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Monday - February 26, 2024


You'll crave new routines as the Virgo moon aligns with Uranus this morning, dear Archer, inspiring you to look toward the workweek ahead. Use this energy to revolutionize how you approach success, taking into consideration how small behaviors help or hinder your clarity, energy levels, and motivation. You'll also find comfort in creating discipline through strategy, so be sure to focus on where you're headed and what comes next. Set barriers between you and distractions from the outside world when Luna and Neptune face off tonight, nudging you to find restoration from the comfort of home.


As the stars dance in a cosmic foreplay over the coming days, you’ll be eager to put passion and pleasure on your menu, Sagittarius. Mighty Mars, the red planet of sex, desire, and lust, is packing the heat! He will link in a square with glorious Jupiter, our Great Benefic, and the planet of miracles. Passion and love could erupt like fireworks if you soar out of town with your sweetheart or decide to plan long-distance travel. If single, try visiting a nearby destination to find out what kinds of nightlife there is, and you could bump into someone spicy!

Dating: No, you're not going crazy. Your subconscious is going through a major growth spurt, and all these episodes, meltdowns and crying spells are a healthy part of emotional maturity.


There might be a change in your work life, Sagittarius. Your career path could change if you choose to do something different in your daily work routine when the moon in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus. The earthy trine is groundbreaking, so it might encourage you to reflect on more innovative opportunities to grow in your career path. You might be inclined to try something radically different, like a new routine or even a new professional position. Switching it up at work could even lead to greater security and stability in your career path down the road. 

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