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Thursday - January 28, 2021


It's time you got reacquainted with the bolder, more aggressive you! The milder, more passive you has been doing well for a while now, but today's events could require you to do a lot of questioning, and you'll want to be prepared. Dress the part of the responsible adult, and know that the first impression you make will be a long-lasting one. Your ability to start interesting conversations is strong, so why not just push it a bit further? Ask the questions no one else dares to ask.


Flirt: Kick back and let your good mood guide you -- it's easier than ever to coast through work or school while your smile and charm do all the work for you. Try to make sure your people are down with it.

Singles: It is possible to have too much of a good thing, you know. For now, you'd be wise to avoid overindulging, whether that means food, drink, or dates.

Couples: Everyone needs a crew to back them up, even the most independent zodiac signs. Right now, you want to go it alone, but make sure you let your partner know you appreciate the offer of support.


You're still in the exploratory stage. You can get plenty of valuable information by surreptitiously running your ideas past total strangers. Their input is worth money, as long as you keep things as anonymous and unidentifiable as possible.


You need to get out the microscope and look at the finer details of your current projects. There are a lot more oddities going on than you should tolerate. Once you've ironed them out, move on.


It's one of those days when you really need to tell someone how you feel -- and it's all good. Your ability to get other people feeling better about themselves is as strong as your own self-esteem.

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