Pisces : The Twelfth Zodiac Sign (Astrology)


Pisces Personality, Characteristics and Traits

What is Pisces and what are things you need to know.

Men and women born between the dates of February 19 and March 20 of any year are under the sun sign Pisces, represented by a pair of fish. Known for their gentle, patient, and adaptive personalities, they are great friends to have and are always going above and beyond with generous and kind deeds for the sole sake of making others happy and comfortable. As they are naturally sensitive to other's emotions, should those around them be suffering, they exhibit immense amounts of genuine sympathy and will take any measure to attempt to make the afflicted feel better about the situation. Seeing other people unhappy typically puts the Pisces at a state of unrest to the point where they can actually become rather upset themselves.

Pisces find themselves accepted among groups of people from all walks of life including any of the other eleven Zodiac signs. They make friends easily due to their relaxed, affectionate, and sometimes submissive natures, often opting to "go along with the crowd" rather than voicing their opinion when it comes to group decisions simply to make it more convenient for others. Rarely will you find a Pisces holding judgment over anyone else's head seeing as how they are extremely accepting of any and everything in the universe by nature. Many times you"ll find that a Pisces will concern themselves more with other people's problems than their own, patiently waiting out any of their own issues while suggesting the best means of solving the problems of their friends and family instead.

One of the biggest drawbacks to the Pisces despite their kind and friendly natures is that they often live "in their own world" which leads to seemingly irrational behaviors at times. When faced with some problems, the Pisces tends to favor emotion and instinct over rationality or intellectual decision-making which can lead to trouble in this day in age. In the workplace, their airy nature can lead them to feel confined and restricted by a typical "nine to five" job, favoring jobs and careers that allow them to express their creativity and work more at their own pace. In their ideal world, a Pisces would become rich and famous with their naturally creative and artistic talents, leading them to create objects of great beauty and desire for those who made it to the top by other means. A Pisces prefers to adventure around and explore new environments and scenery rather than settling down unnecessarily, absorbing all aspects of other cultures, landscapes, and sights. Sometimes the Pisces will find it difficult to identify with one genre of music or literature due to their open and receptive nature, preferring to accept and appreciate all types and genres of art rather than claiming one specific part of it.

Pisces and Relationships

The Pisces is one of the most humble and generous mates a person can find in life, always giving rather than asking or taking. They are the type of person to go out of their way to get a gift for a loved one for the simple reason that it would be a nice thing to do, and to see a smile on someone's face. Pisces strongly prefer a spiritual and emotional bond rather than expressing their love physically through sex, however, sex can be an integral part of that bond. They express their emotions throughout other ways than passionate lovemaking which most partners are more than happy with. One thing for a Pisces to be careful of is being misled down the path of a serious relationship and marriage with a seemingly delicate partner, and after it's seemingly too late their partner reveals their coarse and rigid sexual nature. That being said, Pisces are by far one of the most intensely loving and faithful partners.

Best matches:

Virgo Cancer Scorpio

In-compatible matches:

Aries Gemini Leo

Health Issues with Pisces

As the Zodiac Pisces controls the feet, liver, lymphatic system, many Pisces born men and women face skin diseases around the eyes and face, may develop leg issues leading to a lame leg, or possibly develop ulcers throughout their life. Caution must be taken for those playing sports when the risk of the Pisces breaking a leg is present.

Famous people with Pisces sign:

Nicolaus Copernicus Albert Einstein George Washington Elizabeth Barrett Browning Sir Richard Burton Rudolph Steiner Vaslav Nijinsky Alexander Graham Bell Jackie Gleason Rupert Murdoch Edward M. Kennedy Bruce Willis Drew Barrymore Jon Bon Jovi Chelsea Clinton

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