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For The Month Of July 2021


Clean Slate

Capricorn, the focus this month is on relationships and liaising with others for romance, collaboration, and your social life. This is not the time to go solo but to work as part of a team or a couple because you’ll be able to accomplish much more that way. 

Your love life may also be in the spotlight. You could feel moved to spend more quality time with your partner or hold discussions that can resolve any difficulties you’re going through. Good communication is key.

With the new moon in Cancer on July 9, there is an opportunity to take certain relationships to a new level. If you’re considering a business partnership, this is an excellent time to set one up because things can go from strength to strength. You might also want to commit further to a romance that’s showing signs of promise.

Talkative Mercury moves into Cancer on the eleventh, which is excellent for discussions that can bring you closer to others, resolve difficulties, and help everyone get along better.

There is also a strong focus on a deeply emotional zone, with harmonious Venus and assertive Mars in Leo inspiring you to remove those blocks to success. This is when you might be more aware of them and eager to do something. This urge for transformation is enhanced when the sun moves into Leo on July 22 for a stay of four weeks. 

The full moon across your financial axis the next day could bring a money matter to a head, and if so, you’ll need to deal with it. Overspending might also be an issue unless you give yourself a limit or rein yourself in.

Finally, dynamic Mars moves into Virgo on the twenty-ninth, which could coincide with a desire to start a course of study and pursue opportunities that can give you a qualification or new skills.

Love & Romance

This month, your guiding planet Saturn is hosted by innovative air sign Aquarius, giving you ideas about romantic experimentation and encouraging you to make some changes. While your responsibilities will most likely always remain your first priority, you can still mix it up a little and have some offbeat fun.There’s a trying opposition between loving Venus in fiery Leo and hardworking Saturn in Aquarius on July 6, making it difficult for you to choose between just letting go to have a good time and sticking with what you know you should be doing. Again, your willpower will be tested, but your earthy resolve is strong.Pallas, the asteroid of wisdom, goes retrograde in sometimes psychic Pisces on the fourteenth, reminding you that you can use your intuition to help make difficult romantic decisions. Your head is in the clouds now, but your dreams hold important clues. Watch for obvious signs while you alternate between fantasy and reality. Forceful Mars leaves fiery Leo and enters critical Virgo on July 29, at which point you might start to notice little cracks in your perfect love life. You find out now what has been true all along: your crush or current partner isn’t perfect after all! But guess what? They don’t need to hear you list all of their faults! That’s a major turnoff, Capricorn!

Career & Work

The planetary opposition of Mars and Saturn retrograde on July 1 could make you feel like you’re not receiving the amount of attention and money that you deserve. However, you won’t be making moves to look for another job quite yet because you’re waiting to see how the deals you’ve been working on develop. Your financial prosperity and business success depend on your ability to step into the world and let your voice be heard. You have very strong opinions, and you can’t hide what you’re thinking now.

The Cancer new moon on July 9 inspires you to discuss your vision with your business partners. Chances are they’ll be inspired by your fresh outlook and your take on matters. By the time Mercury enters Cancer on the eleventh, they’ll want to draw up a new contract with you to be sure that the alliance is progressing. 

As the month moves forward, you can expect a major shift at work leading to a big financial payback for the agreement that you put together during the new moon. The sun’s movement into Leo on July 22 secures you the cash and praise you’ve been seeking. But you won’t really feel the love until the Aquarius full moon the next day and Jupiter’s reentry into Aquarius on the twenty-eighth.

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