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Friday - July 30, 2021


Pleasure before productivity is key today, Sagittarius. The enthusiastic Aries moon encourages you to find a stage of your own and shine up on it unabashedly. Luna’s square with transformative Pluto can highlight financial stresses and confidence issues in need of shoring up. Later, the moon’s sweet link with happy-go-lucky Jupiter uplifts the mood and brings mental equilibrium before moving into grounded Taurus.


Sagittarius, if it feels right, then you should definitely go for it. The moon slips into your responsible sixth house of daily rituals, due diligence, and acts of service today—highlighting everything from your tedious to-dos to the work you're willing to put into a significant connection. Keep in mind, Luna will be in harmony with Mars via your bossy tenth house of authority, inspiring you to take action toward your passion—despite whether or not you feel comfortable doing so. The catch? Luna's square to Pluto could trigger feelings of restlessness and insecurity. But you can't let this discourage you.

Dating: Keep your demands for another time -- maybe as soon as tomorrow. Today isn't the day to get what you want, so don't frustrate yourself by asking.


Our marvelous moon always resonates with our soul and emotions, Sagittarius. Today, as she throws on a flaming shawl to dance in the night, you’ll feel your solar fifth house of creativity ignite! Here, orbiting in Aries, she encourages you to take the lead in regards to your artistic professional plans. You have a unique skill set that no one else can replicate—with tremendously brilliant ideas to match. This is a sweet period where you can assert yourself and pitch your thoughts to coworkers, authority figures, managers, or clients. Your passion will electrify them. Don’t sit back in the shadows, Sagittarius. Shine.

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