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Monday - April 12, 2021


You’re ready to take things to the next level, Gemini. Don’t hold back when it comes to pursuing your dreams! The new moon in fearless Aries arrives this evening, focusing your energy in the weeks ahead on developing new goals and accomplishing those that have been waiting in the wings. New developments around friendship and community are also likely to emerge.


Today's new moon will bring new beginnings to your platonic eleventh house of associations, community, individuality, and sense of belonging in the world. So, you're feeling like your old self again, Gemini. That said, despite whether you're single or already attached, you could be seeking more freedom than usual at this time, which may or may not sit well with a significant other. Lady Venus will also form a harmonious alignment with lucky Jupiter (a.k.a. the ruler of your committed seventh house of significant others)—bringing you an unexpected burst of abundance and enthusiasm. In other words, taking that leap of faith was a blessing in disguise.

Dating: Romance is fun and frilly today, though if you're seeing someone, they may be deeper in the hole than you are. You can still have fun, but try not to make any promises you can't keep.


Dear Twins, you could launch a new online venture or even reveal a new company rebrand. The go-getter energy of the new moon in Aries is activating your eleventh house of social networking today. You may have the opportunity to speak publicly or share your point of view with others on a wider scale. This platform is just what you’ve needed to show the world your true individuality! It’s your time to shine, Gemini.

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