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Tuesday - June 28, 2022


Connecting with your body can help you sort through and process your deepest emotions today, dear Taurus, as Venus and Jupiter share a sweet aspect in the sky. Use this energy as an excuse to indulge in an extra-long stretching session, releasing your woes with every inhale and exhale. This evening, you’ll feel a buzz in the atmosphere when the Cancer new moon manifests, elevating your emotional intelligence. This is a great time to discuss any issues that have been plaguing your closest relationships, as the universe gives you an opportunity to start fresh while rebuilding respect and trust. 


If you've been secretly saving some cash for a romantic getaway for two or pondering your next steps in a romantic situation, today's new moon in Cancer will present you with the comfort, emotional stamina, and intuitive wisdom needed to move forward with confidence and clarity. Taurus, your celestial ruler, Venus, will also harmonize with lucky Jupiter, adding to the fiery momentum and positive buzz surrounding your new journey. The catch, however, will likely stem from the sun's square to expansive Jupiter, as you are being called to venture outside of your comfort zone in the process.

Dating: Throw away your standard social tools and try to really connect with everyone you meet today. You have nothing to lose, and for now you're in a really good space to get real.


How can you better communicate with others, Taurus? It might be time to be more vulnerable and emotionally perceptive in your professional interactions over the next six months as the new moon in Cancer begins a new cycle in communication. Your intuition will also play a part in how you communicate with coworkers! As the lunar cycle unfolds, so does Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Now retrograde, Neptune slowly but surely unveils who your true friends are in your line of work. Pay attention to how others treat you, especially while networking or discussing your aspirations. 

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