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For The Month Of October 2021


Pleasures of Home

The sun, Mars, and Mercury continue in your domestic zone, Virgo, so the focus may be on getting your place shipshape. This is not only in the sense of making your place tidy and clutter-free but also creating harmony among the people you live with. If any issues have been hanging over you as a family or group, this is one of the better times to sort them out. The emphasis on the sign of Libra means that tact and diplomacy can help ease difficult situations and bring people together again.

The new moon in Libra on October 6 is a great time to kick-start any new plans or initiatives. Are you ready to give your place a makeover? Start now and you’ll be really pleased with the results. If you need to do a major decluttering, go for it, especially while chatty Mercury is retrograde. You’ll be eager to dig into those dark corners and free up more space.

Charming Venus moves into Sagittarius on the seventh, bringing a bold and adventurous note to your lifestyle choices and decisions. Maybe you’d like to work and travel at the same time. This might be one idea that appeals to you over the coming weeks, especially if you’re thinking of going with a good friend.

The full moon in Aries on October 20 could coincide with the completion of a plan or project and a chance to celebrate your success.

As the focus shifts to the sign of Scorpio, with the sun moving in on the twenty-second and Mars entering eight days later, your sector of leisure and pleasure lights up. Your love life could improve dramatically, perhaps being the best it has been all year. 

At the same time, you might enjoy creative activities and hobbies for their therapeutic value. Just be sure to kick back and enjoy doing those things you love to do.

Love & Romance

Impartial Libra hosts the new moon on October 6, inviting you to solve your friends’ (or your own) romantic disputes like a pro. You know how to advise people about making compromises (or how to make them yourself) so that everyone gets a little something that they want.

The full moon in dominant Aries on the twentieth encourages you to take what you want. And while you aren’t usually the most aggressive sign, taking the initiative and making the first move is very empowering now.

Kindred water sign Scorpio is paired with the shining sun starting on October 22, at which point you might become focused (okay, fixated) on that one person you can’t have. Ask yourself why you can’t get them out of your mind. It probably has more to do with your own issues (unhappiness, low self-esteem, etc.) than how great they are.

Strong-willed Mars pairs up with confident Scorpio on the thirtieth, creating some extremely powerful energy for you to work with. This isn’t the time to be shy, Cancer. You’ve never had a better chance to get what you want than you do right now.

Career & Work

This month allows you to address the balance between your personal life and professional world. The challenge is that you might not necessarily be able to. The new moon that occurs on October 6 forces work to take a seat back while you deal with personal matters, but the full moon in Aries on the twentieth brings your career into focus.

As someone who often feels as though they can bite off more than they can chew, you could find that those two weeks begin to create some tension. You might realize that the reason you’re having trouble focusing on work is because your goals have shifted, and you are beginning to change how you pursue your objectives.

Perhaps finding a creative outlet will benefit your professional desires. If so, then the sun’s move into Scorpio on October 22 can help you explore new ways to add more artistry to your career vision. Be open to different approaches when exploring your talent. Don’t commit to one plan or way of thinking. Allow your thoughts to roam and your direction could change when Mars enters Scorpio on the thirtieth. Be flexible with your professional plans and embrace new ways of expressing your vision this month.

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