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Saturday - September 16, 2023


A sweet energy will bring healing to your aura and your social sphere today, dear Gemini, as the Aquarius moon blows a kiss to Chiron. Lean into these vibes by showing support for yourself and others, choosing to approach the day with positivity and optimism. You'll have an opportunity to lower and erect guards around your heart as needed, thanks to a cosmic alliance between Venus and Saturn. This cosmic climate will also ask that you bring more discipline to your spiritual practices, as doing so will dramatically increase your manifestation skill and ability to receive guidance from beyond the veil. 


You may prefer solitude rather than interaction today, Gemini. The skies above are promising a wicked blizzard on a cosmic scale. Sweet Venus, the planetary ruler of romance and pleasure, will unite in an exact conjunction with icy Saturn, our Great Taskmaster, in the skies above. You’ll likely have ideas of how you want to expand your perspective and life’s plans, but others seem not to be supporting this. Sadness, isolation, and separation are all very likely now. Know that this is something about which you must turn within rather than connecting with others. They will not be supportive of your desire for adventure.

Dating: Apply some of that freaky energy to your job or long-term career goals. It may not be the most fun of your options, but you can actually get pretty far if you focus.


Keep moving forward, Gemini. Your professional journey is becoming more unique as you figure out what kind of structure or plan will work for your aspirations. Commit to following your authentic professional path when Venus in Aquarius conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius. Embracing this mindset might be easier than usual since you will be more open-minded about the value of following a niche path within your career given that Uranus will also station direct in Taurus. Between both transits, you may feel more liberated with your decisions to follow an unconventional path or atypical route in your career.

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