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Wednesday - May 15, 2024


An invigorating energy flows through your community this morning, dearest Libra, as the Leo moon aligns with the Nodes of Fate. This cosmic climate is perfect for reflecting on how you can make a mark on society, taking action that will gain you praise and positive attention. New faces may also present themselves, while opportunities for love could also emerge. Just be mindful to protect yourself this evening when Venus becomes agitated, especially if you sense yourself falling too quickly or entering an obsessive state. Consider practicing self-care as you zone out in front of the TV with some gentle stretching or a foot massage once Chiron activates later tonight.


While the luminaries and planets hold the most famous and significant dominion over our lives, the asteroids also provide subtle but important influences, too, Libra. This is because they have more nuanced representation and areas that they oversee. Ceres, named for the Roman goddess of agriculture, is an important asteroid that reveals insight into how we pursue the building up of abundance and take care of ourselves. When Ceres is direct, we may be less conscious about these patterns as we go about our days. However, Ceres will now station retrograde upon the icy slopes of Capricorn. The key now is to understand how you take a disciplined and focused approach to building your life and relationships.

Dating: It's just about a perfect day for you! You feel as if all your energy is in balance, and you're getting just about enough of everything you need. You could have fun doing whatever!


How do you feel about your professional connections, Libra? Focus on the working relationships that inspire you to go above and beyond when the moon in Leo trines Mars in Aries. The cosmic energy could very well boost your frustration and aggravation if you feel like a colleague is being overly competitive with you. However, cosmic energy could also encourage you to focus on your colleagues who encourage you to be strong and confident. By focusing on positive working relationships, you may feel more self-assured and supported in your work life. 

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