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Friday - March 08, 2024


Don't be afraid to dream big when it comes to your career goals, dear Gemini, as Mercury and Neptune join forces overhead. This energy can unleash creative potential, helping you strategize logical ways to follow through on goals. The warm and fuzzies creep in as the Aquarius moon and Venus unite, helping you feel at peace. Now is also the ideal time to nurture your most treasured bonds, solidifying the unspoken sweetness that exists between you and your closest companions. You'll feel slightly less sentimental once the moon enters Pisces this evening, especially if your heart was open throughout much of the day.


It’s time to feel the magic increasing around you, Gemini. Your planetary ruler, our cosmic messenger Mercury, will unite with mysterious Neptune, the planet of compassion and spirituality. This ensures that you'll be feeling quite sensitive and downloading visions from the ether of the universe. Tap into your intuition when it comes to your romantic life as if asking the greater powers to reveal how you should proceed, or if there's anything specific, you should know. The universe could answer in dreams or metaphors. Listen to whatever comes through now.  

Dating: Sometimes your life is hidden and other times it's out there for public consumption. Your dreams are there for everyone to see, but don't worry. Someone you don't know yet will take notice.


You have an aura of mystery, Gemini. You might be surprised by what people are saying about your work ethic, career path, and more when Mercury in Pisces conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. The conjunction is hopeful yet elusive, dreamy yet confusing. So, this might be a challenging transit for others to see you clearly. You might hear conflicting opinions, comments, and more about you throughout the day. While this could make it harder for colleagues to see you clearly, you can also use this energy to your advantage. Keep your colleagues wondering!

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