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Saturday - October 23, 2021


It’s been imperative that you rediscover your sense of pleasure and joy this past month, Gemini. You’ve needed to explore your creative energy and immerse yourself in the magical world of romance to feel some levity. Now that you’ve dusted off your connection to what you love, it’s time to work and sharpen your skills. The sun moves forward into sharp-focused Scorpio today, sending your energy towards re-imagining your work/life balance.


Gemini, your words are your superpower, but you already knew that. The moon makes its monthly debut in your sign today, which, in turn, invites you to speak your truth. Is there something weighing over your head? The good news is that with Venus dazzling your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and significant others you're consciously making it a point to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who inspire, uplift, and mentally stimulate you. Moreover, the moon's trine to your planetary ruler, Mercury—via your romantic fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, and self-expression—creates a harmonious synergy between your heart's desires and your romantic approach.

Dating: Be careful that the talk doesn't turn ugly today. You're the master of dazzling, interesting and intelligent conversation, but sometimes what qualifies as witty repartee for you comes across as a veiled insult to the less enlightened.


Work is about to get so much better, Gemini. As of today, the sun will enter Scorpio. The solar energy is now concentrated in your sector of work, daily routines, and habits. As of today, you can begin focusing more on how you want to transform your everyday work-life. It may include trying different habits and routines. You may even consider changing jobs for a new gig that is expected to be more promising for your professional development. Regardless, you can expect to feel extra productive throughout Scorpio season!

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