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Saturday - October 16, 2021


Saturday’s skies hone in on your current relationship story, Virgo. The moon wanders through your opposite sign of deep-feeling Pisces, helping you fully tune into relationship matters. Single or taken, it’s an ideal day to spend it with someone special, as little cosmic action muddles the day. Later, Luna’s run in with bond-concerned Venus may frustrate any existing family tensions.


The moon enters enchanting Pisces today, and it will glimmer through your relationship-driven seventh house of agreements, compromise, and significant others, but there's more. Amidst feeling the desire to connect with your special someone, Luna will square off with coquettish Venus via your emotionally driven fourth house of home, family, and innermost feelings. Virgo, while there's absolutely nothing wrong with self-care, don't forget to check in on your cutie pie. After all, Venus will also be forming a harmonious trine to the wounded healer, Chiron, via your intimate eighth house of soul-to-soul connections, so there is healing in meeting your person halfway.

Dating: You can take care of yourself, of course, but love and support are wonderful and irreplaceable things. Whether you have a big family or a bunch of friends who feel like family, make sure you touch base with your tribe.


Like so many others, work is the reason for your ability to live the way you want, Virgo. This is always more apparent when you reap the rewards of hard work. As Mercury retrograde sextiles Venus today, you may realize that being put through the wringer at work is worth it when you see how much you can buy, sustain, and entertain in your personal life. Money may not be the root of happiness, but it does make your life a little easier and allows you to live the way you want.

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