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Read free Cancer weekly horoscope for the Week 41 of 2021. Week Starting On: October 11 to October 17.


Week 41 of 2021

Week Starting On: October 11 to October 17


This week, experimentation equals bad, tried-and-true equals good. Cancer, stick with what you know.

On Tuesday, October 12, Mercury retrograde in Libra, in your house of home and kitchens, makes an inconjunct to Uranus in Taurus in your house of new experiences. You might think to experiment with cuisine today, but it could bring you some unexpected and possibly unpleasant results. Check expiration dates before you start cooking. And if you're eating out, consider going to a place you're quite familiar with.

Toward the middle of the week, on Wednesday, October 13, Venus in Sagittarius, in your house of health and well-being, makes a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius in your house of protection. Today, you may be reviewing how you take care of yourself. Perhaps you want to take up yoga, or perhaps something more exotic like "forest bathing." Cancer, getting in touch with nature, walking through the woods, and breathing the autumn air can help you feel restored.

Love & Romance

This week, it may be hard to understand intimacy on a deep level. When Saturn turns direct on October 10, after moonwalking in Aquarius since May 23, you may feel as though you want to harden your heart. This means creating boundaries between you and your partner, or even friends when the Libra sun and Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius connect on October 15. 

The reason you weren’t opting to take this path is because you feel as though others are taking your generosity and kindness for granted, without fairly reciprocating in return. Before you create limits with people, try to explain how you were feeling to avoid drama from happening in your relationships. You may find that a simple talk will open the issues and heal the situation without having to put a lot of effort into understanding and ruminating over it internally. 

You might also be feeling that you aren’t being given the amount of respect that you deserve. Whether this is in the form of a present, flowers, or even dinner which is made by your significant other, you are wanting to be treated like the amazing person you are. It’s okay to ask for this kindness from your partner. Make sure your needs are being met in order to create a healthy dynamic.

Career & Work

October’s tone is about to get a little more serious starting this week. Cancer, you are being called to get more serious about your professional endeavors.

To start, Saturn stations direct on Sunday, October 10. When Saturn stations direct, you can now plan to rebuild your investments to your unique specifications. Saturn wants you to invest wisely, as said investments in your career take time to mature. Additionally, Saturn’s direct presence could encourage you to seek out unlikely or unusual ways to transform your professional path. Then on Tuesday, October 12, there will be a first quarter moon in your opposite sign, Capricorn. The lunation is all about initiative. You can use the capitalist lunar energy to seek out fulfilling business partnerships and contracts, which Saturn can then structure to your ideal specifications. These two transits can greatly shape your professional development. 

Your workweek ends on a friendly note as Venus sextiles Saturn from Wednesday to Thursday, October 13 to 14. This lovely sextile shines a positive light on your work environment. Colleagues may seem friendly, and work could be more enjoyable. It could be the right time to invest with colleagues within your workplace!

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