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Thursday - May 13, 2021


Wednesday’s skies are deliciously romantic, Sagittarius. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for an ideal date night, as the playful Gemini moon merges with bond-building Venus. This energy also benefits any joint collaborations concerning business partners. Communicator Mercury’s supportive connection with stable Saturn helps you smoothly face any important conversations concerning planning or long-term endeavors.


There's a curious stellium of planets activating your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, negotiations, one-on-one partnerships, which means that most of your focus is on relationship matters, Sagittarius. This is especially true with the moon also activating this area of your birth chart, considering it governs your eighth house of intimacy. The ability to meet your lover halfway, and vice versa, is being brought to your attention, but there's more. Today's sweet trine between Mercury in your relationship sector, and Saturn in your third house of communication, is encouraging you and your significant other to speak your truth. It’s time to have “the talk.”

Dating: You may not be exactly sure of every last detail, but you can see that the big picture is just where it's supposed to be. You're feeling pretty great about where you're heading over the long run.


You are going through many personal changes, dear Archer, but so are the types of people that you want to work with. The Gemini moon, in your seventh house of work relationships, is highlighting your truth. Have you taken on more responsibilities than your colleagues or a business partner? The universe is pushing you to articulate what’s equal and necessary in order for you to feel fulfilled at work. Venus is backing you up, as long as you speak up for yourself.

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