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Friday - September 15, 2023


Your voice will be your greatest asset this morning, sweet scorpion, as the Capricorn moon cozies up to transformative Pluto in your solar third house. Work with these vibes by advocating for yourself, though you should also be open to evolving the way your mind thinks. An auspicious energy will fill your home this afternoon as the Aquarius new moon manifests, asking you to set intentions around your domestic life for the next six months. If you're hoping to relocate, buy a house, or update your space, now is the time to outline a plan on how to make these dreams a reality. 


Welcome today’s new moon with open arms, Scorpio. You’ll feel a shift in the cosmos as the new moon highlights your solar fourth house of family, home, and domesticity. New moons are never felt beforehand — but are like a whirlwind has soared through your life as soon as they arrive. The actions you take in the week that follows them can echo out for six months to a year. This will signal a major shift around one of these key areas, so if you live with your sweetheart, you may wish to discuss a fresh start, whether that’s renovating, redecorating, or even relocating.

Dating: You're in a great mood and should be able to get a smile out of almost anyone. Sneak up on someone who's grouchy and get them to play along. It's much easier than you think!


What will you wish for under the first new moon of 2023, Scorpio? Your wish might have to do with your work-life balance and work environment during the new moon in Aquarius. The next six months can be professionally and personally impactful if you need to work on your schedule. Get comfortable with having an unconventional routine that will help you meet all of your commitments. Aside from this, find a work environment that will meet your needs. Keep in mind that it does not have to make sense to anyone else if it makes sense to you!

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