, but now you're feeling a little cluttered. Spend some time tidying and making sure that everything is all ready for action.


Your planetary ruler, Mercury, moves into a new sphere today, Virgo. As he ventures into your solar twelfth house of development, you’ll begin to work behind the scenes on formulating your most important business plans for the year ahead. You could begin tackling a communications-related endeavor that you need time to brainstorm and outline but aren’t ready to debut before others. This energy could help you drum up some of your most creative and unique professional ideas yet. As this same sector also highlights the unconscious, ideas could be downloading out of nowhere or may even be revealed through dreams.

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