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For The Month Of March 2021


Kindred Spirits

The sun and friendly Venus in your social sector bring opportunities for greater connection and linking up with kindred spirits. The weeks until the twentieth are perfect for reaching out to others who share your ideas and ideals, joining groups, and enhancing your network of contacts.

And with a bright new moon on March 13, you might be ready to make a long-held dream of yours come true. This is the perfect time to take those first steps. And you don’t need to do it alone because others will be there to support you if you ask.

There is another shift as feisty Mars leaves your sign and moves into Gemini and your sector of finance and values on the third. The coming six weeks can be your opportunity to resolve any urgent issues or take action if you’ve been procrastinating.

Plus, lively Mercury will be in Pisces from March 15 to April 3, adding its communicative and curious qualities to the mix.

The sun’s move into Aries on the twentieth, followed by sweet Venus the next day, takes you into a quieter and more self-contained phase. The coming four weeks are your chance to reflect on how happy you are with your life and how you might improve on things. Set your priorities and clear the slate of unfinished business so that you’ll be ready to move ahead unencumbered when the sun enters your sign next month.

Lovely Venus in a private zone encourages you to take time to look after and nurture yourself. If you don’t do this very often, now is your chance. The happier you are, the more you can contribute to the world.

Finally, the full moon in your lifestyle zone encourages you to take stock, especially if you feel overwhelmed. If you need to jettison certain activities, now is the time to do so.

Love & Romance

The sextile between your home planet Venus and airy Uranus on March 3 brings some very interesting possibilities to your love life. If you’ve been curious about alternative lifestyles or nontraditional relationships, explore them now. If you’re already with someone, encourage them to have an open mind.

The fourth brings a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction that could result in love at first sight (or love at first DM)! If someone impresses you with their words during this transit, don’t hesitate to let them know you want to keep the conversation going. If you’re already in a relationship, don’t ignore coincidences. Destiny plays a bigger role now than you’re giving it credit for.

Emotions run deep during the Venus-Pluto sextile on March 18, so laying it all on the line seems like a matter of life and death. Although the world won’t end if you express your feelings to someone and they don’t return them, it kind of feels like it will. Be brave, Taurus.

Venus leaves gentle Pisces for fire sign Aries on the twenty-first, giving you the confidence to move mountains in the name of love. You swap out your trademark patience for spontaneity now, which could confuse but delight a current partner. If someone thinks they had you all figured out, they’ll have to think again.

Career & Work

There’s a huge impact on Taurus whenever your ruling planet Venus transits into a new sign, and you’ll have a vivaciousness that has been lacking when it moves into Aries on March 21. This sense of adventure will be very welcome after the somewhat monotonous month of February, and you’ll feel brave enough to put yourself out there.

This is a great time to schedule any presentations and captivate people with all your natural charms. You might also find the right words to communicate to a colleague if you’ve been feeling awkward around them. Get a laugh out of them today!

On the twenty-eighth, the moon opposes your ruler Venus, which could bring with it some complications in your interpersonal relationships, including at work. Different work styles will be prominent at this time, and it would be best to avoid group projects if at all possible.

Try not to turn to food for comfort, but if you absolutely must mellow out with a little bit of chocolate, go for it. It’s not worth blowing up at a co-worker because of your moodiness. Blow off some steam after work with a nice meal or a drink with a friend, but don’t go crazy spending if you don’t have the means, because that could have long-term repercussions.

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