Weekly Horoscope for Gemini (Free Weekly Horoscopes)


Week 20 of 2022

Week Starting On: May 16 to May 22


This week, your third eye is opening and you’re connecting spiritually. 

The week begins on Sunday, May 15, with the sun in Taurus and your house of intuition making a square to Saturn in Aquarius and your house of education. You might be exploring your psychic ability in a very serious way. Gemini, you might consider taking a class in psychic self-defense, mediumship or shamanism. What you thought could be a fun class turns out to be quite academic and possibly life changing. And if you take this seriously, you could gain unbelievable benefits.

There’s a lunar eclipse in Scorpio lighting up your house of work and coworkers on Monday, May 16. Gemini, there could be a change in your job or with colleagues. A key person could be leaving, your assistant could suddenly quit or you might decide now to give notice in the near future. Eclipses can be like walking through a door into a whole new world. You are one decision away from making a big life change.

Love & Romance

You'll likely feel unsure about the future and how deeply you want to commit to someone during the first part of the week, as Mars shares an aspect to Mars on May 15. Don't let anyone pressure you into moving forward, and remember that it's okay to stand still during moments of uncertainty. The seventeenth will bring a significant shift your way, as Mars and Neptune form an alliance in Pisces. You'll feel more in tune with what you want during this cosmic climate, and the universe will push you to follow your gut. This energy will act as an accelerant to your goals, plans, and relationships. So, if something doesn't feel right, don't do it. A harsh square between these two planets and Saturn could lead to issues with boundaries, so you'll need to remain strong in your position.

The twentieth will usher in a soft, romantic, and dreamy vibe as your solar return commences. You'll feel like you're walking on air throughout the day, marking the perfect occasion for a date with that special someone. If you're not in the mood to pair up, use these vibes to float away and fantasize about what the future holds.

Career & Work

Use this week’s astrological energy to make serious professional power moves, Gemini.

Align your hidden talents to your career path when the sun in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces on Sunday, May 15. Utilize this harmonious energy to have a hopeful outlook on introducing more of your secret self into your professional journey. You may be surprised by how well your shadow self performs in your career path! The next day, the full moon total lunar eclipse in powerful Scorpio will illuminate your work life. As this eclipse portal comes to a close, so do aspects of your daily organization and job. You can use this energy to transform your work routine and responsibilities. It could even lead to taking a leap of faith with your job. Although somewhat daunting, just know that everything will happen the way it was meant to. Two days later, Mars conjuncts Neptune in Pisces which encourages you to follow your professional dreams. Visualize achieving immense success as you courageously step into your professional path. By Friday, May 20, the sun will enter your sign! Your season will be spectacular as you will feel remarkably confident as you curiously explore your professional identity and disposition.

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