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Thursday - July 29, 2021


The way you experience love is radically changing, Virgo. Growth-giving Jupiter’s presence in peace-keeping Pisces has been showing you how to open up to new ways of partnership up and experiencing support in a mutual way. Wednesday’s skies find Jupiter retrograding back into progressive Aquarius, where it works on bringing growth and expansion to your workflow for the remainder of the year.


Does the thought of merging with another mind, body, and soul trigger a sense of insecurity within you, Virgo? You may prefer to keep your love locked down and your moves low-key, but you can't disregard what's being brought to your attention at this time. The moon will not only touch down on your eighth house of intimacy, shared resources, and energetic exchanges, but it will also collide with the wounded healer, Chiron, highlighting themes surrounding the give and take of a significant union. Perhaps you've been lacking faith and/or trust in a certain situation... but where is this fear stemming from?

Dating: Loosen up! You've got so many things going on right now that you want to control every conversation, but just ease up and let things happen. You'll be happier with the results.


Jupiter, our Great Benefic, has been energizing your solar seventh house of business partnerships in recent months, Virgo. He gave you a preview of what your life was likely to look like in 2022—filled with more collaboration and harmony in your negotiations. Today, he will return to your solar sixth house of employment, granting you a tremendous surge of luck and opportunity. While you’ve likely been feeling highly overworked since the beginning of the year, Jupiter’s dance here once again will bring you more prosperity, joy, and growth in your day job. You will likely take on more responsibility and projects that become jewels on your resume.

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