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Friday - October 22, 2021


Honesty is the best policy, Scorpio. You may find that you need to apply some softening touches on the tail end of any tough conversations that came up yesterday, and Friday’s skies help you do just that. The moon’s presence in your opposite sign of earthy Taurus helps you take a practical look at what needs changing in close relationships, while her multitude of supportive connections makes it easy to feel good.


Conversations are flowing, and feelings are intensifying, Scorpio. Before Luna concludes its journey through sensually driven Taurus and your harmony-seeking seventh house of agreements, compromise, and one-on-one connections, it will form a cathartic trine to your modern ruler, Pluto, via your third house of communication, thought processes, and immediate surroundings. Pent-up and/or repressed emotions may resurface during this time. However, the challenging square between both of your planetary rulers—Mars and Pluto—continues, which may, in turn, trigger power struggles and hostility, but not if you can help it. Again, take a breath and let it all hang out but tread lightly. 

Dating: If you're at a crossroads right now, it's a good time to kick back and throw down ideas about where to go from here. Show you're open to all options by agreeing to someone else's suggestions for once.


Just before the weekend begins, you may crave a deeper level of closeness in your professional connections, Scorpio. The moon is in your opposite sign, Taurus, so your attention is now focused on your professional commitments. To be successful in your career requires a level of vulnerability. Opening up to partners, coworkers, clients, and more could do wonders for your job. For example, being honest with a business partner on a detail in a contract could make the business more profitable. Even adding a personal touch to marketing or a pitch could lead to a great sale.

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