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Thursday - September 14, 2023


Take a few moments to stretch, savor your coffee, or prepare a decadent breakfast this morning, dear Virgo, as the Libra moon nudges you toward luxury. Psychic prophecies and signs from the universe could manifest this afternoon. However, an unbalanced aspect between Luna and Mercury could cause you to feel overwhelmed by such synchronicities, making it important to stay grounded. The idea of change may feel daunting this evening when Luna faces off with Chiron. Giving yourself permission to move slowly yet methodically will help to alleviate any unnecessary pressure you may have placed on yourself recently. 


The stars shimmer effervescently today, Virgo. As the moon dances through the sky, she visits all zodiac signs throughout her lunar cycle. Today, as she transits Libra, you’ll be feeling eager to surround yourself with beautiful aesthetics, pleasant scents, and peace. With her visiting your solar second house, you could even consider indulging in the purchase of some sweet gifts for you, your home, or your sweetheart. Anything and everything related to sensuality and beauty is favored at this time, so use Luna’s light and energy to build the life of your dreams. She will encourage you to embrace the artistic side of your heart.

Dating: You're trying to get a million things done, but you can only finish a few thousand. That might be frustrating, but consider that most people can barely break double digits in a single day.


What do you value, Virgo? It might be time to listen to your heart to feel a little more self-assured with your career path as the moon in Libra trines the sun in Gemini. The trine might illuminate a new way of thinking and feeling about your career path. Since you may feel more inclined to pursue harmony, peace, and balance, this could greatly affect what you choose to focus on in your career. But this is not a decisive transit, so consider this more like a test run to see what is aligned with your career and values.

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