Leo Monthly Horoscope (Free Monthly Horoscopes)


For The Month Of December 2022


Leisure Opportunities

The holiday season is now truly underway, Leo, and this month promises to be one full of new adventures and happy occasions. The emphasis on your leisure zone means that you’ll be ready to join in the fun, from wonderful times with your children to opportunities for special dates and lively evenings out. You have a natural ability to spread joy, and it really shows at this time of year.

The full moon on December 7 might be an emotional occasion, because this powerful lunar phase could coincide with an unexpected reunion. Whether you’re delighted to see this person or not, it will be hard to disguise your feelings. If you parted on less than ideal terms, this might be an opportunity to heal any wounds and start over. If you’re delighted to see them, you might want to stay in touch.

And there’s more joy as upbeat Jupiter moves back into Aries and your travel and adventure zone on the twentieth. If you haven’t taken a vacation in a while, you might decide to use this holiday week for a grand getaway.

There is a shift in the air as the focus gradually moves to your sector of work and wellness. This begins as inquisitive Mercury moves into Capricorn on December 6, followed by Venus on December 9 and the sun on December 21. You’ll be ready to set some goals for the new year and get organized so you can hit the ground running. You might also want to revise your wellness routine to avoid putting on any extra pounds over this sociable month.

The new moon in Capricorn on the twenty-third is excellent for a new beginning. This is a great time to initiate new habits, start a major project, or get on board with anything that really excites you.

However, it would help to take care when talkative Mercury is in reverse from December 29 to January 18, 2023. There could be delays, so you’ll need to be patient.

Love & Romance

Your love life has the potential to be filled with laughter and playfulness as your shiny leader sun spends time in enthusiastic Sagittarius and your fun zone for most of the month. Of course, you still have the need for a lot of ego-boosting moments, but the people who love you expect that. If you’re just getting to know someone, however, they might be put off by your needy behavior.

Lovestruck Venus leaves adventurous Sagittarius for goal-driven Capricorn on December 9, so you might have to put on hold the fun and games that started earlier in the month while you deal with more serious matters. You’ll be more reliable and responsible now, which are excellent traits for attracting a partner or keeping one around!

The sun joins Venus in Capricorn on the twenty-first, encouraging you to zero in on what it will take to truly make you happy in the long term. We’re not talking about the little stuff here, Leo. This is intense, life-altering energy that can help you make some radical changes that will benefit your love life for years to come.

A coy Mercury-Venus meetup on December 29 gives you mad flirting skills and dials your charm up to eleven out of ten. No one can resist you now.

Career & Work

Creativity is flowing freely from your heart to your professional vision while the sun is in Sagittarius. You could be inspired to start a whole new artistic venture and redo your brand for your business. Keep in mind that it’s a process and might take time to find the right idea to commit to. Don’t let your impulsive nature push you into a situation you’re unsure about. The full moon in Gemini on December 7 could motivate you to take your unique ideas public.

Venus enters Capricorn two days later, highlighting your relationships with colleagues and clients. This can be very useful over the next few days, when potential clients come your way looking for a flashy new business in which to invest their time and money.

The sun enters Capricorn on the twenty-first, and you’ll have the chance to cement contacts and sign contracts with clients with the intention of working exclusively with you. This gives you the opportunity to help navigate your clients toward greatness. The friendly holiday vibe might tempt you to connect with them on a deeper level, but the lesson for you is to set some boundaries.

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