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Monday - October 03, 2022


Luck may strike in unexpected places this morning, dear Sagittarius, as the Capricorn moon blows a kiss to unpredictable Uranus. These vibes could also bring through new opportunities around the office, especially if you showcase the hard worker that you are. Just try not to push yourself too far, or you could become agitated when Luna shares an unbalanced aspect with Mars this afternoon. Luckily, good vibes will be restored this evening, making it the perfect time to reconnect with your social circle. Though opportunities to grow your online following may also come into play, so be sure to post something interesting! 


Mighty Saturn’s tough love is being turned within rather than forced down upon you, Sagittarius. This is because he is fast asleep in your solar third house. When he was strong, he was teaching you frustrating life lessons around how you speak your mind to partners or a sweetheart. But for now, with him weakened, you’ve been given a breath of fresh air to really assess the wisdom that this has taught you. If he’s made it harder for you to travel—especially when it comes to quick trips and journeys—seize the moment now because you’re being given a brief window before he throws hurdles up before you once again.

Dating: Your ability to get your point across is stronger than ever right now, so start talking and don't let up until your people are fully informed. It can be fun, especially if people are resistant.


How can you build wealth in your life, Sagittarius? As a Jupiter-ruled sign, you are usually focused on expanding your means for abundance and positivity, which may translate to your work-life. The moon is currently moving through its detriment, Capricorn, you could use this stoic energy to think about what kind of structure you will need to hold yourself financially accountable for your budget and long-term goals. Since the moon conjuncts Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, you will need to focus on transforming your finances to feel empowered instead of disempowered.

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