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Sunday - January 17, 2021


If you find yourself in a dead end of sorts right now, you probably got there because you were led along by others. This is a powerful lesson. You need to be in control of where you go in your life. Your preferences and goals, not the wishes of others, should dictate what you do. It's time to assert yourself, which is what one of your wisest friends has been telling you for a while. Call this friend and ask them for more advice. They know what they're talking about.


Flirt: Listen to your gut -- it's trying to tell you what's what. If you keep going, you should find that everything starts to make a lot more sense. Your rational mind is having a much harder time of it.

Singles: Keep your wits about you right now, because something in your romantic sphere requires a little extra thought and analysis. Your instincts should also play a key role, so be sure to pay close attention to them.

Couples: It's easy to get so involved in the moment that you don't see the forest for the trees, but something between the two of you could definitely benefit from a larger view. Step back and take a long look.


A friend is about to plunk down a large chunk of cash with little or no planning. It's not your money, but it is your friend. Do them a favor and point out the obvious.


An impulse buy might get you in trouble. At the office, it will be too late to be careful but not too late to conceal your identity. Don't say a word.


You're longing to see more of the world, so you should find that your family is slightly more amenable to your ideas about travel. It might not be exactly when or where you want, but it'll happen.

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