Capricorn Monthly Horoscope (Free Monthly Horoscopes)


For The Month Of December 2022


Relax and Recharge

As this holiday month gets underway, Capricorn, you’re in a phase of completion in which it would be wise to tie up loose ends. The coming weeks until December 21 are your opportunity to find closure on issues that have been holding you back or sapping your energy. They might rise to the surface at this time, so you’ll have no choice but to deal with them. And if you need help handling anything, ask for it.

You might feel like keeping a lower profile until the sun enters your sign on the twenty-first and you experience something like a mini rebirth. The early weeks of the month are a good time to get in touch with your dreams. They could have some useful guidance for you.

If you’ve been ignoring your body’s need for rest, the full moon on December 7 could bring it home to you loud and clear. You need some time out to refill your creative well or you’ll become less and less productive.

Expressive Mercury enters your sign on the sixth, followed by creative Venus on the ninth and the sun on the twenty-first, so you’ll gradually come into your own. This is the time of year when you’ll be eager to get organized and set things in motion for 2023.

This emphasis on your sign can bring out the best in you, emphasizing the talents and abilities that will get you noticed. If you make the effort to project yourself out into the world, the coming weeks could see new ideas and opportunities coming into being that are perfect for you.

Finally, savvy Jupiter also changes signs, moving back into Aries and your home and family sector on December 20 and remaining here until May 16, 2023. The atmosphere on the home front will be buoyant and lively, which suggests you’ll very much enjoy the holiday week as well as ringing in the new year.

Love & Romance

Your sign is busy playing host to several cosmic influencers this month, Capricorn, starting when IT manager Mercury leaves Sagittarius for your first house on December 6. You prefer to use the direct approach when staying in touch with a current or potential partner, and while you do have a wicked (and smart) sense of humor, if someone doesn’t get it, it isn’t a perfect match.

On the ninth, caring and compassionate Venus leaves airy Aquarius and pairs up with your no-nonsense sign, so you won’t have a lot of patience for other people’s problems. Of course, you’re caring in your own way, but you aren’t overwhelmingly sympathetic toward a lover, partner or date who exaggerates or unnecessarily complicates things.

On December 21, the brilliant sun enters your first house of empowerment, and your true personality really shines. A new season is starting with the winter solstice today as well, giving you a renewed sense of hope about life and love. Things are looking up because you’re in full command of your romantic destiny!

A new moon in your sign on the twenty-third brings out your tendency to be grounded and goal driven and combines it with the magic of this forward-thinking lunation. Wonderful things are ahead when you apply yourself. If you put in the effort, you will be rewarded. Commitment is big now. Propose. Move in together. Make a promise.

Career & Work

This month, your sun sign makes a splash when Mercury enters it on December 6 and Venus follows suit on December 9. This energy can bring two different vibes into your life. First, you might see a significant change in your bank account due to your inability to save cash at the moment. Second, you might not feel worthy enough or smart enough to compete with others at work. Instead of beating yourself up about it, you can work with your colleagues rather than against them.

The good news is that when Jupiter reenters Arie on the twentieth, you’ll feel as though you have more control over such circumstances, including your finances.

The new moon on December 23 can bring you the prosperity you crave just after you’ve experienced your solar return two days earlier. The month ahead pushes you to focus your energies on partnering, not just with clients but also with colleagues, to make sure you can create an amazing vision as a group rather than going solo. After all, there is no “I” in “team.” Start planning now.

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