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Friday - October 02, 2020


You're still in a phase of life where stability is much more important to you than risk taking, no matter what the perceived payoff is. It's a great day to spend more time with family members and other people who know you inside and out. The tried-and-true people in your life aren't boring to you right now. They're comforting! You have a chance to expand these tight-knit relationships even more now. Everyone is ready to talk and share a whole new level of themselves.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: You're facing something big right now -- so big that it might be kind of scary, but not so big that it's going to change your life forever. You can deal, as long as you think long term about it.

Singles: Your complex emotions are more than capable of accessing feelings that seem to be in conflict. Find the various intersections and overlaps and you're sure to discover something interesting about yourself.

Couples: You're going to have to play a situation rather carefully, but that's something you're expert at. You'll time your performance masterfully, so your partner might never realize anything's up.

Finance Horoscope

When it comes to your money, it's starting to feel like you could make better decisions asleep than awake. You might be on to something. Pay attention to your dreams and get some subliminal tips from your subconscious.

Business Horoscope

Not everyone keeps their feelings private. If you take the stoic approach when things go wrong, brace yourself for someone else's completely different way of handling things.

Teen Horoscope

As much as you want to ask your parents for that favor or permission to do something, you need to hold on for a bit longer. Their skepticism knows no bounds just now, but that's about to change.

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