Weekly Horoscope for Sagittarius (Free Weekly Horoscopes)


Week 20 of 2022

Week Starting On: May 16 to May 22


This week, you can use limitations to focus your energy. 

The week begins on Sunday, May 15, with the sun in Taurus and your house of work making a square to Saturn in Aquarius and your house of communication. Sagittarius, this is a hard aspect that could result in some communication from your company that isn’t to your liking. The company might be imposing limitations on time off, decreasing work flexibility or setting other draconian rules. You might have a desire to shoot off an email in response. A better use of this energy is to work on your side business. Do some deep work, planning and focused execution to use the Saturn energy.

There’s a lunar eclipse in Scorpio in your house of intuition on Monday, May 16. You might receive a message from the powers that be. Sagittarius, this epiphany could come through song lyrics, an online video or something you read in a book. Now it feels like the world makes more sense. You can use this as a framework for other decisions about whether to stay in your job, continue your relationship or change residences.

Love & Romance

You're in a good place right now, dear Archer. With Venus camped out under your sign, you're able to focus on self-love rather than seeking approval from others. The beginning of the week will bring good times and cheer your way, as the lunar eclipse inspires you to get out, embrace your friendships, and seek an understanding of events. However, things will change once the eclipse energy soaks in. Finding someone to couple up with won't be a priority right now, though there's always the possibility that someone could unexpectedly pop into your life. 

Things will quiet down midweek when the lunar eclipse in Scorpio occurs, putting you in a quieter, more internal place. The Scorpio lunar eclipse can help you unpack relationship baggage from the past. Still, you’ll want to make sure you're being gentle with yourself while releasing any lingering pain from yesterday’s loves. You're one of the luckiest members of the zodiac, which means love could manifest for you at any time. However, right now, it's important that you focus on yourself and build up your dreams as an independent person.

Career & Work

Expect the unexpected throughout your workweek, Sagittarius.

Your work-life balance may be in better shape than expected as the sun in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces on Sunday, May 15. The sextile is harmonious and easygoing, implying steadiness to the overall flow of your workday as you maneuver your professional and personal obligations. It will feel like a nice break from the chaos of the eclipse portal, which ends the following day under the full moon total lunar eclipse in Scorpio. You may feel subconsciously challenged to let go of negative, self-limiting beliefs during the eclipse. Now is the time to reduce any pessimistic self-talk, especially about your work, so that you can lean into a more productive mental processing and appraisal of events. By doing so, you can radically reshape your work life to be more positive! At the end of the week, the sun enters your opposite sign, Gemini. Gemini season is ready to curiously explore the duplicity of your professional commitments and arrangements. On Saturday, May 21, the sun conjuncts Mercury retrograde in Gemini, allowing for valuable insight. You and your colleagues may feel more attuned to what needs to change within the ongoing partnerships and arrangements.

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