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Thursday - October 01, 2020


The day starts off smoothly and easily, and a sweet gift may even land right in your lap. Resist getting too relaxed too soon, though, because there could be a lot of noise coming from the sidelines. Pay attention and take note of any changes afoot, but don't let yourself get sucked into any drama (no matter how fun it may seem). Toward the end of today, a feeling of relaxation will lead you toward a quiet evening.

Love Horoscope

Flirt: All you really want to do today is assist others with their big plans -- you'll move on to your own some other time. You should earn triple points for your presence and energy, so get going!

Singles: Your instinctive reaction may be a big no when it comes to a certain romantic prospect, but if you automatically close off possibilities, you send the wrong signal to the universe.

Couples: Be a fool for love just for a minute! The stars say to engage in a creative way to tell your partner how you feel: sing it or write a goofy love poem. It's more powerful than you know.

Finance Horoscope

You'll get a flash of how things used to be. That only makes you want to bite at some of today's low, low prices. But snap out of it before you make any bad impulse buys.

Business Horoscope

Being a good manager is more than being a good strategist. You have to put your plans into action, and you need others to get it done. Rally the troops to be ready to engage.

Teen Horoscope

You're feeling much too scattered right now, and want to get organized. It's not so hard for someone like you, but the day's energy does make it a little bit too easy to get distracted.

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