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Saturday - October 16, 2021


Saturday’s cosmic landscape encourages you to tap back into your body, Libra. The moon glides through visionary Pisces, turning your attention towards any walled-off feelings existing around your work/life balance. Aim to cultivate a better sense of equilibrium in any places that may have fallen into a state of imbalance—physically or emotionally. Luna’s square with Venus later on may prompt emotionally-charged relationship conversations.


Libra, you're focusing on self-care and your due diligence. Whether you're currently single or already in a romantic connection, today's tricky square between the moon and your luscious planetary ruler, Venus, could create friction between your to-do list and the desire to partake in flirty exchanges. What to do? What to do? While there's nothing wrong with keeping to yourself, your lover could be seeking more of your time and attention, which is where Venus' trine to the wounded healer, Chiron, comes in. Have you been overextending yourself as of late? Whatever the case may be, don't be afraid to set the necessary boundaries.

Dating: Your laid-back manner has somehow translated into killer charm, whether or not you intend to put it to use. You might be surprised to find that being easygoing is pretty sexy -- at least it is today.


Something said can get you a long way, Libra! As Mercury retrograde sextiles Venus today, you may have some luck presenting your perspective to your colleagues. If you want to own something or present a particular way, then today’s sextile is perfect! It almost alleviates any stress for Mercury retrograde, but not quite. The retrograde still asks you to consider how you want to approach the conversation and what you want to say, but the sextile can help you hold dialogue with colleagues.

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