Scorpio : The Eighth Zodiac Sign (Astrology)


Scorpio Personality, Characteristics and Traits

What is Scorpio and what are things you need to know.

Those born under the Scorpio sign between the days of October 23rd and November 21st are seen as determined, intuitive, forceful, passionate, exciting, and usually attractive. On the other hand they can be extremely jealous, obsessive and secretive among other similar traits.

Scorpios are known to be some of the most intensely emotional people out of any other Zodiac sign. Even when they may appear to be calm and put together, they typically have an emotional storm brewing under their exterior. Similar to an unpredictable, dormant volcano, they may erupt with volatile emotions at any given moment. In most social situations they can be a pleasure to interact with, however behind closed doors there can be a whirlwind of unpleasantness and accusations thrown forth from seemingly nowhere even towards their most trusted partners.

Scorpio may seem withdrawn and shy in public situations, while in reality they are desperately craving to be the center of attention. This leads to emotional buildup, and, eventually explosion on those they seem to care about the most and feel the most comfortable with. Their emotional volatility is easily used against them as well, due to their desire for attention, one may easily hurt their feeling or shut them down in public situations where they are most vulnerable.

Scorpio in the workplace tend to take any negative comments directed at them and turn their energies into correcting their shortcomings and turning them into a strength for the future if they feel confident in their environment. If they feel like they are being picked on, they make let negativity directed towards them build up over time until they have an undying dislike for the person or people who put them in that situation to begin.

If the Scorpio is able to choose the right paths throughout their lives, they can be one of the most powerful and gifted of all of the signs, harnessing their emotional intensity into positive energies. They are known to be able to gaze deeply into the heart and soul of other people and use their strong analytical abilities to, in a sense, read someone. They can be creative, controlled, confident, incredible intelligent, and extremely analytical should they have a strong head on their shoulders and use their energy towards positive, constructive uses.

Scorpio and Relationships

The Scorpio are known to be the sign symbolizing sex. They are typically known as the most passionate, energetic lovers. They have been considered able to transcend typical physical pleasures by employing their deep emotional connection with others around them to essentially lose themselves in their passionate union with their partner. This ability can also cause the Scorpio to easily turn down the path of perversion and lose themselves in erotic pleasures of the flesh, even betraying the love and trust placed in them from their partners and lovers for pleasure.

Health Issues with Scorpio

Scorpio are prone to diseases around the liver, kidneys, urinary system, bladder, and genitals.

A Scorpio can be a great lover but a terrible enemy. Know what you are getting involved with prior to emotionally investing yourself in a Scorpio as many romantic relationships end in heartbreak when a Scorpio is involved.

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