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Thursday - September 14, 2023


The Virgo moon faces off with Saturn early this morning, dear Libra, threatening to disrupt what may otherwise be pleasant dreams. Try not to read into any strange or unsettling encounters you had while snoozing, as your brain looks for opportunities to work through personal fears. You may not feel very social as the hours continue to pass, inspiring you to embrace solitude. Consider reflecting on the past when Luna and Mercury retrograde align later today, as doing so will provide an opportunity to better understand yourself and the events that shaped and strengthened your spirit. 


Turn your cosmic binoculars up to the heavens, Libra! The upcoming weeks will have sweet new energy. You will likely notice a subtle shift taking hold that will continue to echo forth. Vesta, an asteroid in the far depths of our solar system, has paraded onward onto the damp beaches of Cancer as of today. Vesta was named after the Roman goddess of the hearth and the home and also holds ties to sacred sexuality due to the ancient priestesses and muses who used to worship her in temples in olden times. As Vesta channels Cancer energy, you’ll be more eager to embrace your emotional inner desires and needs.

Dating: You need to deal with a date-related situation. You forgot to check your calendar and now you're double-booked. What to do? Go for personality over looks.


Try to let go of your frustrations, Libra. You may have a mental adjustment today when the moon in Virgo opposes Saturn retrograde in Pisces and conjuncts Mercury retrograde in Virgo. Work can be a lot to handle, especially if you have frustrating interactions with coworkers or clients. Today may not be any exception, but you will have the chance to think about how you want to respond. You could either have a breakdown or a breakthrough. Focus on utilizing positive coping mechanisms to get through your stressors and avoid more trouble.

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