Cancer Monthly Horoscope (Free Monthly Horoscopes)


For The Month Of October 2022


Home, Sweet Home

Cancer, this is an exciting month when progress becomes possible on more than one front. Six planets are in retrograde motion at the start of the month, including Mercury, which could slow things down considerably. With first Mercury, then Pluto and finally Saturn pushing ahead, things will get moving. However, with feisty Mars rewinding in a private zone as of October 30, you’ll still need to be on your toes.

The emphasis is on your home and family zone until the twenty-third. You’ll be concerned with family affairs, getting your place in order and perhaps stepping back from life and getting some distance from any ongoing problems. This is an opportunity to get a better sense of perspective on things.

The full moon in dynamic Aries on October 9 could put you in the spotlight and encourage you to share your feelings on an issue that’s deeply important to you. Act with integrity and be mindful of your reputation, because this lunar phase could affect your image. Avoid impulsive moves and unnecessary conflict.

There is a change of tack, though, as luscious Venus moves into Scorpio and your leisure zone followed by the radiant sun on the twenty-third. This is your chance to explore those hobbies you’re passionate about. Use this time to hone your skills and develop new ones. And consider promoting your talents whenever possible.

Romance is also in the cards no matter what your relationship status. If you’re looking for love, this can be a time of sizzling dates and intense feelings. Equally, if you’re in a relationship, going on some special dates or going away for a short time with your partner could rekindle the spark of passion in your bond.

The solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25 could coincide with powerful feelings for someone or a compulsive urge to follow a course of action. Whatever you do, choose wisely.

Finally, positive Jupiter moves back into Pisces and your sector of far horizons on the twenty-seventh, which suggests a missed opportunity could again be up for grabs.

Love & Romance

Your inner fire has been lit and you’ve burned through some valuable inner growth during Vesta’s retrograde in Aquarius. Now, when it goes direct on October 5, it’s time to start helping others with just as much passion. You’re practically the poster child for what self-growth can do for someone’s love life, Cancer, so go out and educate others!On the ninth, a full moon in fiery Aries encourages you to push past your (perhaps self-imposed) romantic limitations in order to find more passion in your life. Even if you’re currently in a happy relationship, you can always be more happy, fulfilled, satisfied, etc. Single Crabs, get spontaneous. Say yes instead of no and watch the fireworks go off!On October 23, both the sun and Venus pair up with kindred emotional water sign Scorpio, intensifying your feelings to an incredible degree. If you meet someone you really click with in the next month, you’re immediately obsessed. And if you’re already with your soul mate, you won’t be able to keep your hands off each other. Your sexual chemistry is unreal.Scorpio’s intensity makes another appearance as it influences the new moon and solar eclipse on the twenty-fifth, infusing your love life with suspicion, jealousy and thoughts of revenge. The worst thing you can do under this lunation is act without having any evidence. Using “I just had a feeling” as an excuse to cause drama or damage isn’t nearly a good enough excuse now.

Career & Work

This month allows you to find balance between your personal life and the professional world. The caveat is that you might not necessarily be ready to commit to one way of thinking over another.

The Aries full moon on October 9 brings your career into focus. However, the energy forces it to take a back seat as you deal with personal matters. As someone who often feels like you’re biting off more than you can chew, those two weeks will begin to create tension within. You might find that the reason you’re having trouble focusing on work is because your goals have shifted. You’re beginning to change how you pursue your objectives.

Perhaps finding a creative outlet will benefit your desires. If so, Cancer, this month lets you explore new ways to add artistry to your professional vision. Be open to different approaches when exploring your talent. Don’t commit to one plan or way of thinking. Be flexible and embrace a new means of expression this month.

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