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For The Month Of July 2021


Fabulous and Charismatic

This is a creative and expressive month for you, Leo, when you can wow others with your talents, abilities, and wonderful personality. With the sun in a private zone until July 22, the cosmos encourages you to clear the decks by finding closure on emotional issues and tying up loose ends. 

During these first weeks, your dreams could be especially important, so write them down. They might have crucial guidance that can assist you in making the most of the months ahead.

There is a powerful new moon in Cancer and your spiritual sector on the ninth that could inspire you to make a fresh start concerning your spiritual practices. If you’re thinking of taking up meditation, mindfulness, or yoga, this is a great time to start. The peace you get from this can be enough to encourage you to continue.

In addition, with shopaholic Venus moving into Virgo on July 21, her presence in your money zone could inspire a desire for carefully handcrafted items and stylish clothes. Anything that has an air of quality and craftsmanship about it could call out to you.

The sun’s move into your sign the next day is a time of heightened energy and confidence. If you have creative ideas coming out your ears, this is the perfect time to do something about them. Warrior Mars is also in your sign, so you’ll be proactive and eager to get moving on those plans and projects that you feel naturally drawn to.

Relationships get a boost as uplifting Jupiter moves into Aquarius on the twenty-eighth, where it stays until December 28. As it’s currently in its retrograde phase, someone from your past could have quite an impact on you. In addition, opportunities and offers might come through your efforts at networking and making new connections.

Love & Romance

The start of the month brings a powerful square between aggressive Mars in your fire sign and rebellious Uranus in fixed earth sign Taurus on July 3, setting off a series of negative and even potentially dangerous scenarios. You will probably feel boxed in by this energy, with the people around you either unwilling or unable to lend support. Now that you sense you’re completely on your own, the question is what are you going to do about it?Informational Mercury partners up with your ruler sun, already in sensitive Cancer, on the eleventh, giving you some time to calm down and regroup from the unpleasantness you might have been experiencing lately. When you give that special person in your life some extra TLC, you get it doubled in return.You feel the anticipation that comes with the knowledge you will be celebrating your birthday soon as the sun moves into your fun-loving sign on July 22, and you can’t help but start to wonder what your partner might have planned for you. Hopefully, their gift lives up to your expectations! If you’re single, make sure you post about your upcoming special day on social media. The announcement might be all your secret crush needs to finally express their true feelings! Happy birthday to you!

Career & Work

The first half of the month is quiet when it comes to professional endeavors. However, July 1 could bring some temporary stress and frustration with professional alliances and partnerships when Mars and Saturn retrograde oppose each other in the sky. But that won’t keep you from achieving your goals. Being the fiery and vibrant person that you are, it won’t be hard to get your needs met and your work done.

When Venus enters Virgo on the twenty-first and Mars enters Virgo eight days later, you could feel as though your finances are at a high. This can lead you to a good place when it comes to negotiating work contracts and payments because you won’t have to push hard to get the money you want from the powers that be. At the start of your solar return on July 22, you could find that everyone wants to spoil you with compliments and attention. Soak up all the good vibes. 

The Aquarius full moon on the twenty-third could make you extra aware of any negotiations needed in order to maintain equilibrium at the workplace. This is pertinent to achieving success with co-workers when Jupiter retrograde reenters Aquarius on July 28, increasing the importance of colleagues, contracts, and all professional relationships.

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