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Thursday - July 29, 2021


As a Scorpio, you’re guided by the fearless planet, Mars. Thursday’s skies find Mars enmeshed in a variety of important changes—starting with a heated opposition to dream-big Jupiter. This aspect highlights dormant tensions between the demands of your career and your changing home environment. Mars also slides forward into capable Virgo, helping you direct tireless energy towards thorough goal accomplishment until September 14.


Don't let the outcome of your virtual fling get in the way of your day-to-day progress, Scorpio. For instance, both Venus and your traditional planetary ruler, Mars, will continue to shake up your platonic eleventh house of friendship, community, technology, and sense of belonging in the world, caramelizing and harmonizing everything from your social status to your social media game. And while you're no stranger to the graceful yet audacious knack of sliding into your lover's DMs, you could be spending a lot more time dwelling and wondering. It’s easier said than done, but it wouldn't hurt to put your phone away today.

Dating: You're perched on the verge of greatness in your career or in romance. (Either way, that's great, right?) Just don't get caught bragging to make your case. Be patient and watch everything click into place.


A major professional victory could be now at hand, Scorpio. Powerhouse Mars, your planetary co-ruler, has been causing your name to streak through the sky and create quite the impact in your industry. He will stand across from benevolent Jupiter today. This is one of the luckiest transits of all, as you will feel larger than life. As your self-confidence soars, so will your hunger to dominate and win. You may now reap the benefits of great success from previous hard work. Now is the time to take the lead, whether that is by asserting yourself with a major project, debuting a presentation or campaign before the world, or using your gusto to prove to VIPs that you are the star.

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