Leo Monthly Horoscope (Free Monthly Horoscopes)


For The Month Of October 2022


Connecting the Dots

Leo, the emphasis is on your sector of talk and thought as October gets underway. The coming weeks until October 23 could find you networking, negotiating, studying and eager to make valuable new connections. With both the sun and diplomatic Venus in Libra, you’ll have a natural knack for resolving situations in a way that works for everyone. But the coming weeks are also an opportunity to showcase your creative skills and other talents. If you need to promote your business or market your work, this is an excellent time to do so.

At the same time, talkative Mercury turns direct in your money zone on the second, which can put an end to any delays and frustrations around financial affairs. You’ll soon notice the difference, and your cash flow will begin to look livelier too.

Powerful Pluto turns direct on October 8, and serious Saturn follows suit two weeks later. If you’ve run into a few obstacles in recent weeks and months, these can now begin to ease.

Tempers could fray around the time of the full moon in Aries on the ninth. Emotions could be quite feisty and fierce at times, and you certainly won’t back down from any confrontations. However, it might be better to take a more tactful approach to resolving an argument. A key relationship could suffer if you don’t.

Change is in the air as luscious Venus and the sun move into Scorpio and your domestic sector on October 23. The coming four weeks or so can be a time of healing and regeneration, especially if you take time out to relax and unwind.

The solar eclipse in Scorpio on the twenty-fifth could coincide with a major decision. You might be ready to buy or sell real estate or move to a new location, and this eclipse can hasten such developments.

Finally, feisty Mars turns retrograde in your social sector on October 30, which means that people from your past could be a bridge to new opportunities.

Love & Romance

It’s time to start focusing on the future when asteroid Vesta (partnered with intelligent Aquarius) leaves its retrograde cycle and starts moving forward again on October 5. Looking at your current romantic situation from a logical perspective helps.On the eleventh, your bright leader sun is in balanced Libra during its trine to smart Saturn in Aquarius, which can help you get your boring responsibilities out of the way quickly so you can have some fun. If you’re part of a couple, divide chores evenly so that one of you doesn’t feel resentful.There’s an optimistic sun-Mars air trine on October 17 that gives you some extra energy to conquer whatever has been standing in the way of you being as happy as you can be. If your self-esteem has taken a hit lately, you might be hesitant to try again, but trust us, Leo. The Universe is working in your favor now, so the chances of being rejected are low.The sun and Venus enter sultry Scorpio on the twenty-third, and the new moon and solar eclipse in Scorpio two days later help make sure that the end of the month is filled with intensity, secrecy and mystery! The Scorpion’s transformative powers are amazing. If you can find a way to lower your guard and let someone in, you’re due for some truly magical moments.


Career & Work

This month brings a lot of mixed energies your way. That’s mostly because you’ve been so busy strategically manifesting the next steps in your career that you haven’t had time to focus on what you want to bring to the world.

Mercury’s retrograde in the personal sector of your chart (which ends on October 2), has been pushing you to understand what you want to create on a grander scale, and you’ll be using this time to do some deep soul-searching.

The good news is that the sun entering Scorpio on the twenty-third allows you to get a clearer perspective on what you want to create. You’ll find that the last week of October is when you can flourish creatively and revive your passion for your job. You can succeed if you’re open to growth and change, Leo. Fluidity will prove to be the crucial ingredient, though it might be a difficult counterpart to your fixed energies.

The solar eclipse on October 25 is the prime time to unveil your new visions and professional projects to the world. You might not feel like you’re ready, but you can crush it and spark inspiration in your career.

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