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Tuesday - June 28, 2022


People will love you for who you are today, dear Archer, as sweet Venus connects with Jupiter, your planetary ruler. Don't hold back when it comes to being unapologetically yourself, as the universe and the people around you will respond with applause, approval, and adoration. This cosmic climate could also reveal a new crush within your midst, which means if you think someone might be flirting with you, they probably are. The vibe will get a little deeper this evening when the Cancer new moon manifests, asking you to consider who or what you'd like to commit to throughout the next six months. 


Sagittarius, if you're feeling inspired to take a connection to the next level, it's all thanks to today's new moon in Cancer, given that it will touch down on your intimate eighth house of sex, mergers, shared resources, and soulmate connections. New beginnings are inevitable, but they will likely be transformative and quite unexpected. After all, the sun will also square off with your planetary ruler, Jupiter, creating friction between your heart's desires and your prior commitments. Something's definitely gotta give, so it's important to be honest with yourself at this time concerning your emotional needs and the foundation of your commitments.

Dating: Sometimes all it takes is just getting the ball rolling. That's your job right now. Don't worry too much about what comes next. Just get the buzz going and then sit back and watch it all happen.


Honor the power of your intuition during the new moon in Cancer. Throughout the next six months, the lunar cycle will encourage you to go with your gut feelings in your professional and financial transformation. Sagittarius, you will find that your intuition could help you with pertinent financial decisions. As this lunar cycle begins to unfold, Neptune also stations retrograde in Pisces. Neptune retrograde is going to slowly but surely unveil the potential dilemmas of your work-life balance, allowing you to make necessary changes to your schedule and even uncover any underlying issues with any domestic duties.

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