Cancer Monthly Horoscope (Free Monthly Horoscopes)


For The Month Of May 2022


No Stopping You

Cancer, the sun in Taurus and your social zone until May 20 encourages you to reach out to others for friendship, new business connections, and support. If you’re ready to explore new options, then align with those who share your interests and intentions to give you the push you need. You’ll feel very much at ease with those who are truly kindred spirits.

You could be quite a star and very much in the spotlight as key influences positively affect your popularity. With convivial Venus entering Aries on the second, followed by upbeat Jupiter on the tenth and feisty Mars on the twenty-fourth, you’ll have the charm and confidence to aim high and follow through on a plan that could take you out of your comfort zone. This is a good time to explore ideas and opportunities that you might otherwise pass up. If you’re willing to put in the hard work, you could do very well.

At the same time, chatty Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Gemini and your spiritual sector on May 10, which could coincide with unexpected delays or events that impact your plans. If you have important matters or deadlines to attend to, start early so you’ll have more time to complete them.

The lunar eclipse in Scorpio and your leisure sector on the fifteenth highlights an opportunity to let go of limitations and embrace your natural talents. If you’ve been hiding them away, the cosmos is encouraging you to showcase them to the world.

The sun’s move into Gemini and your spiritual sector on May 20 makes this a time of reflection and an opportunity to let go of emotional baggage.

Finally, the new moon in Gemini on the thirtieth can be an excellent time to take up a spiritual practice like meditation, mindfulness, or another technique that can help you maintain your peace of mind.

Love & Romance

Are you ready to have a little more authority over your own love life, Cancer? Because as romantic Venus partners with passionate Aries on May 2, you’re feeling less shy and more like a confident risk taker. In games of Truth or Dare, you choose dare every time!A gentle partnership between motherly asteroid Ceres and your comforting sign begins on the fifteenth, at which point your relationship with a current or potential lover might take on a much more platonic than passionate vibe. Remember that caring about someone isn’t the same as being attracted to them.Your emotional leader moon enters a full phase and lunar eclipse in intense Scorpio on the fifteenth as well, surrounding you with suspicious, mistrustful energy. If you suddenly have doubts about a current partner or a new flirtation that had been progressing nicely up until this point, do some investigating. Is this just you being cynical or is there more to the mystery?As a Gemini new moon arrives on May 30, you find yourself ending the month in a restless mood. You want more from your love life, but is there actually something missing or are you just impatient? Explore your options.

Career & Work

May heats up your career sector in many ways, Cancer, so there’s a lot going on for you regarding money and work. If your bank account seems like a roller coaster, the tense aspects brought to you by all the Aries action on May 2, May 10 and May 24 have you seeking inventive ways to make money. 

Financial security is important to you, though you’re aware that finances fluctuate throughout life. It’s important for you to keep track of what you spend on your business and what you spend on fun. Creating and sticking to a budget will help you stay on track when it comes to allocating your money. 

Work is another complicated situation in your life. When the new moon occurs on the thirtieth, you could be inspired to go after a new professional dream. Perhaps you’ll join a new work team, get a promotion, or find a new job. The one thing to look out for is the bottom line of any opportunity. Use this energy to set boundaries with management and the people you work with. Aim to have a more relaxed approach and attitude by the end of the month.

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