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For The Month Of October 2021


Career Success

Capricorn, the emphasis on a high-flying sector lasts all month and can coincide with a desire to take your job, career, or business to the next level. With the sun, dynamic Mars, and talkative Mercury working on your behalf, this is an opportunity to take powerful action to get what you want. However, clever Mercury will be retrograde until October 18, so watch out for delays and confusion regarding plans, deals, and negotiations.

Are you ready to kick-start a goal or launch a project? The best time is around the new moon in Libra on the sixth because working in harmony with the moon tide will help your affairs progress nicely.

Charming Venus moves into Sagittarius and your spiritual zone on October 7, making this one of the better times to be nice to yourself. If you tend to ignore your needs and continue to work regardless, use the coming weeks to listen to your body’s messages, tune in to your spiritual side, and enjoy some self-care.

Four planets turn direct this month, including sobering Saturn, your ruler, on the tenth. As it’s currently situated in your financial sector, money matters could take a turn for the better.

The full moon in Aries takes place in your home and family sector on October 20 and could bring buried emotions to the surface. This can be an opportunity to clear the air, but it could result in impulsive moves that might prove disruptive. Being sensitive to others’ feelings can assist you in getting through to them without upsetting them.

Finally, the sun moves into Scorpio and your social sector on the twenty-second, followed by feisty Mars at the end of the month, giving energy and sparkle to friendships and other key connections. You might be drawn to connect with those who have influence and who might be able to help you get something you want.

Love & Romance

When deep-thinking Pluto goes direct while in your ambitious sign on October 6, it’s time to stop just thinking about something and just do it. You’ve had a lot of time to ponder your course of action, Capricorn, now take the first step and don’t look


When ambitious Saturn, your leader, goes direct while traveling with rebellious Aquarius on the tenth, you’ll be ready to start a love revolution! Forget about the way you used to do things. You can start completely fresh with this forward-thinking transit and do things your own way this time.

When the hot sun leaves easygoing Libra for possessive Scorpio on October 22, you seek to find out the information you want to know at all costs. Does that give you the right to invade someone’s privacy, though? No, it doesn’t. You still have to follow the rules.

Masculine Mars meets up with powerful Scorpio on the thirtieth, forming quite the dynamic alliance. You’re extremely persistent for the coming weeks, and you don’t want to hear the word “no.” Unfortunately, rejection is a part of love, but you’d really rather not deal with it now.

Career & Work

The new moon in Libra on October 6 is a pivotal time to revisit an old professional opportunity.

If you’re feeling shy about going full force toward the job, then you might want to check in with a colleague, boss, or someone else in the know. This could prove beneficial to your professional future, mostly because you’ll be back on their radar. A simple e-mail could give them a nudge to remember your talents and abilities. You might even receive a few projects or recognition from your professional circle.

Mercury’s planetary retrograde that began on September 26 and lasts until October 18 can work in your favor if you take the suggested action. When your planetary ruler Saturn turns direct on the tenth, there could be a tinge of insecurity about reaching your goals, mostly because you’re comparing yourself to the competition. No one can do the work you do in the way you do it. Don’t feel less than. You are unique in your field.

With a little more confidence and self-esteem, you can find your wings and soar to new heights this month. The full moon in Aries on October 20 can help you get back your tenacity, courage, and strength, leading you into Scorpio season on a high note.

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