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For The Month Of July 2021


Good Communication

The radiant sun is shining brightly in your sector of communication, Taurus, so the weeks until July 22 suggest you’ll be busy with administrative tasks, writing, teaching, and getting paperwork sorted out. You’ll also have an advantage when negotiating and closing deals because you’ll sense what others are feeling and thinking and be able to tailor your responses accordingly.

There’s a new moon in this same zone on the eleventh, so all lights are green. Whatever you want to initiate, especially if it’s associated with e-commerce, writing, teaching, marketing, or anything similar, can get off to a great start now.

There is also a focus on your domestic sector, which increases over the month. With lovely Venus and fiery Mars in this zone, your creative abilities might be applied to redecorating your home. There may also be a desire to get started on any other DIY tasks that will transform your dwelling into an uplifting place to be.

Delectable Venus moves into Virgo and your leisure zone on July 21, and aside from having fun, your focus could shift to adopting a healthier lifestyle, particularly if you want to look your best over the summer.

The sun moves into Leo on the twenty-second, and the coming four weeks are great for taking stock of your domestic situation and setting your intentions for the future. It’s possible that with fewer lockdown restrictions, the idea of entertaining seems very enjoyable to you and your family and friends. The full moon in Aquarius on July 23 could coincide with a celebration or event that is a high point of the month.

Your career and ambitions get another boost when philosophical Jupiter moves back into Aquarius and a high-flying zone on the twenty-eighth. It will remain here for some months, so the cosmos is encouraging you to create your own opportunities rather than wait for them to drop in your lap.

Finally, as dynamic Mars moves into Virgo on July 29, it’s time to indulge in your favorite hobbies and promote your creative work.

Love & Romance

Taurus With your romantic ruling planet Venus in passionate fire sign Leo to start the month, you love to be adored! If a current or potential partner isn’t paying enough attention to you, you might try to get your flirt on somewhere else. Most of it is harmless fun, but once a spark is ignited it could get out of control pretty easily!A stressful square between aggressive Mars in Leo and eccentric Uranus in your steady sign on July 3 could throw some unforeseen obstacles in the way of romantic progress. Not seeing eye to eye with someone important in your life can set you back in unexpected ways. It’s your life, but you care what others think of how you’re living it.When Venus exits impromptu Leo and enters fellow earth sign Virgo on the twenty-first, your love life becomes practical, punctual, and precise. The details are all that matter now—perhaps a little too much. Try to keep the big picture in mind when you get mired down by minutiae.Your secure sign has been hosting nurturing asteroid Ceres, but on July 31 it says goodbye and partners with agile Gemini. Your curiosity is piqued now, and reading books or signing up for online classes can be very beneficial. Pretty confident you already know all you need to know about the art of romance? Think again!

Career & Work

When Mars in Leo and retrograde Saturn in Aquarius, oppose each other on July 1, some tension could be exposed between you and your boss, bringing aggression and friction to the surface. This opposition could make you think about who the real “boss” is. You might be doing all the work while they take all the the glory. 

The new moon on the ninth gives you the incentive to start planning the future of your career. Journal your feelings and goals when Mercury enters Cancer on July 11. This will ignite the positive vibes when Venus enters Virgo on the twenty-first. Creativity will be high at that time, which is why it would be best to get prepared at the beginning of the month to ensure your success. 

With the right direction and forethought, you can take things to the next level when the sun shifts into Leo on July 22. Although this isn’t necessarily a time of professional gain, it is a moment for solitary reflection. 

The full moon in Aquarius on the twenty-third brings professional benefits to you. You might be surprised by the number of accolades you receive from your boss. This could lead you to a better space when it comes to work and your creative talents.

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