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Thursday - May 16, 2024


You may struggle to relate to others as the quarter moon rises in Leo and your solar twelfth house, dearest Virgo, putting you in a private yet philosophically curious headspace. Focus on understanding yourself and the mysteries of our universe when Jupiter stirs mid-morning, allowing your spirituality to guide you. Your intuition and ability to connect with the divine intensify as Mercury migrates into Taurus. Be sure to communicate with your higher power throughout the coming weeks, especially when you need guidance. You'll feel more social and eager to bond later today when the moon enters your sign and connects with Mercury.


Mental Mercury, your planetary ruler, is accepting new missions assigned directly from the universe, Virgo. You will enjoy this quite a bit because he will be spinning forth through a fellow earth sign over the coming weeks. Whenever he does this, he is gorgeously aligned to your zodiac sign and will encourage you graciously to pursue new horizons and explore the world. This is especially true because he will bring his power to your solar ninth house of expansion, which ensures you could be thinking about how to add more adventure to your lifestyle. If taken, consider planning a long-distance trip together.

Dating: You have a weakness for shiny things and impulse buys, and today your wallet is in danger of starvation if you keep throwing money away on unneeded stuff. Visit with a good friend instead.


It is time to put yourself out there, Virgo. As of today, Mercury will enter Taurus and encourage you to be more mindful of your professional journey. Your attention will turn toward your future and all that it may encompass. Mercury in Taurus could encourage you to think about traveling or relocating for work. You might even be interested in an educational pursuit or becoming published. No matter what, it is time to put yourself out there by moving forward in your professional journey. Do not be afraid to put your mind to trying something new. 

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