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Read free Sagittarius weekly horoscope for the Week 13 of 2021. Week Starting On: March 29 to April 04.


Week 13 of 2021

Week Starting On: March 29 to April 04


This week, Sagittarius, you have more than one road to take to get to where you want to go.

The week begins on Sunday, March 28, with the full moon in the sign of Libra, lighting up your house of community and friendships. This has been a challenging 12 months for someone as gregarious as you, Sagittarius. For the next couple of weeks, there is a focus on reaching out to friends you haven't spoken to in a while. This could be by text or video conference and occasionally in-person.

On Monday, March 29, Mercury in Pisces, in your house of dwellings, forms a conjunction with Neptune. You may be uncertain whether you want to stay in your current home. It's possible the Universe is giving you signs that it's time to go through plumbing issues. If the sink is stopped up or the toilet is overflowing, this could be a sign that it's time to move on.

Love & Romance

With so much planetary activity highlighting fun, pleasure, and romance, you are sure to enjoy this week, Sagittarius. The full moon on March 28 will fall in your social eleventh house, likely seeing you attend a memorable event with friends. If single, this is a magnificent moment to stir the pot and circulate to see if anyone catches your interest.

Online dating can also be helpful to introduce new options onto your bench or if you’ve had a crush on an acquaintance, you could take the plunge and ask them out. Committed Sagittariuses can also enjoy this energy by bringing their lover out with the crew. The sun and Venus keep promising passion, so don’t forget to spice it up and seek adventure! Mercury and Neptune form a conjunction on March 29, increasing your ability to be empathic and sensitive at this time.

Venus will outreach her gaze toward Saturn on March 30, forming a sweet sextile. This will increase your need for companionship and stability at this time. If committed, make a long-term promise you truly intend to keep. Single Sagittariuses should set up a meeting with someone who is marriage material, not just a one-night fling.


Career & Work

You might be absorbing changes in your network as this week begins. On March 28, the full moon in Libra will send shockwaves through your 11th house of community, inspiring you to invest your energy in a group of people that share your interests and your vision. These people may work in your field, but they may also come from a different background. Use your social prowess to assemble a worthwhile team.

However, don’t be surprised if you’d rather set aside your work and focus on inner work by March 29. The Mercury-Neptune conjunction in your fourth house of private life will leave you craving comfort and familiarity. This is the perfect day to accomplish work of a domestic nature as you spruce up your workspace.

The energy will feel more grounded and stimulating by March 31. The sun in your colorful fifth house will sextile Saturn in your intelligent third house, encouraging a fusion between your logical and your creative sensibilities. On April 1, the Sagittarius moon will also form a trine with the sun, delving even deeper into your need for artistic expression in your work. And by April 2, Mercury will sextile Pluto in your financial sector, giving you a better idea of how capable you are of making the money you need.

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