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◑ Aries 21 March ~ 19 April

Clever Mercury will be retrograde from the tenth until June 3, starting in the sign of Gemini, which could delay your plans. Still, with so much feisty energy working in your favor ...

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◑ Taurus 20 April ~ 20 May

This month also sees a dynamic buildup of energies in your spiritual zone, which is going to have an impact on the way things pan out. As much as you would like to get moving on yo ...

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◑ Gemini 21 May ~ 20 June

There’s going to be a major boost to your social life too. If you enjoy mixing and mingling, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to get involved in groups and clubs, network, an ...

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◑ Cancer 21 June ~ 22 July

You could be quite a star and very much in the spotlight as key influences positively affect your popularity. With convivial Venus entering Aries on the second, followed by upbeat ...

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◑ Leo 23 July ~ 22 August

But the biggest influence takes place in your sector of travel and adventure. This is one area where you’ll be ready to take massive action. Delectable Venus moves in on May 2, a ...

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◑ Virgo 23 August ~ 22 September

There is also a potent emphasis developing this month in your sector of finance, business, change, and transformation. Lovely Venus moves in on May 2, followed by upbeat Jupiter on ...

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◑ Libra 23 September ~ 22 October

Relationships sparkle with promise as lovely Venus enters Aries on May 2, followed by sassy Jupiter on May 10, and feisty Mars on May 24. This can be a dream come true if you’ve ...

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◑ Scorpio 23 October ~ 21 November

There are also thrilling opportunities to revamp your lifestyle, grab fresh opportunities, and focus on your well-being. Positive Jupiter will be in Aries from May 10 until October ...

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◑ Sagittarius 22 November ~ 21 December

But there is a whole other focus showing up that is very exciting. Delectable Venus moves into Aries and your leisure zone on the second, stirring up the potential for wild romance ...

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◑ Capricorn 22 December ~ 19 January

The big news this month is the very active focus on your home zone, which could inspire new projects and activities. Creative Venus moves into Aries on May 2, which could coincide ...

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◑ Aquarius 20 January ~ 18 February

Get ready, though, because a very powerful and proactive focus develops in your sector of talk and thought that will inspire you to network and reach out to others on your waveleng ...

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◑ Pisces 19 February ~ 20 March

There is also the potential to boost your income in a big way as key planets move into Aries and your financial sector. With lovely Venus moving in on May 2, followed by sassy Jupi ...

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