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Thursday - January 21, 2021


Making a new friend isn't easy for you, especially now. You're feeling even more secretive lately, so if you do decide to let someone in on what you're feeling and how you've arrived at your decision, they'd better understand just how special that makes them. Then again, if they don't, would you have let them this close to start with?


Flirt: Your ability to get people talking -- even dire enemies -- is potent right now, so play the peacemaker and get folks to agree to disagree. It's way easier than you would have thought.

Singles: Your words create a bigger impact than you may realize. Pay careful attention to the tone and content of your messages. Try hard not to get too heavy around any romantic possibilities quite yet. Keep it all light.

Couples: Your partner may propose a radical change to the relationship or a move of some kind. You will naturally resist it. Although it may take a while, find a compromise. It will be worth the wait.


If you're not passionate about it, you have no use for it. Does that hold true for small dividends, too? A steady trickle needs your attention. What is it they say about slow and steady winning the race?


The battle of wills raging right now might last longer than usual, and if you can draw it out long enough you will force a positive compromise. You will find yourself resisting change that seems far too radical for the time.


Your great energy is perfect for heading out to an all-ages show or taking in a movie -- anything that you can talk about with friends afterward. It's a good day for exploring new cultural options.

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