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Monday - October 03, 2022


Creative breakthroughs could manifest for you this morning, dear Virgo, when the Capricorn moon blows a kiss to revolutionary Uranus. Pay special attention to any ingenious ideas that crawl into your head right now, as the universe looks for ways to guide and inspire you. Unfortunately, you could begin to lose steam or hit roadblocks when Luna shares an unbalanced connection with Mars this afternoon, but try not to let these wonky vibes discourage you. Luckily, the ambiance will elevate this evening when the moon connects with dreamy Neptune, bringing an airy and harmonious energy to the table. 


Mighty Saturn is snoring fast asleep in the sky, Virgo. To be honest, you are probably quite happy to hear that! When he was awake and orbiting in your solar sixth house, you likely felt that you were drowning in never-ending assignments, tasks, and projects from your employer. He was making it hard for you to do anything else than juggle your very busy routine. However, with him weakened now, you have been given a chance to catch your breath and better evaluate how pleasure, joy, romance, and passion truly uplift and fuel your spirit, too. Success is great—but if you don’t have a moment to share it with someone you love, it isn’t worth it.

Dating: Find some time in your schedule to blow off and do whatever comes to mind in the moment. You're feeling pretty sassy, so make time for mischief and mayhem.


Be confident in your self-expression through your line of work, Virgo. You need to feel empowered by your skills, ideas, and talents while the moon is in earthy Capricorn. Since Luna conjuncts Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, you may find that you are extensively transforming your passion projects. Simple ideas could be fully fleshed out by the end of this powerful lunation if you feel confident in your ability to create something noteworthy. Writing, speaking, or teaching might be part of what you develop as the moon trines Mercury in your sign.

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