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Saturday - October 16, 2021


You can’t seem to avoid the social spotlight under Saturday’s skies, Taurus. The universe is encouraging you to get out and connect with your community of people today as the moon drifts through soulful Pisces. The low-key atmosphere makes it easy to enjoy yourself, but Luna’s square with lover Venus may lightly stoke emotional tensions on the relationship front.


It's time to make a decision, Taurus. A square between your coquettish planetary ruler, Venus—via your intimate eighth house of mergers, sexual chemistry, and soulmate connections—and the moon—via your eleventh house of associations, community, and sense of belonging in the world—is challenging you to discern between your innate longing for emotional closeness and the desire to explore your horizons and embrace your freedom. The moon will also be in harmony with rebellious Uranus in your sign, so your impromptu decision may even catch you off guard, as strange as this sounds. Let your inner compass be your guide during this time.

Dating: You're not prone to taking risks in any aspect of your life, and that goes for words -- you tend to choose them carefully. That's the practical thing to do, after all. Today, though, just cut loose and count on subconscious inspiration to guide your speech.


Even if you do not have work today, you can still see how much your work life has changed thanks to your recent efforts, Taurus. With Mercury retrograde sextile to Venus, there is a chance to reap your reward after your hard work. Maybe the reward is financial or even a conversation about an opportunity moving forward. Regardless of what it is, the sextile implies that your investment in your job will be fortuitous to some degree. If any opportunities or offers come about, only consider the ones that are the best investment and get all of the details.

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