Sagittarius 2024 Yearly Horoscope (Free Yearly Horoscopes)


For the Year 2022


Life really is one big adventure for you most of the time, Sag, and 2022 has lots of opportunities for you to laugh, love, learn, explore, and expand your mind in new and meaningful ways!

Your ruler Jupiter has incredibly mind-expanding energy, and it spends an erratic year going back and forth between two very different energies: fluid Pisces at the beginning, aggressive Aries from mid-May to the end of October, back to Pisces until late December, and then back to Aries to close out 2022! These extremes affect your moods as you go from deeply compassionate and spiritual experiences to fast-paced, personally empowering ones, so get ready to enjoy a bit of a roller-coaster ride for much of the year.

With your home planet's retrograde period between the end of July and the end of November, you get a much-needed chance to do some profound self-reflection, which is honestly something you really love to do. Tuning out the distractions of your (sometimes hectic) everyday life allows you to focus on what your inner consciousness has to say as you reflect on the experiences you've had so far this year. You know those deep philosophical questions you like to ponder? This is the time to get some answers.

The sun partners with your cheerful sign from the end of November to the end of December, encouraging you to connect with other people and a greater cause (not that you even really need the extra boost). Looking for charities and ways to make other people's lives a bit richer can really enhance your holiday experience this year, Sagittarius. Spending the holidays in a new city or country is your dream, but there are plenty of wonderful experiences to be had closer to home as well.

Love & Romance

You prefer it when love is one big adventure, and like most fire signs, you usually act first and then wonder what happened after the fact! Although you like to take the initiative whenever possible, a lot of things in your love life seem to just fall into place without you having to do too much. Keep reading to see how organically your love life will be revealed in 2022.

Passionately sexy Mars is happily at play in your exciting, enthusiastic sign at the start of January, Sag, so get ready to have some fun! Keeping things casual will be your focus now, but you're always looking for someone who could be a potential long-term partner in crime, so if a fling turns into something more you won't complain.

If you're traveling at the start of the year, you have a good chance of meeting new romantic prospects in other cities or countries, but long goodbyes aren't really your thing. Don't make any promises to call or text if you aren't going to.

Romantic Venus spends late June to mid-July paired with airy Gemini, encouraging you to sample all that the dating world has to offer. You'll be looking for a solid intellectual connection now, so you're more into someone's personality than looks.

Career & Work

Career opportunities come in many different forms when you're open to them, Sagittarius. As one of the most broad-minded signs of the zodiac, you're willing to consider all kinds of interesting ones this year.

One of the biggest impacts on your career this year is the uneven energy of impulsive Uranus in conservative Taurus. With so many changes taking place both in your own world and on a global scale, you won't know exactly how to feel about them all, but you're willing to consider your options.

Luckily, you're a mutable fire sign who likes excitement and adventure, so you're able to roll with the career-related changes that 2022 brings more than a lot of other signs.

This year's ambitious Pluto-Capricorn union helps you show the world what you're made of. Although these two have been working well together since 2008, they can create subtle but important career transformations that are sometimes ignored or overlooked. This year, look for smaller job-related positives that don't necessarily scream huge change but can make a difference in your overall career satisfaction.

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