Gemini : The Third Zodiac Sign (Astrology)


Gemini Personality, Characteristics and Traits

What is Gemini and what are things you need to know.

Men and women born between May 21st and June 20th of calendar year are known as Gemini, represented by two human twins. As they are portrayed as two human entities, many of their traits can be doubly complimentary or contradictory depending on the specific person. While being blessed with a sign having to do with two people can seem like a good thing, it has strengths as well as flaws and drawbacks. On one hand, they can be very versatile and adaptable as they embody the spirit of two in one being. With this advantage comes the disadvantage that they can be inconsistent, and “two-faced” as one may imagine from the nature of two beings fused into one physical body. Both of the Gemini twins may be physically identical, but have different motivations, personalities, and ideals, so it’s not difficult to understand why exactly people born Gemini have mixed opinions held upon them by other signs.

A Gemini who aligns himself with goodness and justice in his or her life are seen as strong, attractive, powerful people who enthusiastically accomplish their goals and seek to make the world a better place for others. Those who are more inclined to seek out the bad or darker things in life are typically seen more attractive as they use their cunning to charm their way into people’s safe zone before taking advantage for the Gemini’s own benefit, often leaving their victims confused and unsure of how they were fooled in the first place. While the Gemini isn’t necessarily “good” or “evil” by nature, they tend to live out their lives as a child would play a game; seeking to win the current situation often by means that others may find unfavorable. That is not to say that another Gemini won’t adhere to the highest levels of honesty and fairness in the exact same situation, though.

As the Gemini is embodied by the twins, they seem to need constant entertainment and new things to keep themselves occupied. They accept new tasks and face new challenges with great enthusiasm, but seem to become bored just as fast as their interest was piqued. While Gemini may seem to have an overall negative picture painted of them at this point, it’s important to realize they can be behave as the polar opposite of their negative traits as well. Their good-natured qualities of the Gemini shine through easily and are quite apparent in those who align with them and make them all that more attractive and kind people. They can be extremely generous, kind, benevolent, loving, affectionate people who are willing to live beneath their means to help those less fortunate around them. They have even been known to use their cunning attractive natures to almost manipulate those with abundant wealth to sacrifice some to help the sick and poor.

Gemini and Relationships

Again, Gemini being represented by two separate, yet identical, entities shows in many aspects of their lives. One side of them can be deeply loving, caring, emotional, romantic, passionate and attentive to their lover’s every need. When their other side is dominant in a relationship that makes them standoffish, isolated, emotionally detached, and sometimes even expressing signs of hostility to their partner’s loving gestures. When committed they can be very devoted and enjoyable partners to keep, however, keep in mind they are by nature flirtatious, lighthearted, and sometimes seem uncaring as to the emotional damage they may cause by acting upon their two-sided nature. They can often act as cats chasing their prey; once caught, play with it for a short period of time before abandoning it in search of something to entertain them again for however brief period of time before moving on yet again.

Health Issues with Gemini

Gemini must be careful of respiratory diseases and problems throughout their life. Gemini are pleasure seekers, and must be careful when pursuing pleasure through the use of potentially harmful recreational activities.

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