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Monday - October 03, 2022


A secret admirer may reveal themselves this morning, dear Scorpio, as the Capricorn moon shares a sweet connection with unpredictable Uranus. Even if you don't receive a declaration of love you may want to pay attention to who reaches out during this time, as it could indicate that they've caught the feels for you. Watch out for brain fog this afternoon when Luna shares an unbalanced connection with Mars, though clarity will find you once again this evening thanks to a series of supportive aspects in the sky. Plan on engaging with a creative hobby this evening, and don't be shy if you're in the mood for collaboration. 


Our mighty planet of karma, the Great Taskmaster, Saturn, is asleep today, Scorpio. He has been orbiting within your solar fourth house of home, family, and domesticity since 2020, bringing tough love and challenges. Yet, because he is in a retrograde phase, you’re being given a chance to turn within in regards to the important lessons he’s been teaching you about stability and security at the root of your soul. If you’re married and living together, you may have recently or will soon decide to set down more roots by buying or updating your real estate.

Dating: If you need to talk with a love interest about some pressing issue, put it off until tomorrow. Things aren't stable right now, and you might accidentally provoke an avalanche!


Speak up, Scorpio. Take control of the conversation while the moon is in deliberate Capricorn. If you have professional matters to address or question, then the lunar energy can help you intuitively find the right time to bring up your concerns. Luckily, the moon also trines Mercury in Virgo, Uranus retrograde in Taurus, and the North Node in Taurus. These earthy trines can help you connect with your professional partnerships and colleagues from all over. You could even use these trines to pitch yourself if you want to recap on any possibilities to work with certain individuals or entities!

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