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Read free Scorpio weekly horoscope for the Week 19 of 2021. Week Starting On: May 10 to May 16.


Week 19 of 2021

Week Starting On: May 10 to May 16


Somebody in finance may be giving you the runaround. Scorpio, to get help, you'll need to be persistent.

The week begins on Monday, May 10, with Mercury in Gemini making a conjunction to the North Node in your house of resources. Today, resources may be gained. So, it is time to ask. Scorpio, sometimes you avoid accepting help because you fear the strings attached. Today's a good day to ask and bring along a pair of scissors to cut those strings if necessary. Allow others to give to you and accept what you are offered if it works for you.

The new moon in Taurus, in your house of relationships, is on Tuesday, May 11, and for the next two weeks, you have some positive relationship energy, especially for meeting new people. On the same day, Mars, in your house of adventure, makes a sextile to unpredictable Uranus in Taurus. Today a chance meeting may bring a new friend or someone who becomes much, much more. It's good to do the unexpected today, to visit a new area of town, or to just break your routine. You may have a date with destiny.

Love & Romance

You may be craving more intimacy and deeper connections from your love life now that Venus has entered your passionate eighth house as of May 8. You may find yourself far more willing to open your heart and let a lover in on your secrets. And when Mercury joins forces with the North Node in your intimate eighth house on May 10, you may exchange a secret with your lover that takes your relationship to the next level.

On May 11, the new moon will rush through your seventh house of partnerships, which may lead you to a new relationship altogether. This new moon will place a focus on what you need from a relationship and how you can improve as a partner. Whether you’re single or taken, the experience will encourage you to strengthen your emotional bonds with harmony and understanding. As Mercury forms a trine with Saturn in your fourth house of home and family on May 12, you may even feel inspired to begin nesting with a partner and building a future together.

On May 13, the sun in your seventh house of partnerships will sextile Neptune in your poetic fifth house, sending a pink cloud of romance over your love life and encouraging you to show your partner how you feel. And because Jupiter enters your colorful fifth house on May 13, this is just the beginning of all the lust and romance that’s headed your way.

Career & Work

You may be starting this week off thinking about how you’re investing your time, energy, and money. After all, on May 10, Mercury will form a conjunction with the North Node in your eighth house of merged resources, which might just spur an opportunity to make a commitment to a major opportunity. It may even pave the way for unexpected windfalls, so prepare for debts to be paid off.

As the new moon radiates throughout your seventh house of partnerships on May 11, it will highlight how well you work with others and how you can improve your interpersonal skills. It may even encourage you to engage in a business partnership that takes your work to new heights. However, on May 11, you may also feel insecure about your ability to accomplish the work on your end. As Mars squares off with Chiron in your productive sixth house, you may feel doubtful about your ability to keep up with your workload.

However, as Mercury forms a trine with Saturn in your fourth house of home and family on May 12, you rediscover why you’re going to work every day. After all, you have a future to build for yourself and your loved ones. And as the moon in your adventurous ninth house forms a trine with Jupiter in your colorful fifth house on May 14, you’re ending the week filled to the brim with artistic inspiration.

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