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Thursday - May 16, 2024


The quarter moon rises in Leo this morning, dearest Sagittarius, putting you in an optimistic yet scattered headspace. Do your best to stay grounded when Jupiter activates, prompting you to take efficient and meaningful steps toward your dreams. Luckily, Mercury migrates into Taurus mid-morning, elevating your task management skills and personal organization. This planetary placement also requests that you examine your routines, considering how more sleep, healthier meals, and more wellness practices can improve your attitude and sense of clarity. You'll sense a shift midafternoon when Luna enters Virgo and aspects Mercury, putting you in a serious and success-oriented headspace.


Our cosmic messenger planet is getting down to business in the sky, Sagittarius. Mercury has a million missions to attend to—and as he transits your solar sixth house of productivity, you’ll surely feel the shift in the cosmos. In the weeks ahead, these are the moments to assess your work-life balance and how you can consistently make romance a top priority. Be logical about it and you’ll easily be able to block it into your calendar, no matter if single or attached. Your planning and strategy skills will be especially strong, so sit down with your sweetheart and map everything out.

Dating: Someone comes to you looking for answers, and it isn't something you want to avoid! If anything, you might find that this is the perfect opening for getting closer and maybe scoring a date.


What is the buzz at work, Sagittarius? It may feel like everyone has something to say after Mercury enters Taurus today. The Mercurial energy will heighten the conversations at work. You and your coworkers might be more talkative than usual. On one hand, this could lead to more gossiping and chit-chatting. But it may also lead to incredible brainstorming sessions that could influence how you go about your responsibilities and projects. Just be sure to find common ground to enjoy light-hearted talks with your coworkers while still getting your work done.

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