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Saturday - October 23, 2021


At long last, your season has arrived, Scorpio! The sun moves forward into your sign today, yanking you out of the reflective cave you’ve been privately hiding out in. It’s been imperative that you work to dismantle self-built blockages that have barricaded your path. Now that you have more clarity and space for growth, you can pour your focus into your self-expression, individuality, and identity for the year ahead.


Conversations are flowing, and you're *hella* stimulated, Scorpio. This is especially true with the moon slipping into curious Gemini and your sultry eighth house of transformation, intimate unions, and sexual chemistry today, highlighting everything from your energetic exchanges to the foundation of a significant union. Are you ready to seal the deal? Just say the word. Luna will form an intuitive trine to Mercury via your inhibited twelfth house of closure, dreams, and all things behind the scenes, bringing forth the opportunity to unveil secrets and emotional themes hidden in your unconscious mind. Things are about to get deep, to say the least.

Dating: You've been carrying a secret around with you for some time, and it's starting to feel like a bag of bricks on your conscience. Consider letting this particular cat out of the bag -- your friends will be relieved to finally know what's up.


The sun has officially entered your sign today, so now it’s all about you. As you strut your stuff, others cannot help but notice you wherever you go. When you go back to work, you will find that you are irresistible. Coworkers will notice that you will have a certain magnetizing presence. The way you present yourself will come with power. You may find that your voice matters more at work now than ever. Your contribution could also matter, as you may have a lot more sway than you did before. Be confident in who you are in your workplace!

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