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Friday - May 17, 2024


The moon continues its journey through your sign this morning, dearest Virgo, brightening your mood, aura, and presence. Now is a good time to recommit to any goals you've wavered on recently, reclaiming control of the path ahead even if you must make adjustments or personal sacrifices. Remember that transformation can be frustrating or messy when Luna and Mars form an unbalanced connection with Mars later today, taking note of your mood and ability to move past drama or problems once they've been solved. Unfortunately, a harsh connection between Mercury and Pluto could further strain the situation, and it may be necessary to pull back and practice wellness or reconnect with your spirituality.


Dark clouds roll over you today and tomorrow, Virgo. You may feel like you're looking up into the skies, and a thundercloud parts to drown you in rain. As mental Mercury, your planetary ruler, runs through your solar ninth house of wisdom, he will get attacked by a virulent Pluto in the form of a dragon circling the skies. As Pluto squares with Mercury, conflicts around ideas, plans, and miscommunication are sure to crop up. Don't race headfirst arrogantly into a battle with your significant other if you're not seeing eye-to-eye. Luckily, better days await when you can smooth out your feathers.

Dating: Bizarre incidents keep happening. Sometimes it's your own weirdness at play, like when you can't make up your mind until it's too late. Other times it's just the Universe playing jokes on you.


Which way could you go, Virgo? Thanks to the Taurus stellium, you might feel like you are at a crossroads in your professional journey. There will be an emphasis on choosing the correct path with several planets currently in Taurus. Luckily, you can take your sweet time making a decision on what you want to do, see, or experience. So, do not let the cosmic or societal pressure get the best of you today. By taking this process slowly, you will likely pick the best path to experience in your professional journey. 

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