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Saturday - September 16, 2023


You'll feel like taking charge of your space today, dear Scorpio, as Venus and Saturn join forces in the sector of your chart that governs domestic bliss. Work with this energy by implementing new rules, adapting a chore wheel for you and your roomies, or sprucing up the aesthetic. Unfortunately, tension may find you midmorning when the Aquarius moon squares off with unpredictable Uranus, threatening to upset the balance or bring drama to your romantic entanglements. Plan on laying low while nurturing yourself and your loved ones, giving yourself permission to cozy up in your favorite PJs. 


Storm clouds are gathering yet again today, Scorpio. It could feel like you’re peering up into the darkest of skies. Sweet Venus, the goddess planet of marriage and romance, will unite in an exact conjunction with icy Saturn, the planet of hardship, defeat, and sorrow. You’ll feel overly emotional, lonely, dejected, and broken on the inside. This may even be about disagreements in regard to home, domesticity, or family.  Try to process the feelings rather than spiraling off on a tangent that would inevitably lead you to loss. Better days lie ahead.

Dating: Remember your dreams tonight. Your amazing emotional energy might let you tap in to something deeper. Half of it should happen under the radar, but the rest is worth chewing on.


What do you want to focus on with your professional commitments, Scorpio? It might be worth it to be open about what you want or need for an arrangement since Mercury in Capricorn will trine the North Node in Taurus while Uranus stations direct in Taurus. The earthy transits are semi-stable, but you are encouraged to explore the parameters of your comfort zone if you want to make any changes to your working relationships, obligations, or contracts. Think about what you want to address, devise a plan, then pitch it to achieve the terms and conditions that suit your needs.

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