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Sunday - October 02, 2022


Any fears or anxieties that you've been struggling with recently will begin to work themselves out today, dear Libra, as Mercury ends its retrograde motion. However, this wonky energy won't completely dissipate until October 16. However, showing patience and compassion for yourself can help you weather these stormy vibes, as long as you embrace solitude when needed. Luckily, a stabilizing energy from the Capricorn moon will bring strength to your heart, helping you practice resilience amongst any emotional upheaval you may be conceding with. Take some time to reconnect with what's in your heart later tonight, processing any feelings you've been running from.


You’re going to feel like a train that’s lost momentum and screeched to a very soft and slow halt today, Libra. This is because mental Mercury, our cosmic messenger planet of the mind and communication, is now frozen in the sky. This period of the phase is known as the Mercury retrograde storm and always occurs the day the retrograde begins and ends. Just like that train, you’ll need some time to get your steam and coal fueling you up once again, as you pick up speed to carry on to the next great horizons. Don’t stress about the confusion now. Try to unplug and lie low.

Dating: Something really clicks between you and someone new. And while it may feel kind of heady and cerebral at first, it could heat up in a big way soon. Keep playing along and see what happens.


Calm your mind, Libra. Getting through work may have been tough over the last few weeks, thanks to Mercury retrograde. You may have felt more critical and negative than usual, perhaps even viewing yourself in a pessimistic light. As of today, Mercury retrograde is coming to an end as the cosmic messenger stations direct in Virgo. Now direct, Mercury in Virgo can help you let go of your inner judgment by focusing on a more realistic subconscious approach. You can work on your emotional appraisal during this post-shadow period to have a better attitude about yourself and your work.

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