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Tuesday - October 04, 2022


You'll be in the mood to mix things up at home today, dear Scorpio, as the moon enters eccentric Aquarius and the sector of your chart that governs domestic bliss. Meanwhile, a helping hand from Jupiter may inspire you to organize your space or cater to a loved one, as you're moved to embrace tidiness and servitude. Consider unplugging for a bit this afternoon when Luna blows a kiss to Venus, encouraging you to indulge in solitude while showing yourself an abundance of love and compassion. Plan on cozying up with your nearest and dearest as the day comes to a close, and be sure to try a new recipe at dinnertime. 


Finally, after a retrograde phase, mental Mercury is out of his slumber, Scorpio. You may once again be overloaded with invites from friends, acquaintances, and business contacts. Mercury, our cosmic messenger planet, is advancing forth through your solar eleventh house of communities. This same sector also rules online dating, which means that single Scorpios have more luck once again to connect with or match with new options. If you did recently connect with an old flame or ex, though, tread lightly as you both gather facts about if you’ve changed enough to give it another go.

Dating: Your dreams are especially interesting now, so you should bring a few clues if you've been confused about what to do next. In any case, make sure you pay attention and hang on tight!


What kind of foundation sustains your professional drive and desires, Scorpio? You need to have a structure or starting point for your career path since having a foundation can help you feel secure in your ability to create a prolific profession. As the moon enters atypical Aquarius today, you may find that this is the perfect time to secure a unique structure that fits your ambitions and necessities. However, your sign squares this lunation, suggesting that you will need to get comfortable with unconventional habits and routines to be successful.

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