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Wednesday - September 30, 2020


You can always count on yourself for good advice, and on days like today you should only count on yourself. It's not that getting other people's input won't be helpful; it's just that it could overload you with too much irrelevant information. Plus, some of the people have their own hidden agendas, which probably won't be the same as yours. You know who you can trust. You see them every time you look in the mirror.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: It's the end of the month -- and your mind is on your money. It's a really good time to draw up that budget you've been threatening yourself with, if only to see the possibilities.

Singles: Your love life was zip and suddenly it's zap. A new romance unfolds, and it's as if you never knew what love was until now. Let the details slide. It's hard to be practical when you're on cloud nine.

Couples: Your dual endeavors, whether you're working with someone on a work project or trying to meet your partner, could encounter some challenges today. Bring along your good attitude.

Finance Horoscope

Bills, income -- put all thoughts of these and other financial matters aside for the day. Attend to small details and minor errands. Focusing on the mundane is just what you need to recharge your internal batteries.

Business Horoscope

Straighten your priorities. If getting credit is your only motive, you won't get much of it. But if accomplishing the task is what drives you, you'll get plenty of recognition in the bargain.

Teen Horoscope

At your best, you are amazingly generous and free with your possessions. Today, though, you're feeling kind of miserly and will probably say no to people who are expecting to hear yes.

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