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For The Month Of May 2021


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Love & Romance

You’re ruled by the majestic sun, so while it’s spending time in luxury-loving Taurus at the beginning of the month, you really want to make a good impression on people (a current partner or crush, especially). Here’s the thing, though: this pair doesn’t advocate spending more than you make on romantic gifts and gestures! So, while you might want to go into debt to give someone something you know they’ll really like, it’s best to be fiscally responsible now.

The sun-Saturn square on May 3 puts up barriers between you and an ideal romantic situation, but you’re not just going to lie down and accept it. When it comes to love, you’ll move mountains in its name, so whatever obstacles you have to climb to get to it, you’re ready.

The sun leaves Taurus for airy Gemini on the twentieth, giving you the gift of excellent communication. Your voice is smooth and seductive, and you’re a treasure trove of random information. You’re great at trivia games now or impressing a first date with your knowledge about practically any topic they bring up.

Mercury goes into retrograde while also in Gemini on May 29, sending your romantic plans into a tailspin. Since you can’t count on everything going right, why not prepare for it to go wrong? Who knows? You might even laugh about it someday!

Career & Work

May is the perfect month to make use of your connections. When Mercury and Venus glide into the networking sector of your chart on May 3 and May 8, respectively, you could find that you’re being given the chance to connect with your online colleagues.

If you want to discuss possible work opportunities with someone from your past, the beginning of the month is a great time for you to reach out. Don’t be shy about asking them to introduce you to their connections. It could lead to a new professional opportunity for you during the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on the twenty-sixth. Set aside your ego, speak up, and ask for their assistance. It can help your situation and possibly lead you to your dream gig.

When Jupiter moves into Pisces on May 13, you could be driven to discuss your spending. Although you won’t want to tighten your wallet (after all, you are the most spendy sign of the zodiac!), it could be time to reevaluate your finances. If you feel like asking for a raise, this is an ideal time. However, you’ll find that you can obtain the most cash for your diligent efforts if you leave your current job and move toward something that can lead to a bigger financial return, fame, acclaim, and all the things you desire.


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