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Weekly Horoscope for Taurus

Read free weekly horoscope for Taurus. Week 02 of 2021. Week Starting On: January 11 to January 17.


Week 02 of 2021

Week Starting On: January 11 to January 17

Week of Jan 11, 2021: If you're expecting boredom as the week begins, prepare to be (pleasantly) disappointed. Your routine gets some spark on Monday and Tuesday and you should follow up on any chance for fun -- even if it means your work has to wait. On Wednesday and Thursday, your passions will push you into action. Just make sure they don't push you into trouble, too. On Friday and Saturday, your trademark patience will pay off. Now is the time to pause and ponder, even if others are rushing ahead. This Sunday, get good and grounded. Someone in the know will give you the gift of enlightenment.

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