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Friday - September 15, 2023


The winds of transformation will blow in your direction this morning, darling Gemini, as the Capricorn moon aligns with Pluto in your solar eighth house. This cosmic climate will be both empowering and intense, as the stars push you toward personal evolution. Luckily, a sweet and auspicious energy will surround you this afternoon as the Aquarius new moon manifests, marking one of the most spiritually significant days for you this year. Be sure to set intentions around your hopes and dreams, trusting that the universe will bring blessings your way. You'll feel inspired and motivated to move into the future later tonight when Luna blows a kiss to passionate Mars. 


Close your eyes, hold your breath, and feel the dawning of a new day, Gemini. This is because the new moon in Aquarius arrives today—and all new moons invigorate you with the desire to charge into new territory. For you, this spotlights your solar ninth house of expansion, which may put a focus on wisdom and how you pursue adventure. Often, this triggers a shift around long-distance travel or even immigration. If either of these is important to you and your sweetheart, use the energy of the cosmos in the week to come to push matters in the direction that you’d like.

Dating: You may not get very far with anything practical today, so focus on the creative instead. Play with kids, get crafty, or dust off that guitar and find a new way to express yourself.


What will you manifest under the first new moon in 2023, Gemini? Your professional journey will be the focal point of today’s new moon in Aquarius. It might be time to look forward to travel or educational opportunities that can help you advance in your professional journey. You could look into a mentorship, certification program, or course that can help you hone a niche skill set. Work trips or relocating for work might be on your future agenda as well. As long as you have an open mind, you will go exceptionally far!

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