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Tuesday - June 28, 2022


The moon enters Cancer today, bringing a sensitive energy to the table while amplifying emotions within yourself and the people around you. Though mood swings aren't uncommon under this lunar placement, staying focused on your professional ambitions will be quite grounding and therapeutic. Meanwhile, a sweet connection between Venus and Jupiter will bring a flood of auspicious energy to your love life, paving the way for deep bonds and soulmate connections. If you're single and on the hunt for love, look for ways to break out of your shell, as you could meet someone special. The new moon tonight will ask you to outline your career goals for the next six months. 


You're being called to go within and take the lead both in your personal and professional life, Libra. This is especially true when considering today's new moon in Cancer, bringing fertility and new beginnings to your bossy tenth house of authority, career, and public persona. However, in the midst of leaning on your superiors and looking at things from a traditional standpoint, your celestial ruler, Venus, will harmonize with lucky Jupiter in your relationship sector. Single or taken, you're likely approaching a romantic interest in a whole new way, and this is precisely what the cosmos is urging you to do. Open your mind, and consider the bigger picture.

Dating: It's a really good time to focus your energy on other people, especially on a date or other intense connection. If you're involved romantically, take things deeper if you're up for it.


Time to take care of your career path, Libra, now that the new moon in Cancer begins an emotionally moving cycle. Over the next six months, you ought to nurture your professional legacy. Becoming attuned to your desired reputation and believing in your success will help you become emotionally invested in taking the lead in your career. As this professional lunar cycle unfolds, Neptune also stations retrograde in Pisces. From now until the end of the year, Neptune retrograde is shining a light on the truth behind your job. Lack of boundaries and escapist tendencies at work will come up!

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