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Monday - May 16, 2022


Eating healthy and sticking to your normal routine will bring you a sense of comfort and stability this morning, dear Scorpio, as the moon enters Sagittarius while forming a supportive connection to Jupiter. This cosmic climate could also lead to financial opportunity, making it a good time to go above and beyond at work. Unfortunately, the vibe will get a little rocky by mid-morning, as Luna forms a harsh opposition to communicative Mercury. Watch your words during this time, and try not to offend anyone with unsolicited advice, even if you’re coming from an honest and good-hearted place.


You're taking your power back and investing your time and energy into that which brings you peace of mind, Scorpio. As you should, especially when considering the effects of yesterday's total lunar eclipse in your sign, you're a fierce water sign nonetheless. Single? After entering your stability-seeking second house of value systems, the moon will make an opposition to Mercury retrograde in Gemini — via your intimate eighth house of sex, shared resources, and soulmate connections — which means you could be feeling torn between nurturing that which makes you feel secure vs. re-opening a can of worms with a significant other. Ground your energy — there’s no need to feel guilty about it.

Dating: You have plenty of good energy, but you're so sassy that the right person might come away with the wrong impression. Make sure you play nice or they won't call back.


Who are you, Scorpio? As the full moon total lunar eclipse unfolds in your metamorphic sign, you could feel universally tense. It can be quite heavy to have the lunar event hitting and highlighting your sense of professionalism and your professional identity. You may feel like you are under a microscope. Consider what you like and do not like about your professional self. Then use this lunar event to cast aside anything holding you back, like presenting yourself unprofessionally or having a certain disposition that hinders your opportunity to advance. By doing so, you can capitalize on your strengths!

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