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Thursday - January 28, 2021


Has a recent spending spree left you feeling just a bit regretful? Today, if you can undo any of the damage, you should. Take back whatever you don't need, and make a promise to yourself to be a little bit thriftier with your money. You don't have to dramatically change your spending habits or turn into a cheapskate, but you should sober your spending. A big opportunity is coming up, and you will need more cash than you have to take advantage of it.


Flirt: Even if it seems as if things aren't really going your way, you're still having insane amounts of fun. Try not to think about it all too much -- if you're enjoying yourself, the good mojo will return quickly.

Singles: It might be time for you to separate fact from fiction. Is what you're feeling real or just a phase? If things don't feel right, don't waste your time. When it's right, you'll know for sure.

Couples: Loose ends can become an unmanageable mess, so make sure you and yours aren't starting a million projects that you can't finish. A little follow-through and some focus can help you get where you need to go.


The more things change, the more they stay the same. This is true no matter how radically different your lifestyle seems now. If you want to know exactly which things are still there for you, block out the frivolous and focus on the ones that really matter.


Do your best to ignore all distraction. Meditation or yoga may be helpful. You need to exercise your attention span today so that it will be as strong as possible for upcoming challenges.


You and your friends are getting along famously right now, and you should be able to buddy up to get almost anything done. Start something new and cool together. Who knows? It could turn into an awesome side business.

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