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For The Month Of March 2021


Transform Your Outlook

You’re on a roll, and it looks like being around other people is helping you get your act together. “The more the merrier” may have been your motto last month. This month, you might need some quiet time to reflect on all that has happened and draw a few conclusions.

The sun in a private and emotional zone until March 20 brings an opportunity to look deeper and consider what you want rather than go with the expectations of others. Plus, you might be ready to give your finances and business a going over and make a few key decisions.

The new moon on the thirteenth is perfect for a fresh start. If you’re launching a product or starting a savings plan, go for it now.

In addition, fiery Mars moves into your social sector on March 3 and stays for around six weeks. This could find you eager to enhance your social media presence and network in general.

A lighter mood could overtake you as the sun moves into Aries and your exploration and adventure zone on the twentieth. The coming four weeks could find you ready to take on new opportunities and uncover fresh possibilities.

And with luscious Venus moving in the next day, there is also the potential for connecting with someone who brings out your spirit of adventure. If you’re involved in a long-distance relationship, the weeks ahead could find you drawing even closer and perhaps arranging to meet whenever appropriate.

The full moon on March 28 highlights your sector of communication, so it would pay to watch your words. Something you say could cause a reaction or misunderstanding when it would be so easy to avoid it. Know that others may be more sensitive than usual on this day, so take extra care in any key discussions.

Love & Romance

Kindness and compassion are flowing when your ruler sun is partnered with water sign Pisces at the beginning of the month. This is a good time to forgive anyone who has hurt you in the past. Put your ego aside long enough for true healing to take place.

There’s a new moon, also in sensitive Pisces, on the thirteenth, giving you the chance to bring your dream romantic scenarios to life. What do you dare to picture for your love life when no one else is looking? Getting what you want is achievable when you keep yourself open to the incredible possibilities of this magical lunation.

The sun exits Pisces and enters fellow fire sign Aries on March 20, giving you the drive and ambition to take the initiative and get what you want when it comes to love. This is a more direct and powerful energy than when the sun was in Pisces, with a much more competitive edge. Winning is the most important thing now.

Romantic peace and harmony are possible during the sun-Venus conjunction on the twenty-sixth, especially if you have someone special in your life already. Spending time relaxing and enjoying each other’s company is all you need to feel content. If you’re looking for love, you might find it with someone you know. Love blossoms where a friendship already exists.

Career & Work

A rebirth of sorts takes place for you when the sun, your ruling planet, moves into your companion sign of Aries on March 20. This is a time of reawakening and new beginnings, so if you’re feeling like it’s time to move on to the next project, make sure you align with this energy as much as possible.

This transit is also very timely because it’s also the spring equinox. The world is waking back up and feeling alive again, and that energy is sure to translate to everyone, but especially all Leos. Embrace these great vibes while they last. Venus moves into Aries the next day, which brings with it a sense of adventure, and you’ll be ready to tackle any challenges at work.

The moon moves into your sign a couple of days after that, on the twenty-third, which encourages some very exciting new ideas and inspiration. Don’t be surprised if this shift makes you want to show off any of your talents to your higher-ups. If it does, go for it!

Finally, the rewards are made evident when the sun conjoins Venus on March 26, which always showers blessings on everyone, especially when it comes to money. There is so much prosperity to be grateful for at this time. This is also a good day to invest, but only with care. Any frivolous movements can have negative repercussions if you’re not cautious.

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