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Friday - May 14, 2021


In true Virgo fashion, you’re in the mood to be productive and get things out the door. The moon glides through thought-juggling Gemini all day, pushing your energy towards getting ahead with career aspirations. Yet, the moon’s square with disorienting Neptune can make it easy to fall prey to fantasy and delusion in the process. Later, the moon enters Cancer, deepening your connection to your friend group.


Sleep on it, for now, Virgo. Red-hot Mars continues to ignite your experimental eleventh house of acquaintances, friendships, and sense of belonging in the world, shifting your energy towards everything—from community efforts to the dynamic of your social life. And since Mars also happens to rule your erotic eighth house of intimacy and mergers, some of you might be in the midst of courting a significant person. The catch? Today's moon will also clash with hazy Neptune via your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and significant others, creating a sense of ambiguity and confusion concerning your one-on-ones.

Dating: Your emotional side is driving you today, leaving your brainy side to wonder what happened. Don't stress out too much. You should actually end up a lot better off than you were before!


Dear Virgo, you are hyper focused on your career, but in a good way. The universe is placing the most potent energies in your career and collaboration sectors. The Gemini moon, in your professional sector, is triggering creative Neptune in your seventh house. The opportunity to help grow yourself professionally through partnering with others can present itself. Sometimes the best growth is through the inspiration we receive from others. Not only that, you can receive the support you need to get farther in your work.

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