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Tuesday - June 28, 2022


Your empathic sensitivities will become heightened today, darling Virgo, as the Cancer moon travels through your solar eleventh house. This lunar placement will leave you susceptible to the emotions of others, making it important that you find ways to adapt and protect your energy, especially when immersed in large crowds. A helpful connection between Venus and Jupiter can help you make professional headway, so don't be afraid to push for compensation or work that you deserve. The new moon manifests this evening, asking you to consider how you can make our world a better place moving forward. 


You're looking towards the future with confidence and clarity, Virgo. Although, whether you're single, crushing, or already romantically attached, today's new moon in Cancer will likely shift your focus inward regarding the next steps you plan to take on your journey. Keep in mind that Venus will simultaneously harmonize with Jupiter via your intimate eighth house of mergers, shared resources, and soulmate connections. This could suggest a new beginning in your love life that requires a change of scenery or social setting. Others of you could begin to see someone with a brand-new pair of lenses. Follow your intuition.

Dating: If you feel like your back is up against a wall, at least you're getting support from somewhere. Embrace whatever seems to be your worst problem and it will go away as if by magic.


Forge lasting bonds with other professionals in your greater community, Virgo! The new moon in Cancer is ready to mingle as you continue to nurture your networking opportunities and associations over the next six months. Luna is going to help you create genuine emotional connections with other professionals, allowing you to grow and deepen your friendships. Such connections could even help you nurture your aspirations! Since Neptune retrograde in Pisces begins today, you will also need to work through any lack of boundaries in your professional commitments. Use these transits to commit to receptive connections!

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