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Friday - May 17, 2024


Choose the shadows over the limelight as the moon continues its journey through Virgo, dearest Libra, nudging you to go within. Notice if you start picking yourself or loved ones apart later today when Luna and Mars form an unbalanced connection, which could trigger a pessimistic or overly demanding disposition. It will be difficult to clear the slate if drama does arise when the North Node finds rocky cosmic roads, so be sure to think twice before speaking if tension emerges. Meanwhile, Mercury and Pluto build up to a harsh square, heightening egos while opening doors to power struggles.


Rocky energy lingers amidst the clouds today and tomorrow, Libra. It would be best to keep your wits about you and not get tempted into any drama. As mental Mercury, the planet of the mind, soars through your solar second eighth house of wealth, he’ll clash in a square with Pluto, now causing havoc in your solar fifth house of passion and romance. This guarantees there could be a sharp conflict between you and a lover around money, wealth, or possessions. If things haven't been aligned for a while, you may even be fighting over who is bringing what to the table. Don't engage in this petty warfare.

Dating: Is it time for a love connection? It could be if you're game, but don't feel obligated. If you already have what you need or don't feel like playing yet, more opportunities will be coming your way soon.


It is time to invest in your future, Libra. There is a heavy emphasis on financial security due to the Taurus stellium. Since several planets are in Taurus, this might encourage you to take your finances seriously. It might be stressful to do a self-audit. But it could give you a much-needed perspective on what you may need to adjust or change. With a few changes, you could even realize that some of your goals are more than feasible. Take your time going through your finances so that you can create long-lasting security and stability. 

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