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Monday - October 03, 2022


Nurturing your relationships will be a major priority for you this morning, dear Cancer, as the Capricorn moon blows a kiss to Uranus. Use this energy to break the silence with an old friend, send a random meme to your bestie, or do a little flirting with the object of your desires. Unfortunately, the vibe could get a little rocky this afternoon when Luna shares an unbalanced aspect with Mars, and you'll need to be mindful that you're not running from your responsibilities. Good vibes will flow this evening when the moon connects with Neptune, Mercury, and Pluto, opening the door for meaningful conversations and spiritual fulfillment.


Mighty Saturn has been taking a bulldozer to your flawed relationships over the past several years, Cancer. However, he is currently fast asleep in the depths of your solar eighth house of intimacy and sexuality. When he was direct, he certainly was teaching you the hard truths and life lessons about your traumas or levels of vulnerability. Yet, as he slumbers now, you may feel a little bit more at ease around these issues. Another way this may affect you is bringing more ease and less struggle around your partner’s income, as well as your combined assets and investments. Try to use this time now to hash things out before the taskmaster awakens yet again.

Dating: Let go of something that's holding you back emotionally. It may seem as if your friends or crushes are acting like robots, but that's because you're seeing everything from a freaked-out perspective.


Do you feel secure in your professional commitments, Cancer? It might be time to transform your arrangements and partnerships while the moon in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. The conjunction encourages you to let go of any fear, destruction, power struggles, or control issues. Once you are able to let go, you may find that it is incredibly easy to assume more authority over the transformative process that your commitments should go through to be strengthened. Since the moon also trines Mercury in Virgo, you may need to have an open and honest discussion.

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