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Monday - May 16, 2022


Good vibes will flow today, dear Archer, as the moon makes its way into your sign, forming a supportive connection to Jupiter, your ruling planet. Unfortunately, your love life could bring frustrations your way when Luna forms a harsh opposition to communicative Mercury by mid-morning. Avoid disagreements with that special someone if you can, but if you do find yourself in a conflict, it might be best to take a few hours for silence. Luckily, you’ll begin to feel much more elevated and like yourself once evening rolls in, giving you an opportunity to soothe any burns that may have manifested within your relationship.


Think before you say something you end up regretting and be sure to read between the lines, Sagittarius. For instance, in addition to the emotional comedown stemming from yesterday's lunar eclipse in Scorpio, Luna will be making a direct opposition to Mercury retrograde in Gemini via your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and significant others, upon entering your sign. Having said that, you're more likely to lash out and experience feelings of vulnerability at this time. On a much brighter note, the moon will simultaneously harmonize with your planetary ruler, Jupiter, via your romantic fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure. Authentic forms of expression could benefit you in more ways than you realize. 

Dating: It's been a while since you fell madly head over heels in lust! Watch out. It could happen today. Someone you don't know all that well as of yet could make a huge impression on you. Get ready to flirt like heck!


Try to alleviate any mental tension through the full moon total lunar eclipse in Scorpio today, Sagittarius. As the lunar event reaches full potency, you may feel incredibly introverted throughout your workday. Utilize this momentum to investigate your subconscious views of professionalism, power dynamics at work, and the security of your job. Intense and harsh Luna may cut deep, calling some not-so-secret perceptions to light. But you can use this event to work through any internal misgivings or negative self-talk, which can then allow you to have a more positive, productive appraisal of work.

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