Taurus Monthly Horoscope (Free Monthly Horoscopes)


For The Month Of December 2022


Deeper Dive

Taurus, you’ll be diving deep this month and enjoying the chance to get to know yourself better. Whether your insights pertain to relationships and romance, business activities, or improving your finances, you’ll gain an understanding of what makes you tick, which could be very revealing. With the emphasis on the sign of Sagittarius and a passionate zone, you’ll be geared up to take a roller-coaster ride that enables you to fulfill your dreams.

There’s a full moon in Gemini and across your financial axis on December 7, so it would pay to be careful with your money. This potent lunar phase could leave you feeling emotional and a little needy, and shopping might seem like the perfect way to patch over those edgy feelings. It might be better to go for a massage or spa day, which can give you more of the loving care you need.

Jubilant Jupiter will be in Aries and your spiritual zone from the twentieth until May 16, 2023, making this a great time for self-improvement and living up to your full potential.

The focus gradually shifts to Capricorn and your travel and adventure zone. Chatty Mercury moves in on December 6, followed by Venus, your personal planet, on December 9 and the sun on December 21. The insights and knowledge you gained by challenging your limits, especially in the emotional sense, can be put to good use as you zero in on your desire for more opportunities and new experiences. The coming four weeks after the twenty-first can be excellent for going abroad, vacationing, studying, and generally exploring new terrain.

There’s a new moon in this same sector on December 23, so it’s possible that you’ll be away during the holiday week or entertaining visitors from abroad.

However, inquisitive Mercury turns retrograde on the twenty-ninth, so expect a few delays as well as some wonderful reunions.

Love & Romance

Your actions lean toward secrecy while your seductive leader Venus is paired with sizzling Sagittarius and your shadowy eighth house early this month, so it wouldn’t be unusual for you to be drawn to forbidden love and taboo sex acts. You might not give in to your darker urges, but the temptation is strong.

On December 9, Venus moves into serious earth sign Capricorn, bringing out your need to be financially responsible in your relationship or love life. Would you love to buy that special someone a luxurious, spendy gift? Absolutely. But you’re far too budget conscious right now to be frivolous.

You should have some good news headed your way during the Mercury-Uranus earth trine on the seventeenth, but an exciting career event might take time away from your current or potential partner. Although work comes first now, you can always find a way to let them know they’re on your mind.

December 21 marks the winter solstice and the day when the confident sun enters Capricorn and your ninth house of expansion. You’re motivated by a new season and have the determination to make the most of every romantic opportunity. You have some amazing end-of-year growth to look forward to, Taurus!

Career & Work

You start this month with some fantastically tranquil energy, Taurus. This happy aspect brings with it relaxation and a feeling of peace and ease in relationships. After last month’s push to handle business matters, this is some welcome and much-needed downtime for us all.

In the first few days of the month, you should focus on nesting, intimacy with your partner, relaxing, and artistic endeavors. However, if you absolutely must handle work matters, this is a great time to ask for a big favor. People will have a hard time saying no to you now.

Try to make work as fun and light as possible, because work in general might feel daunting all the way through the full moon on December 7. This will help bring some clarity of mind for you, and you could come up with some business solutions that eluded you earlier.

Later, on the twenty-third, there is a new moon in Capricorn paving the way for creativity and fun in the workplace. This is also a great day to draw money toward you, because the new moon also brings you the full value of your work.

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