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For The Month Of March 2021


Communication and Commerce

If you’re eager for new plans to take shape, %s, you can go far with the sun and harmonious Venus in your sector of talk and thought until March 20 and March 21, respectively. This is a good time for all kinds of negotiations, meetings, and connecting with others who share your goals and interests.

You may be in an entrepreneurial mode and ready to forge ahead with an online project. If so, think about taking things further around the time of the new moon on the thirteenth. This is a great opportunity for a fresh start or to build on what has already been accomplished.

In addition, go-getter Mars moves into Gemini and your work and wellness zone on March 3. Its journey through this sector lasts for around six weeks, and during this time you could be more restless than usual. Your curiosity could lead you to explore new ideas and opportunities, but remember that you can’t do them all. Choose wisely for the best outcome.

Brainy Mercury moves into Pisces on the fifteenth, and its influence can have a positive effect on communication, discussion, and closing any deals. Even so, with Pisces being such a dreamy sign, it would pay to examine the fine print in some depth. Don’t leave anything to chance.

Domestic matters come into focus when the sun moves into Aries on March 20, followed by lovely Venus the next day. This can be your chance to take more of an interest in family affairs and catch up on those DIY projects and other key tasks. And if you’re eager to beautify your home, creative Venus can help you make a fabulous job of it.

Finally, with a full moon in a prominent sector on the twenty-eighth, your work/life balance could be a topic of discussion. How happy are you with the way things are going? If they could be better, use this opportunity to set things right.

Love & Romance

The combination of powerful Mars and air sign Gemini on March 3 is promising for your love life, Capricorn. Even if you’re satisfied in a current relationship, you can’t help but wonder what else is out there. There’s a way to satisfy your curiosity without ruining what you’ve built.

The positive trine between outgoing Mars and your ambitious power planet Saturn on the twenty-first puts the power firmly in your corner. If you’ve been struggling with a partner to come to terms with a common goal, you should win this round. If you’ve been asking someone out without success, this could be the time they finally say yes.

A full moon in air sign Libra on March 28 brings the focus to relationships and encourages you to seek balance between your work life and your personal life. If you’re single, it’s possible to meet someone new through a career-related event.

If you’re single or are separated from your partner during the Venus-Saturn sextile on the thirtieth, you might be feeling the emptiness more than usual. What do you want out of love and how can you best get it? You’re capable of turning things around if you’re willing to make some sacrifices.

Career & Work

If you haven’t been getting the appreciation from your boss that you deserve, it’s going to sting a bit more this month, Capricorn. And even if you have been properly acknowledged for all your hard work, toward the end of March it might feel as though something is lacking. When the moon opposes Venus on March 28, it brings a desire for more attention, and for you that usually means in the workplace.

Differing work styles are likely to present themselves as larger than usual obstacles today as well, and this could very easily create tension if you’re not feeling as secure as usual.

On the same day, there’s a balancing transit taking place in your career sector when the moon trines Saturn. This brings a sense of understanding from others. You could also find that colleagues are more patient than usual and have the emotional strength to actually deal with any issues that arise.

Instincts are strong at this time, so if you need to communicate the fact that you need more positive reinforcement, you’ll know how to clearly state that. It’s a great day to seek constructive criticism from a mentor or elder in your field as well. There may also be some benefits in terms of personal development in the workplace.

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