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Read free Scorpio weekly horoscope for the Week 13 of 2021. Week Starting On: March 29 to April 04.


Week 13 of 2021

Week Starting On: March 29 to April 04


Scorpio, there are several opportunities for you this week, especially related to your work.

The week begins on Sunday, March 28, with the full moon in Libra lighting up your house of intuition and spiritual practices. Over the next couple of weeks, you might want to try your hand at palmistry, channeling, or reading Tarot cards.

On Monday, March 29, Mercury in Pisces, in your house of fun and romance, forms a conjunction with dreamy Neptune in Pisces. A romantic evening with your sweetheart is possible. It could be complete with candles and flower petals on the bed. If you're looking for love, you can find someone with great chemistry who makes your heart pitter-patter in your chest.

Love & Romance

As the full moon in Libra reigns over this week, the collective cosmos will see a major focus on matters of relationships, commitments, and marriage. Don’t be surprised if you hear of many weddings, engagements, or new unions at this time, too!

While this lunation technically falls in your twelfth house, you’ll likely be deeply introspective regarding your personal life and reflecting on where you’ve been, where you stand, and where you’d like to go.

All Scorpios should release negative patterns and meditate on how they can find closure within their hearts. If for some reason you can’t get over an ex, this may provide you the surge of energy to finally do so.

A dazzling day for a confession in love or to send a message to a crush will be March 29 as Mercury forms a conjunction with Neptune in your fifth house. You will have the perfect words to seduce, inspire, or speak from the heart.

March 30 will also be important for you, as Venus will link in a sextile to Saturn. Your need for companionship will increase at this time, so spend time with someone who respects and values you. This is yet another day perfect for making a promise you hope to keep.

Career & Work

Work on letting go of your ego as this week begins. On March 28, the full moon in your twelfth house of the subconscious encourages rest, reflection, and introspection as you process all of the things you’ve learned over the past few months. It’s not about whether you’ve won or lost, but about what you got out of your experiences. Feel proud and appreciative of the journey you’ve embarked on. You may even feel like playing hooky by March 29, when the Mercury-Neptune conjunction radiates through your fifth house of creativity and fun. If you have no choice but to work, try and tap into the artistic side of what your career is all about.

However, it will be time to bring yourself down to Earth on March 31. The sun in your productive sixth house will sextile Saturn in your fourth house of home and family. Let the idea of building the home you’ve always dreamed of guide you toward succeeding in your goals. You deserve a solid center to your world.

Playful thinking could yield powerful connections by April 2. Mercury in your colorful fifth house will sextile Pluto in your intellectual third house, proving that you don’t always have to take everything so seriously. Lightening up might just give your brain the relief it needs in order to function.

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