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Wednesday - September 30, 2020


Do you feel like there are too many limits being put on you right now? Take a moment today to ask yourself if those limits are self-imposed! Are you making excuses not to move forward? This is a tough question to ask yourself, but you owe it to yourself to be honest about the answer. Add a little more ambition to your attitude! Push yourself harder, and you will push other people harder. Then, those walls of limitation will come tumbling down. You'll see.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: It's a long, slow day, and you might fall into boredom long before you want to. There's not much to do about it, though if you can take a deep breath, you may be able to focus on other stuff.

Singles: An old flame could call with a surprising offer. They know just the perfect person for you. Should you take them up on it? Why not? Talk with this prospect. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Couples: Even someone as balanced as you can feel a little frustrated or blue now and then. Enlist your partner's aid for a little cheering up, or ask them to leave you alone for a bit. Do whichever feels right.

Finance Horoscope

You can either spend the day with friends or spend the day doing nothing at all. With the friends you have, either option is within your budget. Having a hard time deciding? Listen to the nagging voice in your head.

Business Horoscope

The lure of music or art is too strong to resist. Your mind won't be on work, even if you stay at your desk, so indulge your private interests during your next break.

Teen Horoscope

Today is all about your people -- and they should be on the lookout for you, too! Make sure you're available for long chats, phone calls and any other requests that come your way soon.

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