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For The Month Of May 2021


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Love & Romance

Cosmically, you have a lot on your plate at the start of the month because your sign plays patient host to the sun, Mercury, and Venus all at once! This is a strong signal to slow down and appreciate the things you have, Taurus. If you don’t currently have true love in your life, find other things to celebrate.

Venus, your ruling planet, parts ways with your sign on the eighth to take up residence in Gemini, the airy house of the Twins. You have two distinct romantic personalities now, and it will be hard for a current or potential partner to get a read on you. You aren’t being duplicitous on purpose; it’s just your nature right now.

Ceres, the asteroid of maternal love, enters your traditional sign on May 8 as well, at which point you might become interested in being “mothered,” in a sense. If you already have a partner, you’ll enjoy them spoiling and pampering you. If you’re still single, you might get ridiculed for being a mama’s guy or girl, but hey, you don’t really see anything wrong with that.

There’s a new moon in your dedicated sign on the eleventh that gives off enough energy for you to set positive intentions for the rest of the month. A new moon lunation is the perfect time to set goals and start to work toward them so you can eventually enjoy the long-term success your hard work will bring.

Career & Work

Abundance is coming this month, which means that your bank account could be hitting a high. When Venus, your planetary ruler, rolls into Gemini on May 8, there could be a huge shift in the way that you save your cash and budget your money. The caveat is that you might do more talking about a new financial direction you want to take than actually putting your pennies in an IRA. You might want to connect with a financial adviser who can assist you in your plans to ensure your monetary well-being.

The new moon on the eleventh (which aligns with your sun) is an amazing time to make moves regarding work. There has been a lot of shuffling around in the office as of late, perhaps resulting in your role changing and evolving. It’s a fortuitous time for success.

The only thing that could weigh on your shoulders is not being paid what you think you deserve. Contract renegotiations could be helpful during the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26. As long as you stand your ground, you should get the paycheck you deserve. Mercury’s backward shift in Gemini that begins on the twenty-ninth can help ensure prosperity and growth in the professional sphere of your chart.

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